Chapter 5: What is time and space?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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“Well I think I can see what she might see in this sack of meat” Cassandra said out loud to herself.


She watched as he crossed through the parking lot.  Jay was of average height, close cropped buzz cut, well-muscled build, a trained way in his casual stroll to the office from his truck.  He had something intense yet vulnerable to the way he looked.  Even in his yuppie khakis and polo shirt that was worn a little too small it was obvious, he didn’t fit in this environment. 


She watched as he greeted strangers moving through the lot, a leather attache’ bag in his hand.  There was something very noble about this simple man in appearance, something older.  Cassandra knew the flaws of humanity however.  This one, this target.  “This Man” she said audibly searching for the descriptive.


“Delicious” she uttered as she made her way to the entrance,


Her speed was far beyond that of any Mortal, it would be difficult to even explain to the human mind.  This place, that place, this time or that, it really doesn’t matter; it all happens simultaneously anyways for her kind. 


Once one of the Kingdom has the opportunity to cross into this realm the rules of Kingdom rules still apply.


She can only enter once invited,  she can only be a place where she has a connection, she can only be in time that she has seen or her host has seen, or what her kind would refer to as a subjugate; and there were plenty of subjugates to go around. 


Humankind is notorious for their whispers of “I wish” and thinking nobody hears them, she always wondered who they thought they were talking to anyways; did they think their God actually took the time to listen to each individual piece of whining they did through the day?It would be maddening.


No but her kind they listened, because they fed off the corruption of the human spirit.  “You wanted that job?  "Done” the host rarely recognizes the permission that was given to her kind.  They give her free reign over this world, darting about worried over their mocha’s or new tattoo, or fashion lines.  The trite of their existence.  Humankind can’t begin to fathom the power they wield with their words, and it only benefits her kind.


“There” Cassandra said eyeing a pretty young thing, she owes


“So sorry” the woman said, almost running full force into Jay


“No, no it’s okay, I’m a bit of a klutz anyway” he responded, reaching down to help her with her bag which had strewn its contents on the concrete.


“I’m sorry, I should have been more careful” Jay said


Touching him she said “Thank you, I’m Melanie and I’m so sorry.  I’m just in a bit of a rush”


Melanie had a blonde shoulder length bob, she was almost as tall as Jay with an athletic build and large hoop earrings, she had a pleasant smile to her, red lips and her eyes a bright green.  She was dressed in a long skirt one that had a retro urban feel to it and a black long sleeved blouse


“It’s fine” Jay smiled as he picked up the last of her things “Turns out we’re all human”


Melanie made sure to touch his hand as he put the last of her belongings in her purse


Her touch was electric, something clicked in him, something familiar, something rare and he instinctively knew it.  He felt fear, lust, and compassion all simultaneously.


“So hey, I don’t know if you’re interested” she said handing him a card “I really don’t know if it is something you’d be interested in, but I work at this coffee shop, and you kind of look like the Chess playing type; if you’re interested let me make it up to you by buying you a cup of coffee and maybe a quick game” Melanie smiled still gently holding his hand


“Uhhh sure” he responded a little taken back


“Great, I start my shift at 6:00pm, it’s a date.  Sorry I’ve got to run.  I’m a little late” she waved as she quickly strolled into the parking lot


“Well, that was bold.  Maybe today won’t be so bad” Jay mused as he made his way to the office


Submitted: December 08, 2016

© Copyright 2021 J Woods. All rights reserved.


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