An Unforgettable Night In The Forest

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Joshua Mudiva is lost in the craziest and the most dangerous jungle in Africa. Can Joshua survive the harshness of the jungle, or will he die bravely? Find out in the most thrilling adventure story

An Unforgettable Night In The Forest

By: Arham Hassan


The boy who was lost in the forest has an important story to tell us. His name was Joshua, a boy who was strong, brave, and always happy. His family was poor. The poor people could only make some money by selling crops. This was in the farmlands of Africa.

Joshua’s family only had enough money to beat the hunger for themselves. Joshua Mudiva and John Mudiva were both brothers. Joshua’s father was Max, and his mother was Julie. They were all happy in their work and happy with what they had.  

On a sunny, warm, and sultry day in July, Joshua’s mom told him to get some wood from the forest. He had just finished helping his dad in the field, and he was very exhausted.

“Joshua, can you please go get some wood from the forests?” said Julie in a sturdy voice.

“Mom, I just came back after helping Dad in the fields. I am gonna go play with my friends,” explained Joshua.

“I want you to go, or we won’t have any food, Joshua. You need to be big and responsible,” said Julie.

“I am not going.”

“Oh, yes you are! I am going to make a deal with you. You go get the wood, and I will give you five Rands. If you don’t want to go... ”

“Okay, I’ll go, I’ll  go, But you have to give me five rands,” Joshua said hurriedly before his mom could change her mind.

“Okay then, it’s a deal. But this time, bring lots of big wood.”

“Moma, I will come back before sunset. Don’t worry, I will bring lots of wood.”

“See you. Don’t go near the dangerous area,” said Julie cautiously.

“I know, Mama. I won’t go beyond it. See you later.”

This dangerous place was a notorious section of the forest, a must avoid. It was  like an insoluble puzzle.  It was very well known that whoever went in, never managed to come out of the area.

Joshua put on his old and stained shoes.  

“I am going to the nearby forest to get wood, and I will be back by sunset,” said Joshua to his dad.

“don’t go deep into the forest. Heed my word, and don't get hurt,” said Max.

Joshua started heading into the forest. He knew he had to hurry, as there wasn’t enough time. It was already 4 p.m., and he had to come back by 7:30 p.m., so he started to jog.

Joshua was well versed with the jungle.  He had learned the different types of trees and flowers in the forest.

“Why do my parent’s worry so much about me! I am 10 years old. This time I will bring a lot of wood, and I will reach home before dusk. I will prove to them I am trustworthy!” yelled Joshua talking to himself. He was getting irritated and angry. Why couldn’t his parents trust him?

This is the story of Joshua’s adventure.

As I was hurriedly trying to gather wood, I heard a high-pitched sound, an unusual one. I had to cover my ears! I wondered, what could it  be? I tried to hear it again, but it would not make that shrilling sound. I was like it wanted me to come to me. I started walking towards the sound. I step by step slowly walked. I took a step, then I took another one. Then I saw this dazzling maze of trees everywhere.

I had a good memory, so I knew I was heading to the dangerous parts. I wondered if I should go. My mother told me not to go, and I was going to be a little late. I stood there for a second and thought about it. I started to get a little angry when I was thinking. I could get out of the dangerous part easily. I know all about animals, plants, trees, and different types of atmospheres. It was going to be easy for me. I wanted to explore, but his mind told him not to explore the jungle.

Then I thought of a brilliant idea. I would make my parents worry, and that will teach them a lesson. Okay, then I will go to the dangerous area. I started walking towards the sound.

I could sense it.

I could feel it.

I could hear it.

I was shaking. It gave him hibbie-jibbies. What could it be? An animal? A man? I walked and walked, but I could never see the creature. I reached to the point where the dangerous part came in. I wondered for a second and started to walk into it. The ground was all mushy. There were lush plants everywhere, with a stream between the place, split in half. You could see high trees, higher than 2 story houses. The place was dazzling and amazing. There were some parts of the forest where you couldn't even see the sky.  This was so amazing and cool.

Then suddenly there was no sound to be heard. I stayed quiet for a while , but there was no voice heard by my ear. I turned back to head to my home. When I turned, I did not know where I came from. There were only trees, and trees everywhere. I started to hesitate. I only had a basket and a sharp piece of a cane to get wood from the trees, and a torch in case I was late. I could see the sun going down, and the moon coming up.  I tried to run, but it was no use. I started to cry, but after a while, I calmed down.

“I never asked for this! I was just kidding! Please, somebody, help me?” Then I thought for a second. What was I gonna do? Was I going to die in this forest? My head was starting to get dizzy, and I was going to lose my marbles. If I die, will anybody bury me? Are there any diseases around here? I thought.  “Let’s make the use of what we have since I won’t be able to get to home this night. Let's see. I will make fire from the wood I have. I have never made fire, but dad showed me how to do it. I will try,” I said. I tried to make fire but every time, I missed. I was wasting wood, after some while I would run out of forest. After some time, I tried real hard, and I got the fire started. I was all sweaty, and drowsy too. I sat down resting on a tree. I had to get back to home, but how? After a while, I slept lying on the floor.

When I woke up from a long sleep, there was no fire, and it was dawn. I started walking. After a while, I saw an animal lying on the floor. I hid behind a tree . I took a step. I laid down on the floor and crawled to the animal. What was I going to do? Should I help him? Or is he going to kill him?

"Ah, who the hell is this person! Ah! I need to run away." I ran away, but after awhile I thought he could actually help me lead the way of this crazy place.

