Status Doesn't Matter

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
It's simple episodic story of how two divorces meet and again fall in love with each other to start
their new life.

Submitted: December 10, 2016

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Submitted: December 10, 2016



Episode 1

The Meeting

It's the morning alarm on my phone. I wasn't aware that it was ringing from last 20 mins and
so. I was sitting there on a waiting bench of mumbai railway station. It was Sunday morning
so not much crowd was present to see me emotional.

It's been a week n so that we had divorce n I'm not aware of what all I did since that black day.
Sometimes I do feel that she was right in her decision maybe I was not of her type or failed
to make her feel special but I tried my best to keep my 5-year-old relation alive.

I came back to my place a bit scattered because there no one to take care. But now it's fair
because I'm single again. Then suddenly I decided to move on n leave this place not for long
but just to spent some time alone at a new place. I booked a cab n started my new journey,
I didn't knew where it going to end but it should continue till the end hehe.

I travelled all the way to Goa the happiest n craziest place in world. The ambiance was really
nice it felt that I was on my 2nd honeymoon n this alone. It's almost six in evening I decided
to go for a walk at beach. It was cold but really beautiful to see the sunset like a new morning
is coming soon to my life.

Soon after there was a party at new bar I thought maybe its the time to get high that too
alone. It was really a cool place so many youngsters out there partying and enjoying their
life. I to get started it was fun to dance with new people and with some amazing music.

Soon after  I saw a group of ppl of my age group they were three but all females. I really
liked one of them, she was so cute n adorable n that too in 30s. She was having fun with her
friends drinking beer n dancing like nothing else. I wished I could talk to her but that seems
really difficult. She came to counter for more drinks n I thought that's the right  moment
to say "hii" and couple of cheese lines.

I moved towards her n tried to communicate n yup she replied too. I think she knew that I'm
interested in her.Her eyes were really nice. We introduced ourselves n guess what her name
is Ananya yup. we talked for about 5 mins. She was an MBA n working for some random
bank. I wish she could be single but for a moment I forgot I was a divorcee n now
not much ppl will be interested in me.

She was really nice by behaviour n sweet too. I asked more about her n I Came to know
that she was a divorcee too. For a moment I stood back n  thought how sm1 could do this
with such a nice lady.

The day ended very well n now I'm not alone I have my new Friend just like me but better
than me. She was there for about 3 more days n I stood back to spend some more days too.
We all 4 going enjoy our next 3 days in goa maybe I can fall for someone else now.

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