The Broken Cellphone

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Submitted: December 07, 2016

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Submitted: December 07, 2016




The Broken Cellphone:

 By Alaq Alhussein

I know a girl that keeps me and takes care of me her name is Crystal. She uses me a lot but I hate hurting her eyes. She called me her world, she even names me silver by my unique color. She rarely shuts me down so I could go to sleep. She always put me in a space she calls pocket. I love connecting people to their friends or people they want to talk to, I feel that they deserve to have that connection although it is not face to face.

One day, I felt loose in Crystals pocket, and I finally dropped on my face and it hurt really badly. I looked at Crystal but she seems to not know that I fell, and she kept walking. It was the worst day of my life. Then a lot of people continued to walk and just look at me as if I was very valuable. I screamed to them that "I belong with no one but Crystal". People seem to not listen or care and some would walk by. But, that moment came when I saw a child approach and I couldn't move. The child reached out and grabbed me and started laughing from happiness. Her mother tells her "Dandelion, don't touch that, it isn't ours". The child seemed to not listen and took me away. I was screaming "NOOO!!!" The rest of the way. I was taken to a new home. I felt very sad because there isn't a setting in the phone to make a password.

I was taken and the child dropped me on the tile floor also on my face, unpurposely. She looked like she was about 7 years old. She started to cry when she saw I had a small crack, I felt like she cared about me more then Crystal did, she apparently left me. She just might've acted like she cared. Although the child broke my face, she was more caring and was really scared to drop me so she did.

The lesson of this story is if someone is nice to you like Crystal seemed to be to the phone, don't depend and trust that they really care about you just because they are nice, they might have another side to them. You don't fully know people  so when you see someone is nice, don't rely on them. Also, compared to Dandelion, she hurt the object but she might actually care more about the care more about the cellphone then Crystal does. Don't trust people based on their actions because these actions may be temporary. You really never know!

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