Chapter 23: Momma

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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“Scowling wasn't really what I expected to see you doing, after going to this divine 'Counseling' session” Cassandra whispered as Jay returned to the pew.


“Just a little longer, I need to make my penance” Jay whispered back kneeling next to her.


“Oooooooh is this where you say like five billion words in Latin over and over?” her tone playful


Raising his index finger to his lips, a slight grin taking his face; he indicated she should be quiet. Jay couldn't help but find her humor quite in tune with his own; he enjoyed cynicism he found it grounding. He himself was prone to being esoteric, “As God wills” or “As it's supposed to be” was kind of his mantra. Cassandra's cynicism was refreshing, “No balancing” he thought.


Jay's profession often required a great deal of focus, this often bled into his personal life and his interests. Some obscure book on History or Poetry, freshening up on his Latin; taking short 'long weekend' jaunts across the nation to walk through some abandoned historical treasure. That was him.


Most would never recognize him as a Romantic at a glance, even in interaction with him. He was polite, professional, very likable and a bit of a chameleon. He never could figure out the 'gray man' concept no matter how much effort into not being noticed. He was noticed in every professional environment. He had a diligent work ethic that far exceeded his modern peers, he didn't complain at a challenge he reveled in it. He loved solving problems.


But if they could peer inside his mind they would have seen, everything had a Romantic tone to it; his traditional values, the abandoned Churches he would visit and wonder to himself “How many beautiful lives together started; right here?”


Now Jo, she was unique she could see things even he couldn't. She would send him photos of rocks and find the beauty, or a ball of yarn. “She lets me see through her eyes.” he would often think to himself. That was beautiful to him. She was quite intuitive, it seemed she knew what he was thinking or doing even before he did it. He was amazed and enthralled at the enigma she was. He was also very much in love. They had talked about everything, a home, children, meeting each other's parents. She wanted to wear boots while they married. She painted a beautiful picture. Jay had went all in; which was kind of his nature anyway.


“Do or don't, life is often that simple.” he would lecture his daughters often enough. That's what his Father had taught him, and he very much lived it; not because it was bred into him mind you; but because he had seen much of the rest of the world in turmoil. He had been in Nigeria and seen how in some regions they left their people dead on the street like animals. He had been in Croatia and Romania and witnessed the beauty of these Nations still war torn and in poverty, in most places other than his home Nation and in many cases there “Food on the table” was very much the priority.


So whimsical, sarcastic, funny all these were reliefs from his past, those things that weighed heavy on his soul. Jo was able to do that.


Much like this surprise of a woman, Cassandra. She may have genuinely offended someone else with her commentary. But he welcomed it. He also welcomed how 'not afraid to take control' she was. He admired that in her; much like his Mother, his Mother ran her home, and you had better get out of her way if you thought otherwise. “Dad's job is just to be Mom's enforcer.” the kids often joked.


Finishing his three Our Father's and six Hail Mary's Jay rose looking at Cassandra, he made a sideways motion to her with is head indicating towards the exit.


Leaving the Church Jay pulled out his phone, which was still blinking, “6 messages? Wow.” he said audibly.


Cassandra touched his arm a concerned look on her face “Everything okay? You look a little frazzled, did I do something? The Devil himself knows my timing isn't always right for my jokes sometimes.”


“No no, do you mind if I make a call really quickly?” he said looking at the messages that had poured through


Text 1: Jay please

Text 2: Dont be like this.

Text 3: I promise, I'm really really sorry

Text 4: Jay, this could be real bad!

Text 5: Nvm

Text 6: Oh c'mon! Grow up this is important


“Sure is it important? “ She looked puzzled


“Just one sec okay,, please, I'm really sorry” he said stepping away.


He pulled up the message contact which read “Shoot yourself first” and clicked call.


“Hello” an unfamiliar female voice answered


“Hello Ma'am; I may have dialed the wrong number I'm calling for Joanne Cloutierre” he said


“This is Mrs Cloutierre” the voice paused “Her Mother, is this Jay?” she asked.


Jay was taken a little off Guard, he didn't expect to hear from Jo again even though historical precedence would prove it to be likely, he definitely didn't expect to actually call, he for sure didn't expect her Mother to be on the other end, and absolutely didn't expect her to know his name.


He sighed heavily, feeling very seventeen'ish “Yes Ma'am, it is. Someone had sent me a great deal of messages from this number asking me to call.”


“Yes, I know. Jo is quite ill Jay; but I'm glad you called. I wanted to ask you, do you know a woman named Cassandra?” She asked.


Jay looked up at Cassandra who was leaning against a tree, she caught him glancing at her and gave a flirtatious wave; “Yes Ma'am, I do. Why?”


“Young man, you need to go to your home right now and call me back please. She's right there isn't she?” the voice said


“Yes Ma'am, she is. I don't understand...” he was cut off abruptly “

"And I don't have a lot of time to explain young man, so please do what I ask. I'll speak to you soon.” he could hear the otther end of the phone hang up.


Submitted: December 17, 2016

© Copyright 2021 J Woods. All rights reserved.


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