What I seek

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this poem was written by me but not from my viewpoint , from my mother's. i asked her for a topic for a new poem , she said " write a poem expressing how tired i am " , and that's what i did and she loved it

Submitted: December 10, 2016

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Submitted: December 10, 2016



Feeling stressed out and tired

I just wish I was fired

Working day and night without rest

Not inviting friends not even a guest

Wishing and hoping in this letter

That my life changes to the better

But all for the sake of my family

I have to face this painful reality

I would like to fee what it is like to be free

Not for rest but having time to make a cup of tea

All of the hates and faces I see in school

I just wish I can throw them all in a pool

I went everywhere and at the top of every peak

To search for the freedom which I seek

Wishing to be swallowed by the ground

It seems unbelievable as it sound

But believe me, I wish to end my life

Shot by a gun or slayed by a knife

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