Interracial Relationships

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Is interracial relationships good for society?

Submitted: December 09, 2016

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Submitted: December 09, 2016



Interracial relationships


People turn their heads when they see two people of a different race holding hands and wonder how they love each other. Some people praise them for choosing love over everything while others scold them for mixing races. Everyone has their opinion on the matter but is interracial dating more beneficial to our society? Or is it really detrimental to us like some may think.

It was not that long since Interracial dating was illegal. Just as recent as 1967 there was actually state laws that banned interracial marriage. The law wasn’t changed until the Supreme Court case, Loving vs. Virginia; a case of a couple fighting for their love to be legal in the state of Virginia. Since then, our society has slowly been evolving into a more diverse population with about 8.4 percent of marriages being interracial.

Interracial couples have been found to have less racial bias and prejudice over someone who is not interracial. The couple has a sense of each other’s culture and struggles, therefore they are more sensitive to each other’s races. If someone has never had any relationship with someone of a different race, it is easy to judge them or find them “different”. So, those in interracial relationships have been found to have less bias.

The rise of mixed children has also been seen to impact our society. Mixed children are a controversial topic alone because some feel that they are brought into this world knowing they are different and knowing that they don’t fit within a certain group. Other people disagree and say that mixed races are boosting our society in a positive direction since they are brought up in a multicultural house, they are more likely to have a greater appreciate of other’s culture, background, and race. With 60 percent of mixed race people in our society, 59 percent of them have stated that being biracial, they have a greater appreciation for their own and others’ differences.

With the growing number of interracial relationships today, many believe that it shows how much our society has progresses. Many people say that interracial couples are helping to solve the whole racism issue as a whole. What do you think? 

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