Chapter 20: There is no righteous

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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As he stepped into the pew he genuflected making the sign of the cross, he sat in the pew.


Traditionally this was a time of reflection he would kneel and pray to his God for the wisdom and insight to reflect upon his human flaws as he waited for the light in the Confessional to turn green awaiting his turn.


Right now wasn’t one of those moments that calm before he practiced the sacrament of holy reconciliation.  His mind was focused on the text message and Jo.  “Should I respond?  What does she want now?  For months she pulled her little act of not responding.  This the same shit again, damn her; if I don’t respond then its conduct that’s unbecoming.” He growled to himself.


Angry wasn’t a strong enough word to describe what Jay was feeling, more like panic and fear as he tapped on the miniature keyboard, “What now?”  Jo would never know the internal strength it took for him to respond even as impolite as it was.


He knelt at the pew; blessing himself.  “In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit” he ritually made the sign of the cross, in his mind praying for wisdom, peace, forgiveness and patience.


Buzz his phone echoed through the Church, “I left it on the pew…..Great” he could feel his face flushing. 


Text:  I need to speak with you, not text you please.  I know you’re upset but hear me out.


Responding back he could feel his disdain rising.  This woman, who had no remorse for anything she ever did to him; insisting he hear her out, “Hear out what? Hear out how you’re sorry again?  To hear a bunch of false promises?  Or so you could watch me make a fool out of myself?” he though.


“I’m in confession, maybe later okay.” He responded


Putting his phone in his back pocket he tried to return to his prayers. 


“God give me patience and wisdom” he whispered.

Jay was slightly taken back when he felt something touch his shoulder.


Cassandra, smiling “Hey look, I didn’t burst into flames” she smiled.  “Oh sorry, it’s starting to rain I thought I better come in before I melt.” She teased.


Jay smiled and nodded at her offering a seat next to him.


“What a little fucking bitch.” Cassandra thought as she sat down, “The audacity she has to disobey my commands; fucking child has lost her mind.  I could have sworn I told the little liar that this son of Adam was mine.” She fumed, hiding behind her collected smile. 


Jay was quite adorable in this moment, kneeling telling praying for patience with Jo, Cassandra could hear his prayers as his mind battled with his soul. 


“What’s wrong with you?  You know she’s damaged, no person with a reasonable sense of humanity would pull some shit like that.” He thought.


“God I need your guidance, not because I am without flaw; but I don’t have it within me to forgive any further.  Hatred is what I feel.  I don’t want to say hasty things, but I don’t know if I would save her if given the choice between her and a stranger” she could feel his rage.  So torn between what he believed a gentleman should act like, and the pain he felt.


“That’s right, you don’t need that bitch.” She began thinking to him.  Cassandra long ago learned to read the inner thoughts of men, a talent that came naturally for all those of the Kingdom.  She could mimic their own voice and project her thoughts upon any man.


“Whoooa take it easy, you’re here for confession and thinking terrible things about her.  C’mon man, you came here for forgiveness and to be heard out but you can’t do it?” he responded to himself.


“That fucking broad only wants to hurt you.  She takes some sick pleasure in it and you know it; you’ve met criminals that have more honor than her.  Don’t pretend like she would do the same for you.  She left you sitting in a hotel after your Mother died.  Remember?  All that woman cares about is herself; she has no conscience no heart.  She hates you.” Cassandra projected.


Buzz the phone could still be heard audibly even from his pocket.


The green light in the confessional came on, Jay could feel the other people in the Church looking at him wondering why he wasn’t moving as he was the next in order.

Cassandra smiled “Are you going to go?  Or something?  I think these folks are waiting hon” she whispered.


Jay smiled politely then made his way to the door which always seemed to open to a dark closet, he entered and knelt after closing the door behind him. 


A screen opened, gleams light entering the room but shielding the Priests face.


“Forgive me Father, for I have sinned” Jay began

Submitted: December 15, 2016

© Copyright 2021 J Woods. All rights reserved.


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