Stranger Danger`

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Here is a short story on what happened to me on April 5 2010. Close friends can be the bad guys too!

It was a cold Monday morning on April 5th 2010. Waking up to my alarm clock (My uncle Sam was my alarm clock) "It is 7:30 Renee! Time to get ready!" I jumped up hoping to beat my cousin Shaun to the bathroom, but that didn't happen.

It was almost 8:00 in the morning (be in mind my school didn't start til 9:00 a.m.) I got ready and said my "see you later uncle and auntie!" and then out the door I went not knowing what I was going to get into.

I usually walked to school because we didn't live that far from the school. On my way to school everyday I would meet my "best friend" Theo. Theo was 5'8, weighing 200lbs, dirty blonde hair with greenish yellow eyes. "Hey Renee I know this is last minute but I am having a party tonight" - "On a school night? I don't think my aunt will let me" - "Well it is just a little get together, my parents will both be there I could have my mom call your aunt! please!" - "Uhm alright!"

First Period, everyone knew about Theo's little get together and it was the talk around the school. Everyone asked what they should bring and who they will "hook up" with that night. I was the type to keep to myself and never really talked to anyone. I sat there thinking my aunt won't agree because it is a school night. Morning class periods went by fast.

Lunch, school food is really not my type of food but the good thing about it we had different options from pizza to salads. Theo called his mom (so I thought it was his mom) and he gave her my aunts work number. 15 minutes went by and then 3o minutes I was scared to think that my aunt was mad and yelling at her. Just then my phone rang (I had the cheesiest ringtone ever!) IT WAS MY AUNT! Every way to say "NO" came to mind. "Hey auntie!" - "Renee Theo's mom called me telling me he has a little get together going on tonight......." - "Yeah he told me and i understand if....." - "As long as you do your homework before you leave and make sure you are back before 11 p.m." _ "Oh! Thanks auntie I promise my homework would be done and I will be home by then!"

Lunch was over. "That is awesome your aunt let you come tonight!" - "Yeah just got to get my homework done and I can head over to your place!" 

Last period, Hannah came to me saying that "She can't wait til the party tonight". I mean it was a school night who would let their child have a party or even let their child go to a party! 

*riiiiiiiiiiiiing* The school bell rang and everyone was heading home and i stayed after to finish my homework and of course Theo stayed. He was my protector, he told me he doesn't like seeing me walking alone in the streets because there were "bad" people out there (not knowing he was one himself)

We walked back to my house to drop my things off and so I can get ready. It was about 5:30 p.m., I left my house with only my purse and phone. Walked a couple steps and I seen Jason (an ex-boyfriend of mine) "Hey Renee so you are headed to Theo's?" I never wanted to talk to him ever after what he did to me. (I will tell that later on) I walked pass him and not answering.

Came to Theo's front door. Some random guy answered the door telling me to come in and enjoy myself. Instead of chilling I went to  look for Theo. There were about 40 people there that i have not met. I didn't want to socialize so I went on looking for Theo. 

Finally, I found him with a lady I never met. But her voice sound so familiar. Have I met her? Time went by, most people were drunk and already things were turning sexual. I had enough and I already wanted to go home and sleep. Until Theo came to me and gave me a drink of water (I never drank beer or alcohol in my life and I still haven't). After 20-30 minutes I started feeling weird and funny.

"Hey Theo, can I lay down in your room for a bit?" - "Yeah, are you okay?' - "Huh? Oh yeah I'll be fine!" I walked in his room and laid down. A guy came in standing by the door I couldn't tell who it was because I was feeling sick! He came to lay by me. He fell asleep, so I thought! I took my phone out and started to dial my aunt to come to pick me up... He took the phone out of my hand and said "Can you be quiet!" - "Oh! I am sorry! I will just go outside and call..."

Before I could even get up he grabbed my arm and yelled "You can't leave!" I was honestly scared for my life and I didn't know what to do. Theo came in and told the guy to leave now before he gets hurt. As scared as I was I had to run into Theo's arms. When the guy left Theo sat me on the bed and talked to me trying to calm me down. He still was holding me! He leaned in for a kiss BUT I pulled away because I didn't see him more then just a friend. 

It made him mad I could tell because he got up and walked to the door. He was silence and just looked at me with a mean look. He turned the lights off and started walking towards me... "Can you please turn on the lights. I don't like this." - "Don't you trust me?" - "Please turn the lights on!" "Please Theo!" - "Just relax!"

I could feel him getting closer and closer. I am sitting on the bed thinking to myself "I trust him! He won't hurt me!" Just then I felt these hands grabbing my shoulders.. "Stop!" - "Shh.. they will hear you" and soon he forced me to kiss him. His tongue all over my face, his hands all over my body! "Theo! Don't! You are drunk! Stop!" He was on top of me holding me down and not letting me get up. I tried fighting back but he was much heavier then me. 

**the rest was all a blur**

11:30 p.m. 15 missed calls from auntie berr, 5 missed calls from uncle sam, and 2 missed calls from Shaun. 

1:oo a.m. I knew  exactly what had happen... I was raped by someone I thought would never hurt me, someone i thought would protect me from evil. Someone that said there are BAD PEOPLE out there! How could I not know who he was! That same lady that I saw Theo with came in asking if I was okay and that not to tell anyone. I HAD TO TELL SOMEONE!!! Just then she said "I didn't think it would go this far. I am sorry that I got you in this." - "What do you mean?I need to go home NOW!" - "I called your aunt pretending to be Theo's mom just so you can come!" - "I got to go!"

I ran home without my purse and shoes. Halfway home I called my aunt telling her she needs to come get me. Yes when she answered she was very upset. My hair was messy, my shirt was ripped, and my makeup was smeared. My aunt jumped out of the car and asked all kinds of questions. I did't know how to answer any of them. She took me home and of course I had to explain what happened. I tell my aunt EVERYTHING!

I ended up at the hospital where they did a rape kit. I got to go home afterwards. all tests they took came back NEGATIVE. Thank you God!

The next day, and days after I never walked to/from school. I was never left alone thank you to my cousin shaun for being my real protector. Theo tried to talk to me and he tried to be there and everywhere I was. I cried every night thinking WHY IS IT THAT THE BAD PEOPLE ARE THE ONES WE TRUST TODAY? 



Submitted: December 08, 2016

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Wow! What a total betrayal of trust and of friendship. As you say, you don't expect to be treated that way by someone you know and trust -- strangers are always made out to be the threat -- but so often these crimes are committed by people that are known by the victim. Well done for being so open and honest in your write!!

Sat, December 10th, 2016 6:05pm

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