The story of three Super Robots who went to a planet in deeper space to spread the seeds of life from the Earth to that planet.

Super Robot Pioneer told Herald, “Within a few hours we will be in the atmosphere of the planet. After a long journey of thirty light years and overcoming many hurdles, we are about to reach our destination. The destination; Planet CAP450 now is before us. Look at the monitor you can see the reddish surface of the planet. How beautiful, marvellous and calm the planet is!”

Herald who was a Super Robot and working with the Pioneer in the mission and was an expert in geography replied, “And soon this beautiful Planet would be a new home to some species coming from the earth provided that these species can survive the climate of the planet.”

“Of course they will. These species are the toughest species of the Earth”, said Pioneer.

“I too hope so.”, replied Herald.

Spacecraft was running towards the Planet CAP450. It was the planet of hopes for some scientists and astronomers. It was believed to be capable of support the some form of life. Some believed that life was already existed in this planet. The belief grew stronger when the further studies revealed the presence of water and oxygen in a little quantity on this planet. Some scientist proposed to send a spacecraft to this planet. Soon many organizations began to take interest in this planet and an organisation came forward to fund the project for sending a spacecraft to CAP450. A team of scientists suggested sending some species of microorganisms to CAP450. These species were the toughest species on the Earth which can survive in the extreme conditions. The aim of sending these species to the CAP450 is to spread the seeds of life from The Earth to that Planet.

Three Super Robots were designed specially to send on this mission. These Super Robots were specially designed in such a way that they could work in deep space and could analyse the situations and take decisions according to changing situations without human interference and guidance.

And the day came when the spacecraft was launched with a hope it would find out another world where life from the Earth can exist. Since that day the voyage to the planet CAP450 was continue. It took them one hundred and fifty years to reach the CAP450. During these years almost everything on the Earth had been changed. Unknown of what was going on The Earth, the continued their journey to the CAP450. Now they were thirty light years away from the Earth in the deeper space at the unknown corner of the universe where everything was unknown and unfamiliar to them. Actually now these three super Robots had nothing to do with the Earth. They had with them only the memories of their days on the Earth which they used to remember.

The spacecraft entered the atmosphere of the planet.  Now they could see the geographical structures of the planet.

After watching the geography of the planet on a display unit for a long time, Pioneer said, “Friends, Look at these spectacular sceneries of the planet.”

 Deva who was standing behind him said, “It awakes the hope of getting success in the mission. Amongst these mountains, valleys, planes and water bodies there must be some locations where the life from the Earth can survive.”

Herald who was busy in taking the images of these geographical structures said, “We are the First to reach this planet. Our names would be written in golden ink on the pages of history of mankind.”

Deva said in low voice, “We are Robots, not humans.”

Herald replied, “No human being can reach this planet covering such a long distance. In some cases we are smarter than human race.”

Deva replied, “That’s why they sent us here.”


After flying above the surface of the planet for some hours, they found out a suitable place for landing. It was a small plane surrounded by hills and mountains. They sent signals to the Earth saying they were landing on the planet. The signals would take many years to reach the Earth. They did not know whether they would exist or not to receive the response from the Earth.

They landed on the surface of the planet. First Pioneer came out of the spacecraft and looked around carefully and put his first step on that unfamiliar planet. It was a milestone and a glorious moment for the human race on the Earth. Now Herald and the third super Robot came out of the spacecraft.

On reaching the Planet their first task was to find out the signs of life there. Soon they found out several unicellular and multi cellular microorganisms. The chemical structure of these organisms was not much different from that of Earth. They were happy and motivated on that discovery.

Now the biggest challenge was before them. The challenge was to find out the suitable places on the planet having favourable climatic conditions where these species can survive and thrive. The planet was almost the barren planet. There were a few such places on the planet where one can find water, oxygen, suitable temperature and other substances required to survive. They had to do a lot of manoeuvre to find out such places. It took them several weeks to find out such places. They covered the distances of hundreds of miles during this quest and had to face several problems. There were several dangers on the planet which can be proved fatal to them. No human being could survive in the extreme condition of the planet. It was none but the super Robots who were able to withstand the extreme of the planet.

During this quest, once when they were ascending a mountain in order to reach a lake situated at the other side of the hill, they caught in the storm. Although when they set off from their camp, the weather was clear but when they reached the midway of the mountain, the weather began to disturb and within a few minutes strong storm came. Pioneer hid itself behind a rock a stuck to it. Herald lie down to avoid being cast away by the strong winds but the third Super Robot named Deva could neither find any suitable place to hide nor balance itself and fall down and began to roll down from the mountain.  Somehow he stopped himself from rolling down. He had to lie down till the storm calmed. He rolled down for about 500 metres. In this incident his body was badly damaged. Pioneer and Herald brought him the spacecraft. They spent several hours to repair his damaged body parts.

At last, they found out some places which were suitable for supporting the microorganisms’ colonies. They transferred the microbial colonies to those places. They also provided some growth activators to these colonies. They were very eager to see the results. They had to wait for the long time because the growth rate of microorganisms was too slow. Aborigine species were already existed to offer tough competition to the microorganisms. They observed keenly the growth and the behaviour of these microbial species and sent the conclusion to the Earth.

After months they found that some species of microorganisms could not survive the climate and extremes of the planet and got destroyed. Some were still struggling in this new environment. Some got success in thriving in their new home. The results were satisfactory. They were confident of getting success in their mission. Years had passed and those microbial species which adapted themselves to the climate of the planet now were thriving on the planet. These species affected deeply the eco systems of the planet CAP450. These were the first species from the Earth to emigrate to another planet.

Pioneer, herald and Deva did not return to the Earth. They remained on the CAP450. They sent regularly several pieces of information about CAP450 to the Earth for some years. Later arrival of information stopped for unknown reasons. Nobody knows what happened to them. No doubt, those three super Robots did their best to make the mission successful and thus they served the human race well and help reached the human race to new heights.

Submitted: December 07, 2016

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