Red Rose

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Submitted: December 08, 2016

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Submitted: December 08, 2016



She stood out among the crowd,

like a red rose in a field of white tulips.

She had thornes to protect her

for she was frightened by the things that want to get her.

I picked her without gloves and it hurt,

at first,

but soon my wound healed and I felt it no more.

I put her in a vase 

filled it with water 

and like a proud father,

I slowly watched her grow with great charcter.

Her eyes were like the stars and she was like the sun

for I was the moon that loved her so much,

I died each night just so she could shine her light on the world.

Her lips were like a beautiful red rose

but her kiss started to sting like the thornes she once bared. 

This feeling was unusual 

I honeslty wasn't prepared.

Soon I relaized I did not pull her roots,

she was fading away

there was noting I can do.

I fed and watered her so she would stay

but she was still fading away.

Finally the time cam for her to go

I watched her as she dropped each petal walking out the door.

I saved the petals before they blew away

frammed them on my wall

so that the memory of the most beautiful rose of all stayed with me till the end of my days.






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