Requiem In The End

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Exert from the story "The waves roll in, the water filling the space between my toes. But leaves them cold as it retracts back into the void of blue that covers most of the Earth. The air cold to the touch, my exhales leave traces for more than mere moments. Snow begins to slowly rain down, I pull my coat a little closer to keep in the warmth of my body. As I begin to walk away from from the slavery of the water."

Submitted: December 09, 2016

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Submitted: December 09, 2016




Requiem In The End

The waves roll in, the water filling the space between my toes. But leaves them cold as it retracts back into the void of blue that covers most of the Earth. The air cold to the touch, my exhales leave traces for more than mere moments. Snow begins to slowly rain down, I pull my coat a little closer to keep in the warmth of my body. As I begin to walk away from from the slavery of the water.

I put my socks back on my soaking feet, and shoes on top of them. My toes grow ever colder by the moment but what can I do? The lights of many cars pass me by as they continue down this long silent road. The trees casting their dead shadows on the ground as the evening sun demands them too. I walk until dusk, and eventually find myself at the door to my adobe. I swallow hard, entering I do it quietly. The house is clean, the TV is on I can hear it from the living room. Snaking around the house like a tiny mouse not trying to alert anyone as to my presence.

I make it to my room, and go in, I close my eyes and start to cry. I can hear the stumbling footsteps from hallway, and they stop at the entrance to my room. The doorknob starts to rattle, and my skin wants to jump off my body. I look at my wrists, they are raw and red from being cuffed for all of last week, I glance down at my ankles engraved with the pattern of the chains that held me upside down for three hours the other day. The tears start to flood from my eyes, and they touch my cracked lips and it stings.

The door slams open, and I scream. I wake up, look around and tell myself it's all in the past. I snuggle up with my coat against a tree, and keep repeating It's going to be okay, it’s going to be okay. In the morning I get up, my whole body trembling. I limp for miles, the sun at my back casting my shadow forward only for me to keep remembering those days. At dusk I can see the brilliant lights from the city. They are almost mesmerizing, I stand there taking it all in. I continue walking, my whole body aches, but I am met with the feeling of accomplishment of escaping him. I fall, I fall hard from exhaustion.

  My eyes open for brief moments and in those I see people standing over me with bright lights over them. Over the next few hours I go in and out of consciousness. Eventually I awake and see gauze wrapped around my wrists and ankles, and feel wrap around my rib cage. The door to this room is closed, and I can see people’s heads through the small window pane in the door. Someone turns their head to make direct eye contact with me, and she runs into the room with no hesitation. This confused me, who is this person, why was she hugging me like this. The man said no one would ever do this to me for anything other than pain.

I try to get out her grip but I can’t. Then all I hear are wails and sobs coming from her. Her wavy brown hair in my face, it’s soft. After a few minutes the other people walk into the room, they were wearing grey suits and they looked happy. I muster the courage my voice almost non existent, “Wh..o..o is this, an..d..d where am I?” The room goes silent, no one moves, not a single muscle twitches. The women who was holding me so tight lets her grip go, and locks eyes with me again. Her eyes are a olive green, she wipes the tears from her eyes. “You my dear, are Natalie.” Then it hits me hard, my name isn’t “Natalie” I don’t have one. He called me by “Hey or Girl.” How could I have a name?

“You m..ust be mistaken. I don’t have a name, the man said so.” Everyone in the room started to tear up, “Yes you do.” The woman in front of me said. “Your name is Natalie you were kidnapped twelve years ago. You are my daughter, and you do have a name it’s Natalie.” My brain is fried, I don’t even know how to take this or believe it. My mind becomes fragmented, It races into a migraine causing me to hear my heart in my head and my head becomes non existent for mere moments. I start panting, and a panic attack starts to consume me. My vision becomes hazy and I wake up again.

I’m laying in a bed and the women from the hospital is sitting on the edge of my bed, and I feel tears streaming down my face like a dam breaking free and I feel cold. The moon casting it’s shadow down into the room, illuminating it to. She looks over at me to see me intently looking at her, examining her like one does to everything new. She smiles and starts to sing softly, my eyes grow heavy and I fall back into a slumber.

In the morning the I awake to the brilliant light of the sun. I roll the blankets from off of me and my head turns in left and right to look around the foreign room. There are shelves lined with books, a desk with a lamp on it, the walls are a dark shade of purple with a golden trim running along the borders of the room. The door was wide open, and soon after that she walks in carrying a tray of food. I jump back in the bed a little, wondering why she is being so nice to me. “Calm down Natalie I’m not going to hurt you.” She places the tray in front of me, “This was your favorite meal, hashbrowns with the eggs over easy. Do you remember?”

