The Follow

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After freed from jail, The narrator thought that the demons stopped bothering him, he started a new life, met a beautiful woman, they fell in love with each other and got married. The narrator's life is so perfect and peaceful, until his daughter was born and they moved into an old mansion, everything twisted.
This short story is actually the second part of Satan's Puppet

I'm really not good to be a better writer, but I hope you, readers, can help me enhance my skill, especially in grammar. :) Thanks I hope you'll like my short story.

Submitted: December 08, 2016

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Submitted: December 08, 2016



The Follow


Hearing my wife shrieking in pain, I rushed her to the hospital, my body sweats like a waterfall. Outside the delivery room, I waited and waited for so long, the operation took so many hours, until, I heard a cry, a sweet, beautiful cry from a baby, the doctor invited me to enter the room, and there I saw my wife kissing the pink, chubby cheeks of my child, it is a girl with a breath-taking blue eyes like her mother’s and a rosy, red lips, she looked like an angel, a wonderful kind of blessing that has been given to us.

We lived our lives in a tiny, peaceful small house near the river, our baby, Melody, grew sweet, kind, gentle and innocent, me and wife loved her so much and we cherish her with all our hearts. Until such day, we started to move to an old, spooky mansion house of my wife’s parents who died 2 weeks ago. The house is cold and enormous, its walls are pale and lifeless, my wife decided to bring the house back to life, so me and Melody helped her. I decided to start cleaning on this vast room, spider webs are all over the place and there’s nothing inside but a gigantic corridor at the end of the room, I held the corridor’s door, it’s so old, dusty and antique, I found bunch of dresses, their colour were completely lifeless and some of them were already ripped apart, I was thinking that these doesn’t belong to my wife’s mother, if they were, she could’ve probably thrown it away, but anyway, I saw some boxes below the compartment and discovered some black and white pictures that are somehow torn apart, I can’t recall any of their faces, probably it is some of their ancestors. As I held the feather duster, I suddenly heard my wife screamed squealed in pain, I phased out from the room and the first thing I saw is blood, blood everywhere, splattered like a paint on the walls, the chandelier fell and the impact stroked my wife to death. I held her weak body and her thick blood wraps around my fingers, while I saw Melody standing in shock. The policemen came late, there’s nothing else to do, and everything was too late. My wife is already dead.

Days turned bitter and morose, but I’m still trying to be a good father to my only child. I’m somehow corrupted with liquor. Every night, Melody hides at her room while I threw bottles of wines and glasses around, I know she’s afraid of me, I never wanted this for her. Finding my way to my room, I heard voices from the room where I was when my wife died, leaning on the door I heard screams, shattering glasses and crying like they are begging to be freed, a total disaster, I tried to open the door but it won’t budge, I kicked the door down, but there’s nothing there but Melody, she’s holding her pillow and trembling in this cold night, as I approached her, her red lips started to open, and spit dark blood, as the moonlight flashes her eyes crying with blood, her face start to disperse, an angel that turned into a demon, a husky, growling, two-voiced came from her mouth, “daddy, what’s wrong?” I squeezed my eyes and saw her fine and normal, I hugged her warm body and kissed her forehead good night.

I can never get a good sleep, every night, I always hear Melody’s hum, the voice of my wife shrieking like the day Melody was born, everything sounds like a circus and each time I open my eyes I see my wife at the corner of the room in front of my bed, she just stands staring at me bitterly, her eyes are full of anger telling me like it was my fault, I shut my eyes and pray hoping she can find peace. A chilly wind brushes my cheeks like it was a dead’s breath, it slowly whispers in my ears, chattering my prayers in reverse, at first it was my wife’s voice, then it fades into a dreadful voice, in fear, I opened my eyes, seeing a bloody, splattered face in front of me, it’s blood is dripping out from its face, its face was like blown up by a bomb, I can see its inner guts and its eyes were hanging out from their sockets while its cheekbone is sticking out from the skin. I rushed out from the room and grabbed Melody to leave this horror house.

We went back to the river house and hopefully forget the nightmare I had on that house. Melody kept asking what happened, I felt too much pressure and irritated, I screamed at her and she stood frozen on her feet while her blue eyes started to sparkle in tears and her cheeks started to blush red, before I reached her she started ran away from me. As midnight came, I woke up from the couch knowing that I overslept due to lack of sleep. I stroll my way to my room and Melody’s voice from her room caught my attention as if like she was talking to someone, I stood in front of her door knowing that she was alone, but I know she’s talking to someone and she’s also replying to someone but there was no other voice that I could hear, Melody said that I’m a jerk, coward and a stupid father, while hearing these words, my hot blood pumped into my brains and I stormed her on her room and I saw this warped faced demon in front of my child, I seized its neck in rage hoping that I could choke it to death. I punched it face over and over, blow by blow, I heard Melody whimper in terror behind my back while I savagely massacre this demon, the impact from my knuckles caused the demon’s face to blow up like it doesn’t have a face, the blood splattered all over the room and guts were coming out from its face, its bones were completely broken and I’ve made a  hole on its face while its skins are tearing apart, I stopped knowing that this demon is dead, suddenly, I heard Melody’s cry turned to giggles and laughter, it’s like a demonic laugh, I looked back at her and my eyes were searching for her but she’s nowhere to be found, my eyes went back to the corpse that I was holding. In shock and terror, blue eyes were completely falling from their socket, the nose was completely broken, and the red lips disappeared and turned into a pool of blood, splattered into a hole. Melody, my sweet angel, died in my arms. I held my child’s cold body and cried till there’s nothing left to cry. It’s not the house nor my child, but it was me who is being followed by the darkness. I hold this last breath until the very end, I stood high in this chair in front of my child, seeing faces without a face only shadows grinning at me. I hanged myself to death, the last thing I saw is my child holding her mother’s hands, waiting for me to die.




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