Chapter 22: To walk through the veil

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 447


It took a moment for Jo’s eyes to adjust; her body felt exhausted.  It was damp and cold, some light crept in from a small shaft that emitted a sour smell.  The room was approximately 15 by 25 feet, at the far wall she could make out what looked like a human figure kneeling on the ground, his head slumped over as his army suspended his body upright.


The smell was nauseating, he body odor of someone who hadn’t bathed in days. 


“I see you found a way here” a deep voice croaked at her


“Where am I?  Who are you?” Jo asked, it was odd she didn’t feel fear; her body didn’t feel weak, her mind wasn’t disconnected.  She felt quite Lucid, strong, and oddly focused.  “Focus Joanne” she could hear her Momma’s voice echo in her memory.


“You are in a place between the veil of your reality and another.  This place is filled with dreams, nightmares, hopes, madness and the very fabric of humanity itself.  I wish I was in a better position to welcome you here; but thank you for answering my call.” He spoke lowly his body gasping for air with every word.


In her mind she heard her “Twenty four hours” like an alarm clock she had only one choice, once chance to save a good man. 


“Twenty four hours” Jo said audibly, “I need to tell him.”


The hulking figures chains rattled as he moved to raise his head.  “These chains, they were put here through cruelty you see.  This suffering was made to keep me from protecting him.  She plays by the rules Jo.  But she twists them, she implies then denies, she doesn’t feel love or pain like you or I would.  She only feels self-gratification and power.  If she finds the divine she is seeking it will destroy what she currently is.  She will transform; become something different.” He lectured slowly


“I don’t know what to do.” Her eyes welled, “He hates me, he thinks I hate him.” She began to sob uncontrollably “I do hate him, it’s true.  I hate him because he makes me feel better.  I hate him for Loving me when he shouldn’t, I hate him for not being strong enough to be able to see through my bullshit; I hate him for thinking she’s charming, I hate him for touching her, I hate him for not saving me, I hate him for giving up.”

She fell to her knees “I hate him.  But he doesn’t deserve this.  I did this to him.  I broke his spirit.  I belong here locked up to a wall like an animal.  Not you, I’ve hurt so many.  Just so many…….to feel alive.”


“Imagine child, this hollow room, this cold chamber is the human soul.  You can fill it with whatever you choose; that’s the secret.  These chains that bind me here they’re her doing.  Innocence is a myth, but the magic of choice, that’s a gift.  You have to find her, stop her Jo.  Just stand righteous and you can defeat her.  You have to confront her, you have to understand who she is.” He whispered.


“Jo, wake up hon” Momma’s voice came


She could feel her body being moved, opening her eyes she could feel the dampness of sweat and chills.  Her head pounding again, painfully she gasped for air.


“Momma, I think I’m dying.” She said “I keep seeing people and hearing things.”


“You’ll be fine honey, you just need to rest.  You need to not get yourself all worked up over little things.” Her voice soothed.


“Momma, I need to tell Jay the truth.  He needs to know.” Jo croaked


“No…that’s enough of that.  He’ll be just fine, you need to rest.  Not mess with some boy that has never even come to see you.  Not once.” Momma scolded.


“Momma, please.  Let me tell him.  She’ll get him if I dont.”  Her eyes were oh so heavy, she could feel the pressure of another blanket being added to the bed.  Thirsty, she knew she was thirsty; maybe after she wakes up she can tell Jay and have something to drink.  “He would bring me a drink if he knew I was thirsty.  He would bring me anything I wanted.” She smiled as her mind drifted.

Submitted: December 15, 2016

© Copyright 2021 J Woods. All rights reserved.


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