The Burning Girl

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Lovers Gone Wrong

As the girl tries to find out where she came from, who she is and why she is there she is leaded to a new expedition where she is the burning girl.

As I walked inside the house I found a new scenery than what I usually see. Every time I come into the house it is always dark and cold and now it is bright, warm, beautiful curtains hanging from the windows. As I walked down the hall my bedroom door was slightly ajar. The last time I was here it was all the way closed.

Hmm. I thought to myself. "This is not the way I left this place last night."

So I went to my bedroom door, opened it further, looked in, and stared at what I saw. In my bedroom was another person; a girl in fact. Why was she in my room? In fact why was she in my house?

"Umm hello, you're in my house." I stated, but she seemed to not hear me. "Umm hello did you not hear me I asked why are you in my house?" But she just kept unpacking like she didn't hear me. The last time that I came home and found my house invaded the person actually heard me and got out. 

Maybe she's deaf. I thought, so I stomped my foot, but she still didn't answer me.

From downstairs I heard a noise so soft that I don't even think this girl heard.

"Charlene, it's time for dinner are you finished packing?" a female voice called.

"I'll be right down mom," the girl Charlene called.

Later that night...

As I woke up I realized that I was cold and on my front porch swing. "WHY!!!" I screamed. "HELP ME!!!"

"No one can hear so don't waste your breath. So if you want help then find a way to help yourself," a deep voice called from deep in the bushes.

"Who are you and what do you want?" I asked the voice.

"If you don't understand now you will soon understand. You have powers that are unknown to you right now but you will soon understand those powers and will learn how to use them." answered the voice.

"I don't want powers I want to have my house to myself for once without new people coming and stealing it. Everyday I come home there are people in my house and I don't like it."

"You don't know what you are do you Karlie?"

"What do you mean I am a human just like the people in my house. Unless you don't know that. And I'm not the one hiding in the bushes so won't you come out and show your face.

"Fine but I won't say that I didn't warn ya," the guy said.

Then when he stepped out it seemed like I was blinded by the light with as hot as this guy was. From his head to his toe he was perfect. He was dressed in a nice tux, he had bright blue eyes, the best smile ever, he was the right height, nice cheek bones. His face was like an angel's face. 

The moment I seen him I fell in love. If what he said about me being an it then what was he. As soon as I got a glimpse of his hole body my mouth dropped to the floor.

"I hope you know you are on fire." the boy said.

"You're lying. What is your name anyway?"I asked the boy.

"No I am not lying Karlie you are on fire," he said. As he sung the last word I looked down to my white wedding gown and noticed that it wasn't white anymore it was filled with red light. "And my name is Jake."

"Yea Jake there's a problem. I'm on fire."

"Yea no dip Sherlock. That's what I just told you. Are you deaf or something?"

"No, but aren't I supposed to be burning. Like you know be burning up into ashes and dust. Or have fourth degree burn."

At the moment I didn't know what I was doing, but when I looked up I seen that I was at the edge of the street ready to walk into the street.

"You don't have to run. I can help you find your way around."

"What do you mean? I know my around."

"Ok if you do then where is the grocery store?"

"Um down the street and to the right, down two blocks then turn to left, then turn into the grocery store. SMARTY!" I yelled at Jake.

Jake turned and went into the house then came back outside and up to me. He grabbed me by the arm and took me to the bush he came out of."Can I tell you something Karlie?"

"Yeah as long as it's not something like 'You're going to hell and not heaven when you die.' or just something smart like I don't even know when I was born."

"You know that that is not anywhere near what I was going to say. Karlie, your spirit is still hanging around me from the day you died and I can't stop thinking of how much I am starting to like you."

"Are you joking with me I know I'm dead because for one, I'm on fire, two, I can't see myself in the mirror, and two, no one can hear me. So yeah. You just got out told Jake." I said sarcastically, then we both started howling out in laughter.

"See this is why I like you Karlie,"Jake said as he leaned over and kissed my cheek.

After he kissed me on the cheek I felt alive and then I couldn't see Jake. "Jake where are you?"

"Over here; in front of you," Jake said.

But as I thought I coudln't see ghost when I am alive. Everyday I have atleast an hour of being alive, but after that I didn't die again, and from then on I coudln't see him until he came to life and we were the burning people, and for the rest of our lives we were the burning people. 



Submitted: February 03, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Kyla Camma. All rights reserved.

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This gets boring two sentences in!!! Learn how to describe better! And I don't think this is horror, this is you wishin...

Thu, March 30th, 2017 10:59pm


K sorry

Thu, April 6th, 2017 8:22am


For God's sake!!!! Learn how to spell right!!!!!!!

Thu, March 30th, 2017 11:00pm


sorrrryyyyyyyy I can spell but I had a time period to do it

Thu, April 6th, 2017 8:21am

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