Dancing with your Demons

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A poem I wrote a few years back for my college online magazine, link to the original is here http://unmcignite.com/dancing-with-your-demons/

Submitted: December 07, 2016

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Submitted: December 07, 2016



People in this world can be so blind.

They choose the wrong path, mingle with the wrong kind;

Like those who commit every sin and embrace every crime;

Despise the weak ones and annihilate their minds.

What the wicked do to the kind: use them as toys in their games,

Dare your hearts remain pure, they’ll drive you insane.

Do you feel fear children of Adam? For I know that you’re scared,

Within your soul, beneath that confidence, your demons dance bare.

As you were caressing yourself in the world’s rewards, you enveloped yourself in vanity:

Chose to laugh at those who cried, chose to sell your sanity.

Realize now, before it is too late,

Before a wave of your sins lead you to a grave fate,

Before the tears of those you injured become a rain of fire,

Before you forget and lose those who truly love, just to satisfy your desire –

Remove these black shades that hide you from reality,

Don’t dance with the devil, don’t play with lethality.

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