Satan's Puppet

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Demons are everywhere, sometimes, they are the one who controls you. You thought it is just a dream, but dreams do come true and it is a part of the reality.

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Submitted: December 08, 2016

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Submitted: December 08, 2016



Satan’s Puppet


There was a dream I once had, it was filthy and filled with blood, like a boar massacred by a violent viper, drinking the blood of its meal. I was there, I was the boar and I saw her eating my own guts and drinking my own blood from my belly, I looked at her eyes in horror then suddenly, everything shattered.

I woke up from my dreadful nightmare, sweating like the river flows, she was there beside me telling me to calm down while I see her as a demon, a viper that killed me from my dreams. I took a bath while hearing disturbing whispers, screams and cries. I prayed in fear for I know that God will help me, and suddenly, I felt chills behind my ears, chattering my prayers in fast-phased and like growling, I looked behind my back and I saw this ghastly being, red eyes, scared cheeks, dispersed  bloody lips. I screamed at the top of my lungs and closed my eyes, then I heard my wife’s voice, then I saw her frightened, asking “What’s the matter?” and I said “Nothing” then the being disappeared, so I rushed out from the bathroom and hopefully forgets about what happened a while ago. My wife gave me a hot chocolate to calm me down, and as I drank it, I saw my wife behind the mug laughing sinisterly as she cuts her wrist while her blood drips to the floor, I squeeze my eyes then I saw her sitting in front of me while having some questions on her mind.

I haste out from the house for my job and hoping that the horror won’t follow my steps. After working, I went to the church to pray for my sister who died from robbery 3 years ago, but how can I? Every time I pass the church I feel like someone’s pulling me back, telling me not to go there but no matter how hard I resist, a scream in terror fills my ears. So then, I hurried home because I’m very late for the dinner. As I stepped in front of the door, I heard the scream of my wife, I kicked down the door and took the knife from the kitchen and rushed to our bedroom, the house was dark, the lights were off and shattered glasses were everywhere, as I enter the room, the walls were filled with blood, all I can see is red and I saw my wife sitting at the edge of our bed, her face was covered by her hair, her hands were filled with blood and she was grieving in pain, I kneeled to level her face, I removed her hair from her face and I was shocked from what I saw, her eyes is dead, her lips were ripped apart, I cannot tell that she is my wife, her face was messed up, I stumbled on the floor as she stood from her feet and laughing like a mad clown while her blood was flowing from her mouth, I cannot fix my mind, I don’t know what to do, she’s not my wife! She’s a demon! She was the beast from my dream who killed me. I cannot run from this, dream or not I must face this, my head is spinning and my inners are telling me to kill her, torture her, stab her, behead her and burn her! I must kill her before she kills me. My hands were trembling as I held my knife while tears were coming out from my eyes, getting ready to strike the knife. I put all of my strength to force the knife to kill her but before the knife reached her heart, I saw her face! I saw my beautiful wife on this demon! But I know it’s an illusion! She’s still the demon from my dreams! I stabbed her heart over and over, and so many blood were gushing from her body, she’s shrieking from the agony as my savage continues, until, the demon’s face is slowly formed my wife’s. I dropped the knife shockingly on the ground, I held her dead body and grieved in pain and insanity that I’ve done, and I saw this shadow at the corner of our room, it’s is glowing with crimson, red eyes, grinning at me. Cops rushed to our room, discovered me screaming at something, yelling “Why did you kill her?!” the cops had no idea what I’m yelling at. I did not killed her, I really did not killed her.

I live the rest of my life in prison, caged in darkness and fear, isolated with my sister and wife and shadows that whisper in my ears. I’m sitting in the hands of Lucifer, I have so many demons inside my head, I want to cut my ears to stop the voices. I must kill myself before they strike again, but how can I? I am Satan’s Puppet.

© Copyright 2019 Rosedel Sumbi. All rights reserved.

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