Chapter 25: Light in Darkness

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 469

Jay could feel his own weight shifting like a free fall into the darkness something taken from him. He could hear his Mother's voice echoing around him as if he was in a cavern.


“Jerald A. Romero, you always have to learn everything the hard way”.


Then another voice his Father “A job once begun is half done”.


“You're problem is you never know a good thing; you always have to have a hill to climb.” Lynn's voice came through.


They were all so clear, so crisp. Then he heard her.


“I love you Jay, you're mine and I'm yours. I'm sorry I've hurt you. I'm a terrible person” It was Jo


Jay could feel his emotions rising, his throat constricting as he heard the words. He could feel the cold within the chamber soaking into the very essence of him. This darkness overtaking him.


“Look Jay.” a voice came the darkness giving way to visions of the beautiful Antebellum his children, other children playing gleefully in the front a blanket sat to the left of the main entry way, there she was Cassandra sitting cross legged on the patch blanket something his mother would have made it's pastel pinks and blues, holding an infant, dressed in white, a bonnet fastened to it's head, a pink bow tied around her waist. He could feel the air humid with a cool Southern breeze. The perfume of Southern flowers filled his senses.


Cassandra smiled while the infant sang happily, the indistinguishable way babies do. “You see, this is everything you've ever wanted; it's right here. All you have to do, is give yourself to me.” she bounced the baby and sang “You get a line and I'll get a pole.”


“It's beautiful.” Jay responded, struggling to take it all in. His eyes welling as the baby smiled at him.


She grinned, “It's all yours, you see. Anything you could dream of and more. Your line, your family name will know immortality. They will live in luxury and peace. Your daughters and their own will never know the struggles of making ends meet; or where they will live; or finding the right suitor. I can ensure that. Your hard work, your pain gone. You deserve this. You deserve me.”


“Cassandra, is this real? These children? They're mine?” Jay asked, tears streaming as he choked the words.


“Anything you want; is yours for the taking. That's the point.” her voice soothing.


“I don't understand, this cant be real. I was just walking with you. I'm confused. I can't not be a provider to children that I'm responsible for but it's impossible. How did this happen?” he could feel the panic overtaking him.


“Did I have another stroke? Was I in a coma? Am I losing my mind? This can't be real.” he thought to himself.


The mist of the reality he stood in slowly faded, revealing another place, this one much darker, Jay could feel the absence of warmth, not cold, nothing like weather, like the absence of anything human, he could feel despair. He could hear things clawing around him, he could feel their hunger. His sadness replaced with adrenaline; he felt fear, but not a fear he had ever known. Something different, something inhuman, he was prey.


He could see her green eyes, almost luminescent in the darkness her unmistakable figure.


She was standing there in front of him, with hundreds of dark shadows crawling around her, he couldn't make out what exactly the forms were his eyes straining. Her hand motioning towards his right.


He could see, it was Jo that slowly came into view, she was sick, pale, wet with sweat. Young boys gathered around her bedside.


“Or, you can choose this. This liar, this deceptive creature who's intent it was to destroy you.” her voice came coldly. “She pretended she didn't know it would destroy that piece of innocence you had spent your life protecting but she knew. She wanted that, she thought you didn't deserve happiness Jerald. She betrayed those children. She betrayed you and your children with her false promises. She didn't care who she hurt. Let me show you.”


Jay watched in amazement and fear as the image changed; shifting to Jo drinking a liquid out of what appeared to be a mason Jar. She was with another woman and they were laughing “Oh honey, I got him hooked.” Jo laughed “I made him come here, and didn't even go see him. You have to make sure you get a man in check, you can't go lettin' him think he's in charge.”


He could feel himself crumbling, any hope he had being drained from him. He could feel pain as Jo said each word.


“She did. Yes; I was a fool.” his voice could barely let the words escape. His body heaving as he began to weep uncontrollably.


“You see now, who you've given your heart to? You're not the first Jay, she has taken great pleasure in this. She destroys and collects the essence of men. For her amusement.”


“I offer you everything I've demonstrated to you, everything I've shown you, I offer you honor, dignity, I would never hurt you, I'll protect you. I'll destroy anything or anyone who stands in the way of your desires. I'll give you vengeance.” She crooned.


“I'll give you your dignity back, I'll take your pain, I'll put you within a social status a Man such as yourself should hold.


“You'll do great things, you'll teach generations of Children, humanity as you view it. We will create a new place. One where 'one's word is their bond'; a creature like her should be dealt with in a fashion that would relieve those around her of the burden she creates for them. I won't harm her, she'll just rest peacefully as you seen her. Imprisoned within her dreams.” Her voice powerful.


“It's not for give judgment. I'm not perfect.” Jay's brow furrowing,


“I am so sorry Jay.” he could hear Jo's voice clearly, softly “I screw up everything.”

Submitted: December 17, 2016

© Copyright 2021 J Woods. All rights reserved.


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