“No i’m sorry, I really am I’ve tried to remember you but I can’t. The only memories I have are of that man, and how they haunt my dreams. Somehow when I wake up I feel i’ll be right back where I was.” She leans in closer to me pulling me in tightly and hugging me for what seemed like forever.

“Now you listen here, we can erase those twelve years of bad memories by forging ahead and making new ones. But whatever came of this man you always speak about?” She asks her face looking genuine.

“I...I did what I had to do, I knocked him out and ran.” I start crying, I told myself that it wasn’t wrong that he deserved it after all that he had done to me. The look on her face wasn’t a look of surprise it was more like one of someone learning something for a first time. “Well, let's just forget the bad stuff and move onto the good stuff. After you eat a shower, we’ll go out shopping and get you a full new wardrobe for school, and we’ll find out how much you need to catch up on.” Her eyes tearing up, probably because she had been waiting for this moment her whole life. I start eating the food, but before she leaves, “ I’m all caught up on schooling, there was only one pleasantry and that was the fact that we played “house” so that I could be schooled by personal tutors. I couldn’t say no, he would’ve beaten me if I said anything and do something worse to the tutor.”  

She nods her head as she leaves the room, “The bathroom is down the hall and to the left.” I nod back. I finish eating, head down the hall and see what I think are pictures of me when I was younger, although my hair color has changed from that dirty blonde to a long wavy black, my blue green eyes now a sea green. I find clothes waiting for me on the vanity of the sink. The floors here are heated, and it's a red room with white borders. A marble tub I think, but I don’t care it has jets.

We spent the rest of the day out and about, in and out many shops. Dinner was eaten in silence, the fact that we sat at the same table was a foreign concept. But it was a successful day, she enrolled me in school and we got many outfits. While we both are toying with our food the phone rings, she walks over to it. “Hello… Yes this is her…. Oh, dear…..Find it, I don’t care what it takes do it.” She slams the phone, comes over to me and hugs me from behind. “The police went to the house, but they found nothing but a note written in blood. It’s content said Natalie, I am coming for you. I will find you, and we will go back to playing family in our dollhouse life. I am so sorry.” Is all she repeated for a long time after that.

We stayed like this for what felt like hours, tears started to form in my eyes. Each one increasing in size until they flooded and clinged to my face as they fall. Soon enough my hair started to stick to my face. She helps me out of the chair, up the stairs, and into my bed. That night my sleep was all encased in nightmares. One of which went like so; It was late and moon had well already risen high into the night sky. The wind was howling like a dog, and he was downstairs screaming and throwing things. I couldn’t move, my hands were cuffed to the post of my bed. The metal already inviting itself into my flesh, digging around causing old wounds to open and cry out tears.

His noises are getting louder, I can hear him ascend up the stairs mumbling under his breath. I can hear the clanking of keys on a chain as he searches for the one that opens up my door. Next thing I know is that the lock clicks happily to let him inside. As the door opens I am filled with the stench of alcohol and cigarettes. He walks in and sits on the fringe of my bed, takes his hand and starts to move it slowly up and down my leg. Moving his hand further and further up each time and by now I am crying, the tears just don’t stop coming. Just as he his about to move his hand as far up as he wanted it to be my leg moves instinctively hitting him the the jaw. You can hear a loud cracking noise right before he goes into an anger induced rage. He grabs a hold of my leg with his hand presses hard, it hurts. Next he grabs me by the head and slams my face into the wall, it hurts. But what hurt the most was the fact he tightened the cuffs on my wrists in order to make them cry out more for him. That's when I awoke.

I spent the next couple of days in the fetal position, she brought me all my meals but I hardly ate a thing. I was lost in what felt like purgatory, I couldn't leave for fear of dying but staying held the same risk. But then one night that risk proved to be one worth fearing. It all started at 7:00 p.m. I was tossing around in bed and the lights went black. I could hear the front door shatter from rage. I panic, I can slowly hear him climbing the stairs as he counts to three every time he smashes a door open until he gets to mine. “Come out little piggy.” He said with a laugh as my door was knocked off it’s hinges and he ran into the room. I blacked out from fear.

Later I had learned that he had died quite conveniently from a heart attack, as he was about to break my neck. When I was found they took me to the hospital and safe to say I belong here with the lunies.  




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