Chapter 9: Your wish, her command

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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6 PM, he looked at his, watch.  “Of course I’m late” Jay said to himself as he pulled onto the street where the Coffee shop was located; finding parking in downtown Alameda was always challenging, it had become quite the trendy place for the University College Students from over the hill in Berkeley; it wasn’t often Jay worked his way through this area anymore, he remembered when it had its small ocean front town feel to it, the streets lined with old Victorian homes, now converted to apartments or Condos.  “Change, it’s not always good” he would often say.  The San Francisco Bay Area in general took on a flood of people looking for work from other areas of the United States since the early 90s’, people looking for work, or their modern fortune in Technology; hard to fault them really.  Work could be difficult to find, and as his father used to say “Food on the table, that’s what really matters”, there was wisdom in those words.  “But definitely crowded” he thought.


She watched as he stepped out of his Jeep Cherokee; Jay had a slow way to him, not a relaxed careless way mind you; but an awareness to the way he moved, like every step was a premeditated stroll.  Something perhaps he learned growing up in an urban environment.  “No fear” Cassandra said, this man has somehow conquered that human deficiency; Jay had almost an air about him even at a glance, intimidating, charming, somehow impervious to the threats of the world; “Like an immortal” she whispered, “Or an idiot” she laughed.


‘Eon’ he seen the neon green and pink script lettering from across the street; seeing the opportunity he darted raising his hand in thanks to the cars that let him by. 


Entering the shop he was unimpressed, all the coffee shops in the area had the same feel and look, nothing ‘unique’ here.  Patrons said with their glowing screens and overpriced coffee tapping away.  “even when the opportunity for human interaction occurs, it’s ignored’ he thought.  He took a seat near the door facing the glass windows so he could see the street.


Here she came, feeling a little nervous


“Hi, what can I get you?” Melanie smiled


“Well, hello; I know I’m running a little late.  Well two days late” he chuckled, “But I made it”


Cassandra watched as the show began, her right hand raised ever so slightly as she stood in the wet street “You don’t remember” she whispered

Melanie looked confused “I’m sorry, what?”


Jay felt the tinge of rejection and surprise wondering if perhaps he had waited too long; not acting in the moment. 


“Mocha, please.  If you wouldn’t mind hold the cream” Jay forced a friendly grin


“Absolutely be right back” was the response from Melanie


“Fuck” he thought.  This is embarrassing, but obviously no one knew him here; nor did she make the connection so him playing it off was no big deal.  He was a master at the Corporate art of ‘improvise’.  That skill would be something he would use tonight


“Oh good Sir Knight” Cassandra whispered to herself as she took a seat on the bench across from the coffee shop, “You follow, so well”


Jay turned something catching his eye, he thought he heard his name; a woman in a black coat and Jeans sat across the street looking into her bag; she was so intently digging that she was unaware of the group of young teens motioning towards her only a few feet away.  He watched intently; normally he would chalk it up to, kids admiring a woman or perhaps harmless beggars. 


“No that’s not it,” he stood and made his way to the door


“Hey, uhhhh.  See me and the boys here were hoping you could spare a few bucks for a cab” laughed a tall young man; clad in a denim coat decorated with buttons; his clean shaved head, tight denim pants rolled over a set of red doc martin boots.


Cassandra grinned and whispered to him, seeing Jay approaching out of the corner of her eyes, she whispered a growl at the young man, “Kevin; I’ll rip your spine from you with my bare hands, and face fuck your closeted friends with your penis while I tape your Momma banging your grand pappy, if you take one step closer” she taunted


“How the fuck you know my name cunt?” he puffed his thin chest and began to move towards her

A strong hand pushed into his chest, not enough to knock him down; or hurt him just enough to stop him.  “Kick rocks, kid” Jay said calmly.


Cassandra raised her hand, lifting her fingers “Leave” she whispered.


“Fuck you bro” the boy said as he gave a bull dog look to Jay and walked away


“Are you okay?” Jay asked Cassandra genuinely


“A little shooken, up but I’m actually doing quite well, thank you for that” She gleamed,


Her eyes were such a bright green they seemed to glow under the lights as she stood and faced him; her long blonde hair pulled back, her pale skin offset by the natural blush of the blood that ran to her cheeks from the balmy weather.


“I think….I owe you….a drink, as a matter of fact I need one” Cassandra smiled


“Ummmm” Jay was a little shocked


“Nope, you don’t get away with thinking about it” Cassandra grabbed his hand, “Right here, right now’ she motioned to the nearby pub


“That’s unnecessary” Jay smiled, shocked but pleased


Tugging on his arm slightly, she grinned


“Now how would it look you telling a Lady no in a public place” Cassandra purred


“C’mon hero” she gave a charming giggle


“Sure……….” Jay responded his sarcasm heavy, but he smiled as he offered her his arm

Submitted: December 10, 2016

© Copyright 2021 J Woods. All rights reserved.


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