Rain, rain, Ever Falling

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A girl hurt in a car crash forgotten about the world.

Submitted: December 09, 2016

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Submitted: December 09, 2016




Rain, rain, Ever Falling

It was pouring, it was pouring, the clouds were colored mid-night black as if blessed by Nox. The rain striking the windshield like spikes hitting the track fast and hard, the sound piercing the night like a screech from a chalkboard. The hail smacking the the car roof like a bat to a ball. The oncoming lights weren't even visible until the car was on it’s side sliding down the hill like a ride at an amusement park. The ground was inebriated with the water intoxicated with it, which is why it was like a ride. We moved fast enough for the car not to scrape the ground but slow enough for me to remember even seen in my head. Like my mind was in the slow mo setting on a camera each frame was engraved into my mind. The blood soaked seats in front of me, the sound of the tempest outside, to the sounds of sirens outside singing the lullaby of panic and worry.

Waking up next I was in a room littered in red, roses in vases, cards probably wishing me well, and a picture of my parents on the far wall candles burning on both sides of the throne holding them up in their prison of time. Attempting to move was antagonizing my whole body hurt, it was as if being crushed by some unseeable force. I started to panic the pain was unbearable, turning my head just a bit and I see casts on right leg, left arm, a splint on my right hand, a boot on my right foot, and I think I felt gauze all over my chest area. The monitor began to beep louder and louder until it hit its highest crescendo of ear stabbing noise. The nurses quickly rushed into the room and gave me a what looked like a shot, also replacing the bag of morphine running into my body like an army of termites in an abandoned home.

Waking up next was to a sunset fitting considering the light is leaving the world just like my will to live at that moment. I hurt everywhere, it was nonstop unignorable pain that made me cringe every time my body even dared to twitch. My breathing sounded like I was going to have an asthma attack with each inhale and exhale of air. The picture in the back was now dark covered in the shadow of the pillars of light that used to keep it up. Looking around the room to see if anyone had or was there and I see the chairs empty not even the slightest indentation that anyone had sat in them for days, even weeks. The dust had collected on them quite heavily like a hoarder tripping over all of the junk they own just overwhelmed by it.

As soon as I closed my eyes that time I dreamed; It was a sunny day, the wind was blowing softly bringing in a comfortable breeze of cool air. I was running around in the seafoam green dress that I loved as a kid, my platinum blonde hair was tied up in a bun on top of my head. We we’re walking my parents and I, walking in a place that seemed familiar but I couldn’t place it in the distorted memories. All I could ever recall was the crash, with that the dream took me to that night. I was watching it in third person view,watching how the tree limbs scattered from the tree as if they were running away from something. Watched the grass become nothing but lakes and rivers as the ground inhaled the tremendous amount of water gushing from the sky. Watched how the car played slip-in-slide down the hill and how the water had a faint red tint in it making it look like someone had put a fourth of a kool-aid packet in a cup of water. watch how the other car rolled like a wheel down the hill into a ditch. Watched how the paramedics announced my parents dead and how the firefighters had to pry open the top of the car to get my rag doll body out from the back of it.

The scene changed and I was watching the doctors perform multiple surgeries on my limp body. How the waiting room outside was desolate and quiet. Waking up to the sound of a tormented wind and screaming rain, with tv going on in the background. The only thing I can make out was “Alexis Grace is the only survivor of the crash five days ago, her parents were both killed on impact when the other driver’s truck made contact with their kia. Sending prayers her way as no one has been to see her yet.” I started to gag on the tears flowing down my numb skin only making it worse. The monitor was beeping louder and louder and louder, I yelled, screamed at it to stop knowing it was pointless I needed some way to get the dam of emotions out before it over flowed hurting someone that I cared about.

The nurses were in the room faster than the next crack of lightning could call out to the thunder asking where it has been. They tried to comfort me but to no avail, I was smart enough to know that they really didn’t care it was only to make the job they were legally obligated to do easier so they could go with no more interruptions to them watching the next episode of their favorite soap opera in the room next door. As they exited the room they seemed to be whispering to each other I can only assume it was about how psychotic I must be. Soon my eyes grew heavy and sleep hit me harder than a sword colliding against a shield in a long drawn out battle.

I dreamed; I was in school, in the back desk in the corner farthest from the door. The kids made fun of me if I sat anywhere else, the kids that had been cruel and brutal. They only did it because of the fact I had a photographic memory and they were jealous at the fact that I was smarter than all of them. They would verbally abuse me in groups, physically hit me in groups, give hawk like gazes anywhere they would see me. Now I am in the school I could see the faces of all of them as the teacher had told of what had happened to me. Most of them didn’t even blink an eyelash and others laughed, some asked to go see a counselor as if to add insult to injury because they all never really cared for me.

The next time I awoke the splint and boot where off of my leg, and I was allowed to go, “Where am I supposed to go to?” I asked to the doctor.

“Don’t you have family to call or go to?”

“No I don’t, did you not see that in my emergency contact list that you should have had access to? Did you not see just as everyone else that no one ever came to see me while I was here or are you blind to the fact because you have the perfect little family where nothing bad happens and if it does you can just sweep it under the rug. Well let me tell you some day I hope  that god damn rug gets pulled out from underneath your own fucking feet and you get eaten alive by the secrets you had hoped to hide.” He walked away with a pained look on his face and some guards came over and escorted me out the building to a gloomy looking sky. There was no one as the doors opened to greet me only other people waiting on other families. I told them both off and went out into a world that was cruel to the innocent and killed the blissful alone. As I wheeled myself out the rain fell onto my crippled body making the wheelchair lose all control and I smiled as a semi was coming down the road and hit me straight on.

Splat there I went, I entered the void of nothingness but was being called back without me willing to go.

“Didn’t we just release her?”

“Yes we did but there was no one for this girl, no one made an effort to come and see her, no one sent cards or flowers those were put there to add to the illusion that people actually cared about her.”

“What would have been the purpose of that if no one cared why hid the truth or harsh reality from the girl?”

“Because we all have demons in the dark it’s just a matter if you're afraid of them or not. I wanted to show her that even if you are the lowliest person there can be hope in the darkness to help guide you along a different path.  




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