Mr Thoreau Goes to Boston

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The story begins when Mr. Thoreau, through an anomaly of nature, awakens in a bog near Concord, after being dead for 172 years. He promptly walks to Boston where he is arrested for catching and cooking a fish in Boston Commons Park. He is befriended by Marberry and Elizabeth Thornton and a group of friends who attempt to solve the mystery of Thoreau's immortality.

When the news about Thoreau gets out to the media, the real action begins—he and his friends are pursued with a vengence by rogue governments, wealthy individuals, and Middle Eastern Terrorist. Thoreau's outrageous personality and comments on modern society create hilarious scenes and thought provoking commentary on today's world.

Mr. Thoreau goes to Boston gives a refreshing glimpse of Henry David Thoreau. He and the Thorntons are likeable characters and are one's that readers identify with. The book appeals to students, Thoreau and nature enthusiasts, and anyone who enjoys an enthralling action adventure read.

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Mr Thoreau Goes to Boston

Submitted: December 09, 2016

This is the opening chapter of MR THOREAU GOES TO BOSTON. After he wakes up in the woods after being dead for over 100 years and makes his way to Boston, he is arrested for catching and cooking a fish in Boston Commons, indecent exposure, and carrying a knife, an illegal weapon. In the next chapter he is taken to prison where he meets the main characters of the book.

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