Chapter 8: The game

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Mikael sat watching his opponent as she pondered her next move on the board, “oh such and old game” he said, “this move connects, that move; the ripple effect from this board to another” he said with an intent voice.


Cassandra looking up from the chess like board smiled “Must you always be such a downer?  Does everything have to be all serious all the time?  Sheesh, live a little would yah”


The board checkered in pattern was almost indistinguishable from an average chess game at a glance, Alameda California, the beatnik population was quite high, very trendy, ‘Eon’ was just another coffee shop and their game just another game.  Had other customer’s examined the pieces closely they would have noticed the distinguishable human form, women, men, children, older folks.  The way the pieces were moved by its players quite different as well.  For every form of an older woman or man, a piece which had the appearance of an infant strategically took its place.  For every ten pieces of that had a female form two had a string attaching them to a male form; both pieces had to be moved in a circular fashion across the board, which disrupted other pieces and their locations.


“Cassandra” Mikael sighed, his hulking form leaning over the table “These are actual lives you know, there’s an art to moving the pieces.  Not everything is win.  Sometimes just the game and helping the pieces move can be enough”


“Oh my, when did you become Buddha?” Cassandra scoffed “I mean your belly nearly always knocks over the table, but sheesh.  Not every moment in their lives has to be some overly dramatized moment, sometimes things just break.  Sometimes it’s okay to break a few eggs to make an omelets; and I like omelets”


Cassandra wasn’t always this callous, she could still recall how her story began, “There was once Romance” she thought, she remembered him.  He was nothing terribly special, but he would come to her Father’s home and sing to her, he’d play his lute at her window.Oh her Father hated him; how beneath her in social status he was, he would constantly remind her “He has nothing to offer you”.  But still she loved the way he made her feel, beautiful, desired, worth more than any riches in the world.  She attached herself to that feeling, it was addictive swimming romantically through the notion of running away, and maybe some place far from the cobble stoned streets and pillars of Ancient Gods and Goddesses.  Maybe they could start a family, he would fish or hunt, maybe sing songs for visitors at the City gates as she had seen others do.  A little would be enough she used to muse.  She knew she loved him, some divine connection she didn’t need to comprehend fully.


Scowling she thought “That was before I knew this, before I knew power, before I understood the game” it was really quite childish if she gave sincere thought to it.


Her index finger slowly tapped her new favorite piece tied to a male form, she looked at Mikael and winked.


Mikael sighed again, which made his 280 pound frame heave, his unkempt beard and hair moved visibly.


“You see, not everything is Art.  Sometimes it’s enough to create chaos” she said “These two, could very well be together, and live quite happily.  She could be the ‘little old lady in a shoe’, and the perfect Mother and mentor to all who inquired if she so desired; he could be the ‘good provider and example’ he was meant to be.  Here’s the problem, Mikael.” She laughed “These two had more opportunity than most; she too selfish, too fearful, too childish, too devoid of reality.  Him far too bold, too fast, too honest, too forgiving, too all or nothing, too rigid” she continued to tap the piece.


“Cassandra, can’t you see that is the divine plan; free will.  These two have chosen to break away from one another.  This caused us by rule to tie the string.” He glared “Making them dance around in circles creating chaos does humanity no good.  You’ve done enough damage to these two.  For what Cassandra?  They had a chance, you took that from them, why torment them more?”


Cassandra still tapping the piece moved it to the left, moving 360 degrees all the other pieces shifted, some falling to the wayside of the board replaced by the infant pieces. 


“Maybe” crossing her arms “After all these years you don’t know me at all Mikael” Cassandra purred

Submitted: December 09, 2016

© Copyright 2021 J Woods. All rights reserved.


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