The Town Crier's Insanity

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Falling on sedated ears?

Submitted: December 07, 2016

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Submitted: December 07, 2016



The Town Crier sounds mental, and the Town Crier is me,

I realize how crazy my "Let's Ask Granny" sounds, but can't believe all I see


swirling around the political world, I thought everything Trump's spouted,

all the put-downs of women, of minorities, all the hatred he's shouted,


would bring his high-flying campaign crashing to the ground

in a fiery crash of broken dreams, he'd be loser bound,


but, it's exactly the opposite is our sad reality, the hell we now face.

With the ludicrous now mainstream, insanity's spreading all over the place.


Overseas it's even worse, the insane choices they've made, at least so far,

with blaming 'others', where they're heading seems to be on a par


with the same mistakes they tragically went through before,

lashing out at 'them', locking and barring the door


to keep 'them' out, the only problem? "We" is us.

We have to fight this shit, we must, we must!


I see a dangerous new trend taking root in the press.

The President-elect spouting lies as the gospel truth. Yes,


it's the same old trick used by demigods and dictators

since the dawn of time, using the media to settle old scores,


shaping a pile of crap and lies to fit their own narrative.

spreading falsehoods as truth, it's a kind of nationwide sedative.


They rail against what they perceive as an accusation or slight,

against this manipulative use of the media, we've all got to fight.


The seeds of another nightmare have been sown,

and the world's headed onward into the great unknown.





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