Chapter 4: Fortune Favors the Bold, for the rest Subjication

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 634

Daniel had his weapons strewn across the kitchen table in his home.  While he sat on the couch x box controller in hand, his pistol by his side when Jo awoke.


The boys had already left for school,


Jo checked the clock “10:00 am, fuck” she thought.  “Here we go” she said mumbled,


After last night, Jo had decided she would do what she always does, pretend nothing happened, she had become an expert actress in her young 32 years, capable of a Broadway performance.  Her head ached, her stomach tied in a knot excruciating pain; something she knew that came with her craft.  Every time she had performed this particular recipe on Jay she felt this drain.  Like something in her life force was stripped from her violently.  That woman; she didn’t expect that, nothing she had read, or studied could have prepared her that evening.


“Just forget it” she said as she walked home, “Just ignore it” she repeated over to herself,


“Nothing ever goes right” she thought seeing Daniel banging away killing people on the Television screen


Without looking up he said “Where were you?  I called, the boys said you weren’t home”


“You know I had to work late” she replied


Abruptly he dropped his controller and stood up “Bullshit!  I know you were with someone.  Who is it this time?  Your boss?  Your buddy from school?  The guy from California you’re always texting?”


“Dan, stop” rolling her eyes


“No bitch listen to me right now.  You’re mine do you understand?  I’ll bury your whore ass out in that forest.  What do you think I’m kidding?!?!” Daniel screaming, his booming voice filling the small mobile home strutted towards her, his right hand and index finger extended.


“Please, Daniel” Jo’s eyes started to well up, she knew what was next and braced for it


“You’re not fucking worth it” yelled Daniel as he grabbed a glass from the table and hurled it at the wall


“You better get your shit straight bitch” he glared at her than walked out of the house slamming the screen door


Jo crumbled to the floor, the hardwood floors banged her already bruised knees as tears streamed down her face


Daniel wasn’t always this way, when they were young she fell for his boyish charm, his odd Country slash Urban Gangster personality.  He was fun, and sweet.  He was full of life and possibility.  Most importantly she felt she could trust that he would always be there, which wasn’t something she could say for anyone else.  The had a quick fast, relationship.  She became pregnant quite early in young adulthood making her already complicated school years, more….complicated.  As time progressed as the boys grew, she knew.  This was it; she had to stay; for the boys. 


Daniel knew it too and reveled in the control, the longer it lasted the more power he had over her.  The more power he had, the more he exercised it.


“Well, I suppose it could be worse” she heard a calm familiar voice


Jo turned to look and seen her again, tall, elegant, trim, those bright green eyes still burning through her


“So” Cassandra slowly began “What shall we do” the rhetorical in her voice quite apparent as she slowly traced the rifle on the table with her finger as she walked towards Jo.


“I don’t want to deal with this anymore” Jo responded, “I’ll just let it go, you can see what’s happening; just forget it please” her voice firm yet pleading.

“No sweety, it doesn’t work that way.  You’ll find no sympathy from me here.  You see you’ve created this sad reality.” Cassandra lifted her hands looking around the room


“Noone but you, and now………I’m here, and I want something.  Really I just feel, whats the word?”  Cassandra touching her stomach “Famished, yes.  I like that word, famished.  You will feed me, your pain, your misery, your bullshit, your tears, your lies.”


She knelt slightly facing Jo


“The problem with people like you, is you make excuses and take no ownership.  If you wanted out of this sweety, you are responsible for that.  People like you say things like ‘Only God can judge me’, do you know how idiotic this sounds?  Do you know how many creatures hear you when you spew such self pity into the world?  I’m here to tell you, I’m judging you.  You’re worthless, you had potential it’s true.  But this moment, you’re absolutely worthless”


Cassandra stood


“Let me make this easier on you, for my own entertainment.  I’ll make you a deal” she smiled


“You let me have Jay, and you can have all of this life” she spat the word life “Or whatever you call it”


“Just leave me alone, do whatever you want” Jo murmured, her tears now steadily streaming down her face


Cassandra held out her hand; no glove now in her modern clothes her skin pale and unblemished “Deal?”


Jo took Cassandra’s hand “Deal”


“Done” Cassandra almost happily stood up


“See there you go honey, not your problem, just like you like it.  Now go back to your pathetic scrabble, of your world.” Cassandra spun heading for the door


Pausing abruptly she stopped “Wait”


Jo looked towards her, her head pounding her mouth parched her eyes felt like sandpaper


“Here’s a secret Jo, really the only secret in this life or any other.  Think of it as my gift to you” Cassandra spun around on her heal, her green eyes drilling through Jo.


“The only things that happen in this life are the things you make happen.  Your happiness or sadness, pain or joy, you created.  The biggest secret?  Oh well that one is fun; every one life effects another” she giggled. 


“Chew on that for a day or two” Cassandra said as she walked out the front door


Jo looked around, and knew she now how to get to work before her youngest boy Adam needed to be picked up from Kindergarten.  She had to clean this place and herself up.  A sense of relief and hope filled her as she lifted herself from the floor.  Maybe at least she’ll never see that woman again.


“No more recipe’s for me” she said out loud

Submitted: December 08, 2016

© Copyright 2021 J Woods. All rights reserved.


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