I quickly ran to a pond, got some water, and poured it into the old man’s face. I took out my clothes and poured water into it. Then I quickly gave him water and poured water where he had his scar. Then he suddenly woke up.

“Ah! Please don’t kill me. I would not harm you.” shouted the man, backing up.

“I won’t do anything. I am just an ordinary boy. We are in the area where it’s dangerous. Do you know how to get out of this area? What’s your name?” said Joshua calmly.

“Okay then. I might tell you now. My name is Robert. I don’t remember much. I was hit by a bird, and then it pecked on me. Let’s try to find our way.” said the man in a tired voice.

I quickly got some water for myself. I sure was thirsty! After some while, the man stood up, and the sleepy man put his hand around my neck. There was something familiar about his name, like as if I knew him. He was very heavy!

I said with a sigh, “So where do we start in this crazy wood?”

“Well I think we have to go straight.” said that old man doubting way.

He was only a little taller than me. He had wrinkles all over his face. He had scars on his hand, and he had a dark blue shirt. He had  blue trousers, and his hand was all dirty. He was looking very drab.

He was a hopeless case, but I had no chance. Maybe he knew it, but he still was a little funny to me. After we started walking. Should I leave him? Should I go with him? Is he like this every time, or just because of the accident that happened to him?  

“So what’s your name?  Why did you go to the dangerous part? What were you doing in the forest? How old are you?” said that man in a rude, and hasty manner.

“Whoa, whoa! Could you just slow down a bit? My name is Joshua Mudiva. I was just collecting forest when a sound fascinated me by a strange voice animal in that part of the area. I have never heard of it. I am sad that I still don’t know what sound is. I am just ten years old.” I said in a slow voice.

“You should have seriously avoided even coming close to this part of the jungle. I was a hunter, and I lost my way” said Robert in a sad voice.

We were getting anxious as it was getting dark, but Robert and I decided to head forward. As we kept on going, we suddenly heard clear sound of gushing water. We started running towards the direction of the sound. Right in front of us was this river, crystal blue water, flowing north, apparently very deep. I knew I am not a good swimmer, but we had to cross the river. But how?

“Okay, so now how do we go to the other side of the river. I can’t swim. Can you swim? How do we cross the river?” I asked worriedly.

“I can’t, but I see a big log around there. We can use that to cross the river,” replied the man. He pointed to the log. That was our only hope.

“Oh, my god! That’s a brilliant idea, Robert!” I said joyfully.

I quickly grabbed the log and placed it on the river. We had to cross the river, but the flow wasn’t going the way we wanted it to happen. But we didn’t have any option. We had to cross the river.

“When I say go we both push, and try to paddle across the river. If we fail. Well let’s not think about that.” said Robert. “Ready. Set. Go!” Robert shouted.

We pushed, and tried to paddle across the river. The river's flow was very strong, and it pushed us into the river. It did push us, but the wrong way. I started to hesitate. By mistake, I let go of the log. Robert quickly got my hand and put it back on the log

“Don’t do that ever again! Just stay still. It’s okay. Looks like we will have to follow the river. This may give us luck.” said that man without any fright.

The whole night was like a nightmare. My body was aching, and I was having nausea.  There were fish trying to eat me. My body had cuts everywhere. You could imagine yourself getting whipped like prisoners.

Suddenly, there was a huge current of water gushing towards us. My head hit the ground, and then I saw Robert lying near me.

“Robert, are you okay?” I asked worriedly.

 He opened his eyes and hugged me with pleasure. I could smell the fresh air, the smell of soil, and the sound of animals. I knew I was safe from the river.

As I reached in Kanta, I could see my house. I could see my old, and rusty house. It had two rooms on the first floor, and one big room in the second floor. That’s where my brother and I slept. I could see the kitchen through the stained glass. The fields were covered with plants. I could see other houses in the village. I gasped! I took a step forward. I didn't believe that I was home from the journey. I took an another big step forward.

And then I shouted, “Mommy, and Daddy I came back home”. As they heard my voice, they slowly turned back and ran towards me filled with joy. My mom hugged me first, and then my dad in a way that I never fe;t before.

“We were so worried about you, Joshua, I didn't know what do. I thought you were killed!” shouted mom and dad together.

My mom and dad looked like they just had a heart attack. After they saw the man who came with me, my mom, and dad started to greet him.

I told my parents what happened. “To make a long story short, I entered the dangerous part of the forests. I slept there in the night. Then I meet this person. We got through the forests. In the middle, there is a tiger who comes for us, but we kill it. After some while, we reach here. It took 2 days.” I was tired, and sleepy I just remembered that I had a brother right that moment. Then I cuddled with him and slept peacefully.

The next morning, lots of people were in my home.When I came down, people started asking me the story. I was the only kid who came back from the ‘Danger Zone.’ Everybody was asking questions like, How did you survive? How was it in the dark?, How did the dangerous part look like? Was the place beautiful or amazing? It was boring telling everyone throughout the day.It was pretty boring saying the stories over, and over again, but the good part is that I am still allowed to go in the forest. I like the forest, since it is still very fascinating, interesting, and I can have spent some time there alone by myself.  

One thing I learned was never get distracted in the forest, and how to control my moody temper obviously! I am the first one with the man to make it alive in the forest. That is so awesome! Some people started taking me as a young man. Let’s see what happens next to me when I go in the forest. Mauled by a wild tiger? Shot through the heart? Drowned in the river? Or something even worse?


Submitted: December 08, 2016

© Copyright 2022 Arham Hassan. All rights reserved.

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