Chapter 21: Opportunity for Redemption

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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“Of course he’s in confession; probably confessing that he wants to burn down my house with me in it” Jo thought.


“Can you blame him?” a familiar voice came from the door of the hospital room.


“Oh Chrisssssakeess” Jo muttered, glaring angrily at Cassandra sashaying in the room.


Looking around it was obvious Cassandra was amused, poking at a balloon as she strolled by ‘Get well soon’ it read.


“Nope, wrong person; but I do at appreciate you at least trying to use a title with some semblance of respect when addressing me.” Cassandra beamed taking the seat her mother had occupied only hours ago. 


“Why are you doing this to him?  Why can’t you just leave that poor man alone?” Jo’s eyes welled with anger.


“Oh c’mon.  Don’t pretend you care now just because you’re responsible for all of this.  Is the burden of your reality too much to bear?” Cassandra leaned back crossing her legs and laying her hands on one knee. 


“I do care.  It’s just there was always something happening.  He’s a good guy; I’ve never met a guy who actually really cared about me and it’s all too Romantical’, and that’s not me.” Romantical was word Jo commonly used inferring that Romance wasn’t something that actually existed.  Jay would tell her she made up a lot of her own vernacular.  But Jo wasn’t always able to put to words her intent.  Much less in person than when typing or texting.  Especially she feared Jay, something she couldn’t quite explain.  Not fear in the mortal fear sense, just a sense of intimidation. 


“Oh you and your incessant whining about they why’s” Cassandra laughed “Noone cares sweetheart, I’m in that Church right now with him; you just can’t seem to fathom that even after all your studies and picking herbs that all time and reality is the same to my kind.  I can be there fucking his brains out……..All the while here, fucking with you.” She touched her nose with her index finger and then pointed at her.


Jo stared at Cassandra who had mocked her at every instance; Jo couldn’t stand this creature and if she was able she would cut her pretty little finger off and gauge her eyes out with it.  There had to be a way to make her go away.  At least let Jay meet someone normal and have a decent life.


“Decent life; normal….Jo, see what escapes you is that this mystical sickness you’ve cursed him with doesn’t require normal, or wealth, or social status.  Even life and death don’t matter as it pertains to this topic.  It only just is.  You know what entertains me most about this all?” Cassandra leaned forward “You didn’t even need your birthday candles or me to win his heart.  You had it; but you hated that he did truly love you.  You hated him for his strength.  You treated him like a toy and now he’s broken.  You don’t need a broken toy Jo; find another.  Pick one out and I’ll pluck it off the shelf for you.” She mused


“I just want you to leave him alone you witch.  I did this and I’m ready to take responsibility for it.  I’m going to tell him everything.  For once in my life I’m going to stand on my own.  If I have to kill myself trying he is going to know all about you!” She raised herself out of the bed.


Cassandra cackled in laughter “Well lookie here, aren’t we the brave one all of a sudden?  Where was this passion when he wept for his mother?  Where was this passion when you crushed him with your false promises?  Where was this passion when he stood directly in front of you embracing you and you felt that omnipotent power home?”


Cassandra paused, “There are rules to this game, I don’t expect you to know or understand them.  They are far beyond your small mind to comprehend.  But you do receive clemency for your words of Sacrifice.  Twenty four hours, that’s how long you have.  For twenty four hours I will allow you the council of your Easter Bunny to convince him; that I’m ohhhhhh so terrible.” She purred leaning forward “Your time begins now.”


“Clemency, Clemency for what?  Easter Bunny?  What?  Why?” Jo questioned aggressively


“Oh sweetheart, don’t you know.  You offered your life; you have twenty four hours to prove your words and actions are as one in intent.  Sheeesh, don’t you watch television?  Like every movie about facing dark forces a person offering their life in sacrifice saves them….” Cassandra said shaking her head


“Good luck Dearie, you’ve got your work cut out for you from this place.  Even with Mikey’s help.  For the record I wish I never agreed to that when we came up with the game.  But it doesn’t matter, you’ve sucked for five years.  How’s a day going to make a difference?” Cassandra stuck her tongue out at her.

Submitted: December 15, 2016

© Copyright 2021 J Woods. All rights reserved.


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