A Day in The Life of Lucy

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Here is my story!!


Hi, my name is Lucy Marie Sulfur. I’m 14 years old, and there's one thing about me that I’ve never told: I died.

I look like an average teenage girl, long dark hair, black/brown eyes, and a pale empty face. Since you’ve found my diary, I guess you can’t do anything but read everything written, including my embarrassing stories, my horror stories, etc…

Now it’s time for you to read this one.


My story begins in 2007.  

I was a very sweet girl and everyone loved me! Until I moved away, a new school, a new home. This can’t be true! My life was over. The first day of school came. Everyone was looking at me like I wasn’t human. No one even noticed me! After such a bad first day I was hoping that the second day  would be better.

As I was walking to school, there was a lot of traffic on the road, while I was walking on the path. I kept walking until I saw a little black and white dog whining on the streets. I came closer to see what was happening, as I realized the dog was about to get ran over by a big bus, I ran quickly through the dark, scary woods and tripped on my dirty blue converse, trying to save the the poor endangered dog on the road. I quickly grabbed the puppy and ran back on my path letting the dog run free in the woods. After I hurried back on my way as I felt a little dizzy. As I was walking to school, I heard sirens. Like if an ambulance was coming for me, but as I was walking a little further I realized the ambulances were stopping by the same spot where I saved the dog. I turned back just minding my own business and ignored it.

When I finally arrived at school I really wanted to step up my game. I started waving and even saying good morning to the people in the halls. I thought people were finally going notice me but I was wrong,  they weren’t. I was very surprised when someone was waving at me. So, I waved back smiling but the person wasn’t waving to me, she was waving to the person behind me. So I covered my face with my books and kept walking. Later that day was really strange.

When I finally arrived home, I heard some crying noises coming from the living room. I came closer and saw the tip of my mother's sweater. As I stepped towards the room  and my vision started to get blurry I shook my head to get rid of the blurriness but it was still there. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and opened them again the blurriness started to fade, I hurried and saw my mom crying on dad’s shoulder.

I stepped forwards to make signal that I was back but no one turned around. “This is impossible there must be something you can do officer!”, said my mom sobbing.

I looked at my mom very confused and joined to sit with them on the dining table, I looked at the officer and then looked down and observed the document with my name on. I stared at it for a couple minutes until the officer said “We are very sorry but your daughter is gone”.

“But how?” my dad asked hugging my crying mother.

“A bus ran over you daughter as she was trying to save a dog on the streets, she was rushed to the hospital but she did not make it, ” The officer said.

I couldn’t believe it, so I ran outside to get my bike to prove I wasn’t dead.

“Woohoo,” I screamed


passing all the red lights. no one even noticed! I threw my bike on the ground and ran to the nearest entrance to the mall. I looked around and in the distance I noticed something, I went closer as I read “A fun trampoline place” . I ran up to the reception thinking to myself  that what they were saying wasn’t true and I was actually alive. I finally went inside the trampolines and had a lot of fun. When I got out of the trampolines, I decided to explore the mall a little bit more.


When I was exploring around I came to a stop where it said “candy store” I jumped up in joy and ran in the magical and colorful store. “WOOHOO!!!!!” I took all the lollipops and stuffed them in my mouth. By the time the mall was closing, they were clearing out the stores to close them.The next morning, it was my funeral, my mother was ready, all dressed in black. She put dark sunglasses on to hide the tears from wiping her makeup away, but it had to be done. My parents locked arms leaving me behind, they entered the limousine very quickly for our neighbors to not know what was going on.The limousine drove away like a chalk screeching on the chalkboard. My heart was broken, I had nothing else to do but sleep forever. I looked up to the sky and felt my soul flying away, I fell on the floor with a golden tear from the angels of above.

I closed my eyes and saw an angel inviting me to paradise.

“And that’s my story, see I told you it wasn’t easy”.




Submitted: December 08, 2016

© Copyright 2021 ML. All rights reserved.

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