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its about an adopted girl

Submitted: December 07, 2016

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Submitted: December 07, 2016





By: By Levi P Benner


Me- I never questioned this man, the man that saved me, took me into his home and treated me as if I was his own child. He was bachelor living in a two room apartment with all the essentials… for a single man that is. From day one, he took me to ballet, showed me how to put my hair in a ponytail, taught me how to be truly happy again. I was 6 when I lost my parents in a car crash…. I was the only survivor and this man was my saviour.


Dad- I was driving down the snow covered pass when I saw the overturned car. My immediate thought was to check on the passengers and call 911. What I saw next was, for the lack of better words, horrible. Ill spare you from the details but when I thought all hope was lost I heard the sound of hope. A grunt a soft grunt, from the little girl in the back seat. I knew help was at least an hour away so i had to act quickly.


I ripped her out of the back seat and put her in my truck, I placed a blanket over her and a seatbelt. On the way down the mountain I called 911 and reported exactly what happened, where the car was, the hospital where I was taking this little girl and the parents… well that they were dead.


A week went by and I was still at this little girls side. a day passed before I learned her name, Emily, little M.  I didn’t know at the time that lonely little girl would turn into my entire world but something in me said don’t leave tell she is in safe hands. The sheriff's department was tracking down her nearest family, but to no avail. they said if no family was found in the next few days, this traumatized little girl would be placed in a foster home…. I couldn’t let that happen.


Me- I heard the police officer say that i would be put in a foster home, I heard of those before and I thought oh god please no! I saw the man who saved me and I prayed, and I prayed that I would have a real home again.


A year went by and this man that saved me that short time ago welcomed me into his home. One day I accidentally called him dad….. I felt so embarrassed, but he acted like it was just another day. I don't know why I was embarrassed, I meant it completely. I asked him the next night why he started to cry when I called him that. What he said next made me love him even more.


He said, “from the first day I brought you home I knew that you were here to stay and I couldn’t have been happier. I knew that you weren’t my real daughter but I was sure going to treat you like you were, when you called me dad I was so happy I couldn’t handle myself.”


A tear rolled down my cheek he wiped it with his thumb. Sobbing now I wrapped my arms around his neck and i said “I love you dad”


Dad- My heart melted, she was crying on my shoulder and when she said I love you dad I started crying too…. I couldn’t help myself it was the best moment of my life.


It was her 16th birthday, 10 years after I took her in. 6 years ago I got married and moved into a new house, finally we were a perfect family. I couldn’t believe how much M has grown. My little girl wasn’t so little any more, she had a boyfriend that I actually liked, I couldn’t tell her that though, a job and a driver's licence.


Me- It was my birthday! Ah I was so excited, sweet 16. Maybe my dad was going to get me a car! Oh my god I couldn’t wait! Who knew that our worst fight was just around the corner


The night went well, my friends came over, mom made dinner and we watched the twilight series. As the next day passed my friends left and it was time for our family dinner.


“Hey dad?”


“Whats up Princess”


“Can Dillion come over for dinner tonight?”


“No not tonight M”


“But dad why not?”


“I want it to be a family dinner, just us,”


What came next will always haunt me.


“But it's my birthday”


“I know it's your birthday but i'm still your father and I said no”


“You’re not my real dad!!! I hate you!!!”


I ran to my room and left my parents in silence


I am 30 now and everytime that memory comes to mind I invite my parents to dinner at mine and my husband's house. It isn’t the same boy that we originally got in a fight over but I love him nonetheless


They were on there way over, I had dinner all ready to go and I had amazing news too. They were supposed to be here at 6 o'clock sharp. It wasn’t like my dad to be late, 6:30 came and I started getting worried so I called mom… straight to voicemail. I called dad, same thing. 7:00 hit and I got a call


“Hello. Oh my god, no no… no.”


We were at the hospital in 20 minutes. On the way over to the house my parents were t-boned...killing my mom instantly. My dad was hanging on by a thread and it was all my fault. When I walked into the hospital room I saw the horror that has been left behind. Tears were rolling down my face as I walked up to him. The doctor told me that he doesn’t have much time and that if I had anything to say to him I better say it now.


I wasn’t the first to speak instead it was my dying father


“Hey Princess, don't cry” he said weakly “your mother and I loved you so much and seeing you grow over the past 24 years has made me the happiest man in the world, I love you” a tear rolls down his face.


Before I could speak, he slowly closed his eyes. the heart monitor went from a weak heart beat to flat line. The last thing he said to me was I love you. I wish I had the time to tell him that not only he was an amazing dad but he… he was going to be an even better granddad… instead my last words to this brave, loving man that i had the honor of calling father were, “dad… please don’t leave me fatherless… not again, please god, not again”



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