Through the Darkness there is Light

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 1

Submitted: March 25, 2017

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Submitted: March 25, 2017



In a far away land, there live peaceful animals of all kinds. The main reason why the animals were peaceful was because they had a just ruler named King Harold. King Harold was the son of King Harold IV. The reason why he was made king was because he was the eldest of his father's kin. Harold's younger brother, Thomas, disagreed with all the folk of the kingdom. The thought that the king was not just, and in fact, he thought that he should be the one to rule. He planned a siege on the kingdom. Thomas waited until his brother was asleep to attack. For the past month, he had rallied his forces in the woods at midnight. His main allies were kolgs. A kolg is a hideous creature that was the despicable result of a demon and a wolf. They are giants, covered with shaggy hair (typically black or dark gray), razor sharp teeth, eight massive arms, and every other demonic feature that you can possibly imagine. But of course, his army also included demons, wolves, giants, minotaurs, goblins, night-elves, rebellious soliders of Harold's army and wendigos. The one ally that Thomas could not recruit was the dwarves. He wanted the dwarves since they were excellent at making swords, shields, and armor. One could say that they were natural born craftsmen. He could not recruit them since when King Harold was fighting The Battle of Edgarton, Harold had enlisted the help of the dwarves, and in return, he had paid them greatly in gold and silver. Two nights before the siege, a minotaur spoke up,

"What do you plan on doing once we've won the battle, anyways. I mean, you're all talk, yet you've never once talked about one of the most imporatant issues! I ask my fellow soilders, does this not seem queer?"

The minotaur waited a little bit before crying again,

"Well? Answer me!"

There were numerous cries of agreement scattered throughout the crowd. Thomas was furious by this remark.

"I guess you underestimate my power, Vahiana. Well let me demonstrate for you," Thomas announced.

And with that, he thrust his sword (which was forged from the pits Tarkaan) into Vahiana chest. The poor minotaur fell to the ground with a blood flowing from the wound caused by Thomas' fury. 

"Anyone else wish to speak?" Thomas cried while throwing his hands in the air. He put away his sword and meanwhile, his army became quiet and Thomas announced once more,

"The siege shall commence in two nights. If anyone feels the same as Vahiana here, you may leave. If not, I shall see you in two nights one shradel (about half a mile) from the foot of the castle."

Most of Thomas' planned army showed up, except a few rebellious minotaurs who were friends of Vahiana. Yet, the attack commenced. First, there was a line of night-elves who were armed with bows and flaming arrows. Night-elves are a mix of vampyres and elves. The elf was, of course, under the spell of the vampyre.

To be continued (again and again)


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