Caroline Jackson

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Caroline Jackson, a woman who lived in the 1980's, desperately wants her husband to live. But apparently, it wasn't meant to be.


Before the story begins, I would just like you all to know that I've been busy. The other two stories I've been making have been delayed. I found this story, one that I wrote a while ago, and decided to post it on the site. I do hope you all enjoy reading it.





The time this had happened was about 1964. A woman sat next to a man, lying in a bed, in a small room, devoid of decoration. The soft breathing of the sleeping man seemed to soothe the woman, at least for now. Of other sounds in the room, there were none. It was pleasant, though she knew what was to become of her husband soon. It was depressing, heartbreaking even, to think about.

For years, the pair had been full of life. Travelling all around the world, exploring new places, having new experiences together, but things had changed. The man, who was diagnosed with Peripheral Arterial Disease, which limited his movement, was stuck in the same hospital bed, doing the same tasks day after day. His wife, being the clingy person she was, refused to leave him here, and as such may as well have had the same fate as him.

The man woke, with a start. Looking over at his wife, he took her hand. Tears burned her cheeks. For years, the man had been stuck in this same room, bringing him to a point of near hysteria. The young men and women who would come in the check on him came less and less day after day. They knew he was a lost cause. Now, the man was relieved, even excited, to escape this room, to see what was beyond this world. His wife made small sobbing noises, bringing him back to his senses. She, however, refused to let him leave.

"Dear," the husband said, bringing his hand to her cheek. It was warm, "I thought you may be happy for me. I've wanted to leave this place and venture out again for so long.."

"Of course I wouldn't be!" she sobbed, squeezing his hand ever tighter. "This is the worst possible thing to ever happen in my lifetime!"

The man frowned, trying to think of a way to soothe her. He came up with nothing. "You'll be able to travel around the world again, dear" he continued, still trying to make her see the bright side of this. It didn't work.

"The thought of being along for the rest of my life is too much to bear," she went on, "I'd rather die than live without you!"

"Now dear, don't say that. You'll go on just fine without me," he said. He began to say something else, but all that seemed to come out was a choking noise. His face contorted into something of pain, but he seemed to be handling it quite well. His wife stood, her legs shaking, but he held up a hand that told her to sit down. It was his time.

Laying on that hospital bed, he began to see previous parts of his lifetime. Everything he saw wasn't pleasant, but he seemed to be enjoying it. Heh, he thought privately to himself, this must be my life flashing before my eyes. It's nice, but depressing at the same time. Strange, ever so strange.

Gasping for breath, his eyes seemed to be drained of their color, his skin turning from relatively normal to a light cream color. His breathing stopped suddenly, and no more soothing sounds remained in the room. All that was left was silence.

That day, Caroline Jackson's husband, Robert Jackson, died in a hospital bed, with only his wife to see him leave. And, while she was in no physical pain, her soul had died there, as well.

Submitted: December 07, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Extremus Spero. All rights reserved.

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