Chapter 26: Truth

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 427


This manifestation of physical pain incorporated with an ever sweeping sadness mixed with embarrassment, betrayal, fear, anger; the pressure crushing him; the darkness beyond any despair he could imagine. 


“The human spirit; is what makes the imperfect so perfect.” Jay said in between his heavy sobbing.  “You expect me….to condemn…..someone else….for my own benefit?”


Cassandra stood amazed watching Jay taking on convulsive breaths.  “What is wrong with this man?  I’m offering him everything he could ever wish for?”  She thought. 


“I forgive, her Cassandra; I’m not perfect.  Please, just make this stop.” Jay began to compose himself taking one knee, lifting his head he looked to Cassandra, his gaze meeting those bright green eyes, still glowing in the darkness.


Tension filled the environment, Jay could sense her frustration as Cassandra forced the words from her mouth “You love her.  Even after all she’s done?.”


Jay struggled lifting himself to his feet, bracing his body as he hefted himself to face her.  “I do; while I know I was nothing but a toy to her, something to fill her time.  I do love her.” Straightening his shoulders to face her.  “Even if I didn’t; what kind of man would accept your proposal?  Do you think me immoral?  Weak?  I’m far from that.  You’ve taken my pain and twisted it into hate.  What kind of man would take a mother from her children?”  Raising his head. “She doesn’t love me, I got it.  She was cruel, I got it.”


Cassandra cackled “You’d allow her to do it again?  You don’t seem to understand; she doesn’t love you, there is no hope, she won’t make amends.  What’s wrong with you?  You weak hearted creature, I can’t belive what a despicable display of manhood you’ve become.  For what?  What will this accomplish?” she shrieked.


“Compassion; one cannot love without compassion.” Jay stated plainly.  “My children have lived, well; I have been blessed to have been a father, at one time a husband.  I know what it is to love, to sacrifice.  Her role as a Mother leads me to believe that no matter how much she’s wronged me; that she loves her children, and that’s enough.  For that I forgive her, for that I love her, for that I will always love ‘the could’ have been; if nothing else she showed me I was still human.”

“You’re a fool.” Cassandra whispered.  Raising her hand “I banish you from me; let your pain consume you, let your beautiful pain give you purpose.”



Jo felt renewed; as she woke.  She could see clearly the hospital room; a sense of relief, fulfillment and despair hit her. 


“He’s gone” her eyes welled, something inside her felt that tie she once had with him missing.  “He’ll be better off.”

Submitted: December 19, 2016

© Copyright 2021 J Woods. All rights reserved.


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