A Night in El Paso

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A kid named Jim who used to lived in Houston, Texas but because of his dads death he now lives with his mom in what he calls the worst place on Earth. El Paso.

Submitted: December 08, 2016

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Submitted: December 08, 2016




After my dad died, our lives fell apart. My mother could not find a job in Houston, but she found a terrible job in the junk that is, El Paso. I was hating my life when she told me. Now, I’ve got to carry a pocket knife in my backpack to school so I can at least fight for myself. Because of my dad’s death, my mother is depressed and quiet, and the worst part is, she is now an alcoholic, and it’s killing me, and someday, it’s going to kill her too. It is like the alcohol is filling up the gap that my dad left, forever.


Two years ago:

He’s dead. I can hear the paramedics coming from miles away. My heart is racing. The lights appear brighter and brighter. My world grows darker and darker. I stumble and cry in the pouring rain. My mother collapses and sobs until the rain on her face does not stop.

His last words to us were: “I’m going out to get some milk, alright? Y’all stay here.”


Present day:

“Hi my name is Jim and I love to play on my Nintendo 64 with my mom,” I said as I pulled my ray ban glasses back to the top of my nose.

“HE’S GOTTA PLAY WITH HIS MOMMA BECAUSE HE HAS NO FRIENDS,” they giggled, but I wasn’t laughing.

“Mr.G,” I whispered starting to sob. “Can I go to the,” I sniffled, “restroom?” I asked.

“Yes, of course” Mr. G replied.

I ran out of the room, taking off my Ray Ban glasses, using my left sleeve to wipe my tears off my face.

As I was running out of the room, I heard those wild hooligans screaming “MOMMA’S BOY” over and over again and I just wanted to pull my shirt over my head and wait for my whole to end.

I shoved the dirty bathroom door open and sat on the toilet and made the bathroom drenched in tears. After about 45 minutes of class time Mr.G came into the bathroom and told me that everything was going to be ok. I disagreed but I nodded my head.

“You really think so” I asked.

“I really do” Mr.G said with a big grin on his badly shaved face.

“Alright,” I said, swiping the tears off my face, pushing the door out of my way.

“Follow me Jim, I’m going to take you to the counselor, Ms. Api,” Mr.G said.  

I really did not listen but I had to do something so I nodded my head up and down like I was a depressed dog with a neck problem. We went up two floors to see a dark scary room that seemed like there is a green vicious monster that is going to eat my guts out. I looked at the broken clock to see the time. It was 10:45 AM. I was thinking about mother the whole way to the counselor’s office. Mr.G and I opened the door calmly.

Mr.G whispered “Ms.Api, are you in here”

“Yes, yes, yes, Mr.G I am here” she said with a voice of a 12 year old girl who just hit puberty.

Mr.G whispered in her ear, “Jim here is new to this school and is not really fitting in so can he stay in here for the rest of the day”.

“Oh yes, of course he can stay in here for as long as he needs,” Ms.Api shouted.

I stared down at my shoes in disappointment because I was always thinking about my momma.

It was about 2:29 PM since and I last looked at the clock. I hadn’t  said anything and the bell was about to ring in about a minute so I’m really happy for the first time today. I would have been as happy as if my dad would be back to life.

RRRRRRRIIIIIINNNGGGG, the bell buzzed straight into my ears like my mother screaming into my father’s ears. I sprinted out of the office, then started to quickly walking once I saw the front door of the school.

I hopped down 15 steps in about 5 steps. To be honest. It was terrifying. Once I landed on the flat ground, I saw my mother walking to come get me with a bottle of tequila in her hand…

And then it happened, what anyone would be scared of. I heard the swish and the sound of clinking metal. A kid swung out a pocket knife that he had in his pocket the entire time.

So I pulled out my own knife and opened and my hand sweating like the rain falling from the sky.

It entered. My knife went into his gut. I’m guilty. My hands were all covered in blood like red paint. My heart died again. For the second time.

“Why,” the big fat kid said sobbing on the ground in all his blood.

I ran to my mother as fast as a bullet. She watched the whole thing. I was frightened. What was she going to say. I wanted to run until I died.

“It’s ok,” my mother said, “you did what you had to do.

I did not understand. The consequences. I’m going to die. If the police find out, I’m dead.


The Next Day:

WOOOOOOOOO! I heard the police sirens coming. They are coming for me. They surrounded our house. It’s like my life is going to end. Again.

A swarm of police man bashed the door down. My mom was walking around and I was home alone.

“You are surrounded get out or you will die,” one of the policeman shouted.

The father of the kid I killed came into our old broken house and hit me a broken shady heineken bottle which still had some beer.


He hit me. Again and again. I passed out. Cuts and scratches. All over my body.

The next day I was in the hospital in a bed. All this trouble for my own life.

The Next Day:

I lied in a hospital bed. Weak and I knew I did not deserve to live after what has happened to me.

“Jim, you were very lucky to have survived the last couple of days, but the good thing is, you are alive”, a blonde nurse said.

“Thank you ma’am, and I hope it never happens again.”

I fell asleep and woke up with my mom in my face.

I smiled.

And that is what a night in El Paso did to me.


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