Lethal wife

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A good woman turns deadly when her husband turns against her.

Submitted: December 09, 2016

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Submitted: December 09, 2016



 I hate you,i love you... Or i just dont know..."  Her mind was filled with rage and doubt she couldnt get her head around the text messages she saw in his phone... Was it real? Or maybe she was dreaming.. He had been the perfect husband,their love was all over social media. He showed her off like he had the best thing in life that no one else will ever have.

The way he proposed to her was ecstatic,. It was sort of funny though. He slept the floor first looking like a crazy person,then he kissed her feet,she said no word. She was just awestruck. He was unpredictable anyway, so then he popped the question and she said yes without hesitation. The wedding ceremony was spectacular,beautiful and exotic. So everyone thought they were perfect, and Maggie could not stand the thought of separating with her husband because of what people would think or say and she could not picture herself single again.. 

She wiped the tears off her face and left the phone where it was,blaming herself for touching it in the first place. "Maggie, where have you been?" Her husband asked,"been looking for you." Maggie brushed him off and acted like he was speaking gibberish.. he got concerned and asked her about it not knowing he was igniting a fire against himself! "Why are you ignoring me?" He asked, they were in the kitchen and she had a knife in her hand.. she screamed out in anger and said "i saw those text messages in your phone,im heartbroken.." she broke down and threw the knife to the floor". Her husband wore surprise and shame on his face,not knowing how to apologise upon realising how bad the messages were.. He left the kitchen,got his car keys and left the house. She was still sobbing on the floor.

Night fell and he was nowhere to be seen.. she called his phone and no one picked up. At midnight he arrived,drunk and walking unsteadily.. "Maggie,im sorry i didn't know how to tell you this soberly. Im very sorry,you've been good to me. Those texts were from an ex of mine" he said,sounding like a crying toddler trying to speak. "Takondwa,just sleep. What you're saying is rubbish",Maggie screamed.. and so they slept on the matter,they kept piling up the baggage instead of sorting it out. They both become distant slowly but steadily,too proud to reconcile. Takondwa hit the final blow when he told his wife that,his ex was now pregnant for him and its either she accomodated her or left the relationship.

"Are you serious?? I do not think so,listen... If you love yourself you better think twice. I've invested so much in this and you want to end it just like that?!!! No way!!!"

"Woman accept this offer or leave and bear the shame of being a childless divorcee".. his words pierced her right in the heart, she felt like her chest was on fire,literally torn apart leaving her organs hanging outside,thats the amount of pain she felt and more,her throat felt heavy,she couldn't speak nor even cry out,it all hurt so much. She thought to herself of how crazy life turns out,she wondered if God was there her.. her heart was too heavy for a prayer she thought.

Her job as a teacher suffered badly,she was so confused and messed up wondering what she had done wrong and she kept it all to herself.. her heart grew bitter. In a matter of weeks,her husband brought in the lady he made pregnant. She could not stand the sight.. not even her parents knew about all this,she thought it would hurt her ego if she did,she thought people would take her as a failure for not managing her affairs well. She did not realise it was not all her fault,so she continued to blame herself and hate herself. But she vowed on one thing: to make her husbands life miserable. As much as possible.

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