World Domination Characterisation

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Hello, I am aware that few of you out there have read small portion of my story that I posted. I will post more part of the story. Mind you, I have the entire story with me it's just that I'm not very comfortable to put the whole thing at once. This article is just a summary of the different governments/parties that are involve in the story. It's basically a mind map of who is who and what is what. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me and pop in some comments so that I can hear your thoughts. I'd love to hear your opinions on my story.

Submitted: December 10, 2016

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Submitted: December 10, 2016




Sceptre 1: White/Silver


Symbol: A silver snake protecting a white rose


Monarch: Raizel  CaelestisVon   Dirke(Active)

RoseOf the sky   OfA ruler 


Monarch: VartanOtlenoVon Dirke (Asleep)

Giver of roses  Born at night   Of A ruler


Noble: Toshiro Horigoshi (Deceased)


Chevalier: Lancelot (J?nshi Kurohiko)


Geis: Cryokinesis



Members (captains and chevaliers are not included in the number): 105, 275  


Race: Vampires



Ruthless, brutal, bloodthirsty, arrogant, get anything what they want, seek power, most likely to focus on revenge, hates the other parties, love oneself only, most previous captain or current are still considered as traitors, unsocial, dress to impress, lying is their specialty; manipulative. They are known to the other parties as The Terrorist Party for their weaponry. Both monarchs from this party are older than most monarchs in other parties, apart from a Monarch of the 3rd party and a monarch of the 7th party.


2. Shadow fall: Black/colourless  


Animal symbol: A wolf protecting a black rose with it’s tail surrounds it. 


Monarch: Oohanzee Adalwolf Betzalel (In critical condition)

ShadowNoble wolf  in god’s shadow 


Monarch: KalynDi  Eglantine (About to wake)

Rosebud Of  Wildroses


Noble: Artemis 


Chevalier: Galahad (Jeremy)


Members: 8290


Geis: Photokinesis


Race: Humans



They are ninjas. They are the spy to the government or the religious groups of people, to make sure that there is no threat to the Erudite society or, in other words, the 18 monarchs or 8 parties. The religious people call the Erudite society, The Cursed, due to their Geis and not to mention some of the monarchs are vampires and werewolves. They will hand the information to the Enlighten in exchange for another information. This party is known to be The Assassin Party, for they tend to be mysterious and probably the quietest party you’d ever come across.  


3. Taiyang (Sun in Chinese): Yellow


Symbol: A phoenix screams with mouth open in the middle with the sun at the background and a yellow rose at the bottom of the phoenix 


Monarch: AnatoliusAlaricAmyntor(Active)

Sunrise ruler of all   defender


Monarch: ArratsAnnborg DiDeus (Asleep)

Sunset   eagle protection   of  God


Noble: (Deceased)



Chevalier: Lamorak (Zhou Xio)


Race: Humans.


Geis: Cerebrokinesis



Seek peace, respects all parties; except the Enlighten. Dues tot heir peaceful will, they are in charge of the monarch balance; they make sure everyone is peaceful by joining into every fight other parties from and explains that there are other ways to solve fights such as talk things out etc. 


Members: 10,384 



4. Crescent blood: Red


Symbol: A lion screams with a red rose in its claws; protecting it. With broken sky blood as background.


Monarch: Cadarn Rufus  (Missing)

Strong  Red-haired  


Monarch: Ethne Kindle  Gerlinde (Active)

  Fireset fire  of the weak spear


Noble: Helen


Chevalier: Pelleas (Undefined)


Members: 15,179


Race: Werewolves


Geis: Pyrokinesis



Only loves those who loves them and protects those who protects them, they can be as aggressive as the Shadow falls, respects the third party, Taiyang but does not agree with the third party’s concept of having things sorted out in category.



5. Enlighten: Blue 


Symbol: An eagle with a blue rose in it’s beak, flying in the sky.


Monarch: Lloyd 


Monarch: Aquila



Noble: (Deceased)


Chevalier: Bleoberis


Members: 8264


Race: Humans


Geis: Omniscience 



Is mostly in charge of informations. The Ellyllon knows everything that’s going on and there is nothing they wouldn’t know. They are very known for their calm nature and their kindness towards other parties. However they can be a bit arrogant towards the 6th party and the 4th; brag about their knowledge. Due to their exception informations they are very close with theSceptre 1, who is in charge of the weaponry. This party’s monarchs look up to the First King for his leadership and many other. They also have respect to the First Queen for her specialties and abilities, intelligence and others. They both exchange information to one other and are pretty close when it comes to social and other things. Some Monarchs have even assumed that The Snake Queenand The Eagle King are in a romantic relationship.


6. ????? (radiant): Purple/violet



Symbol: A weasel sniffing a purple lily


Monarch: Akakios  Gulzar (Asleep)

Flourishing blooming


Monarch: Shoshana  Gulzar (Active)


Noble: Laeila Leveridge 


Chevalier: Alymere (Yoon Eun Byul)


Members: 12, 275


Race: Elves


Geis: Astral projection



They are known for their artistic skills such as music and art. They create the crowns, royal cape of every monarchs, and they help the Sceptre 1 with artistic weapon pattern. Such as the spinal around the handle of the rapiers, etc. They make the best patterns on tea cups and some of the members of the party are well know as an artist by the subjects of civilisation. Many people of the party are talented when it comes to music. They make music for all to hear and creates harmony. They are known for their peaceful nature. 


7.  Déntro (Tree in Greek): Green


Symbol: A tree large roots at the bottom creating a green rose.


Monarch: Hamish Weiss 


Monarch: Sveera Weiss


Noble: Sakura Horigoshi 


Chevalier: Dagonet (Neer)


Members: 3168


Race: Modified humans


Geis: Gerontokinesis



Known for their curiosity; they try out everything there is to find. They are the scientists and because of this, them and the blues collaborate together to create a piece of information. They like their life in their lab and go out to discover something new and hand over the information to the Enlighten. They collaborate as much to the Enlighten as to the Sceptre 1. Them and the Sceptre 1are business partners, not very close as to the Enlighten. They do exchange few idea here and there trying to make better weapons each time they find new ways but they don't see each other as friends; they don’t mind each other. 



V.V. : Orange


Monarch: Go Seo Ji


Chevalier: Lybyus (Vanessa) 


Members: Unknown


Race: Unknown


Geis: Precognition



The story behind the single King is that he’s not actually taking part in the game of World Domination. Very few monarchs know about the existence of this party and very very few know the King of tho party. The king used to be one of the CME or Children of Mother Earth. It consists about 5 space ships that are ruled by one leader in every ships. Unfortunately the sip that the King of 




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