Fashion Trends of 1992

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What fashion trends were popular in the year 1992? Here I'll recall some of the popular styles I myself saw worn by people in the year 1992. Some trends I recall seeing in various fashion magazines of the time-many of them teen magazines.

Submitted: December 08, 2016

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Submitted: December 08, 2016



By the year 1992 we were into what I call "the full swing of it", meaning we had officially left the 1980s behind and we were developing our own trends, no matter how tasteless they might seem now.  Back in 1992 "BIG" was still considered hip for hair, for logo designs and overall look.

Women wore layers of styles all at once, meaning you'd often see lace and patchwork together, or stripes combined with flowers or fringe.  Now we would probably call it print overload.  Back in 1992 people called it "being with it".

The magazines and catalogs showcased western style shirts and prints (that in actuality are coming back now in 2016). They also showed crochet vests, rompers (yes, rompers), longer length shorts that weren't capris yet (these 1992 styles were looser, less flattering), gingham, light-colored denim, eyelet, stirrup pants and bodysuits.  You'd often see tops with lace trim and daisies (this particular flower was very hot in 1992).

Another trend that came out of 1992 was the "menswear look" which often consisted of tailored pants, vests and the boxy blazer.  If anyone has seen the 1990 folm "Ghost" and recall seeing Demi Moore's character of Molly, you would see the 1992 menswear style to a "T".

Prom dresses had by now changed somewhat from that eighties style that often looked like bridal dresses.  Now they were more "youthful" if ruffles can be considered youthful, and they had tiered skirts at times, and sequins were a must.  What changed mainly from 1990 to 1992 was the fact that many prom dresses now were more vibrant.  They came in jewel tones like ruby, violet and hot pink!  Some had metallic finishes and tulle for extra oomph. 

For some help in visualizing the 1992 look it is best to view the TV shows Beverly Hills 90210 and Saved By the Bell and California Dreams. 

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