Chapter 27: The end and Prologue for Cassandra

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Cassandra stood still, as he entered.  She could feel his presence; he was stronger than Mikael.  More focused.  His body still taught, he had lived and died for this moment. 


Jay had a focus she had come to adore.  He would go “all in, all the time”; nothing he would ever do was a ‘half step’.  As he entered the pub, she could feel her pulse quicken, her face became flush.  “Finally a worthy opponent, finally someone who would challenge her.”


“Welcome Sweetheart” she purred as he approached her giving her a nod as he took a seat across from her. 


Jay’s face was stern, stiff with intensity, “Cassandra” he greeted plainly. 


“So let me tell you about the game.” She nodded towards the chess like board in front of them, “You’ll like this, there’s history and stuff involved”. She grinned, greedily eyeing him.


“Let’s get on with this; Cassandra” He crossed his arms.



Author comments:


I appreciate those who have taken the time to read this, God knows I’m no Author by any sense of the imagination.  If you’ve taken the time to travel down this path with me I’d like to share some personal thoughts with you and give some thanks.


As I wrote this I found it to be highly emotional as I had to relive some thoughts and desires I once thought were gone, each character within the story has a bit of me or someone I know imparted to it.  So I thank those who have commented, those who have read; and those that shared this personal journey with me.


I intend to follow this up with a Novella “Cassandra” for that I would like to begin my thanks,


To Ms. Nite, who’s reading turned this short story into what it is now, without your encouragement it would have been a one page short story.


To My friends here on Booksie, thank you for encouraging me to continue to write even though much of what I write doesn’t fit somewhere within popular culture. 


To the person who J.C. and Cassandra were based on.  Though the odds of you ever seeing this are a long shot;It is my greatest hope you appreciate your immortalization within this tale.


For those who have read it, here are some questions I came across.


Would Cassandra have really loved Jay?


If a hex could actually work would the target actually fall in love?


If Jo and Jay could have been together would the fallout have been worth disorienting their families?


What price is too much for love?


Thanks again for reading.




Jason Woods

Submitted: December 19, 2016

© Copyright 2021 J Woods. All rights reserved.


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