Chapter 24: True Power

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Cassandra fumed internally “Really, the little bitch went and got her 'Momma'? I swear these meat sacks get weaker every generation.” she thought.


Jay moving towards her was visibly conflicted, “So something came up; I'm so sorry to do this to you again. But do you mind if I call you later?”


Cassandra smiled, “Absolutely, I understand. But you better call? Don't go making me chase you down.” her tone playful.


Cassandra took his arm as the moved back towards main street, interlocking her fingers in his; she had no fear of Jo or her “Momma” her thoughts scoffed, the rules of the game allowed for the free will of mankind.


Mankind lived in a complex algorithm of circumstances, once action begetting a million others changing the overall future of thousands of people; one manipulation, one word could change that. Cassandra was far too practiced in these manipulations.


Eons she had watched and turned the tide of war, love, politics, the power of Nations rose and fell at her whim. Always she chose carefully since the beginning of the game, setting the stage for these coming moments. She had found the human pattern quite early on.


“What made these creatures tick was passion, desire, lust, self fulfillment” she had noted early on watching the pain they allowed themselves to endure for the embrace of another. What she could never understand was how they chose their mates.


Sure there were times of convenience, a young woman charming a financially well off man to secure her future, the arrangement of Marriage in some cultures, the lust that would make them pursue each other in conquest. These things she could rationalize.


Love, that wasn't something that she could explain. It was something beyond this realm and the next, they would endure crisis, pain, embarrassment, ruin their own short existence for this unnatural thing. How many Rulers of Nations had fell to this curse of an affliction, how they would stray from the security of their homes into the unknown in infidelity to create new lives from the one they had toiled over. They would lie, cheat, steal, forsake all of what defined them, and even murder.


“That's true power” Cassandra lusted for this thing that made that drove these monkey's to madness, or to destiny. This thing that bonded people in the immortal dance . “I will have it again.” she would often think as she heard the prayers of men, woman, children alike.


Jay looked towards Cassandra who seemed quite graceful resting her head on his shoulder as they strolled closer to the wharf. Her face like porcelain completely without blemish or scar. Her cold hands in his own; he could feel an arousal stirring inside him as he kissed her on the top of the head.


Cassandra stopped him pulling him close on the crowded street, she didn't care about these creatures but she was beginning to feel the magic take work even on her., even though she could predict the outcome of every event, she admired his pain and how he had learned to endure it. His eyes told the tale of his life; he had really tried to live to some long forgotten standard, and in turn he had paid the price of humanity and it's deception; yet somehow he could allow this moment to happen.


Jay moved his hand to the small of Cassandra's back, every facet of his being focused on her. There were no thoughts as his lips touched hers again; only the feeling of the moment. A connection between them, something that felt like a beginning of a tale.


Her hands moved under his tattered shirt, she could feel the the map of his broad back kept strong through training and discipline, his lips like a well aged wine; not forcing himself on her but allowing her equal engagement. She could feel him stirring as she herself yearned.


“This is what it is.” she thought “This moment is what drives them mad. This is where they see each other in their beauty; this is where time and space pause for them. This moment is mine, I own this.”


Blindly their soft embrace made the passersby and traffic melt into the abyss of nothing. They could only see each other; like a drunkenness that made the world spin uncontrollably.


Cassandra placed her hand on his chest she felt the defined distinction in it's hardened flesh and pushed him back gently. “Perhaps, we should find something a little more quiet.” her eyes never leaving his, “I'm not sure the Mother's who are out shopping would appreciate our display”


“Take me home, show me this castle you've built good Sir.” Cassandra was barely in a condition to speak, it took her focus in the moment to allow the words to escape from her mouth.


It was obvious he wanted her, it pained him as he said “I think, it's a little early for that.” the disappointment in his voice was clear. “I like you a lot Cassandra; and our time has been magic. But I don't really KNOW you. I don't mean to sound like a chick or anything but, I don't want to hurt you.” he leaned against the outer wall of one of the countless shops that lined the street.


Cassandra raising and eyebrow her face revealing her displeasure with this. She raised her hand and thought “You will, take me home.” projecting her thoughts; “You want this moment as much as I do, you know this feels right.” she focused. “You've already given so much to someone who despised you so much she had no shame in leaving you when you needed someone most. Here I am, now; take this risk, take this moment be one with me.”


Jay could feel his head swimming with emotion, a dizziness overtaking him; he could see the world darkening before him like a great fog overtaking the environment making the concrete dissipate beneath him,.



Submitted: December 17, 2016

© Copyright 2021 J Woods. All rights reserved.


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