When my winter flees

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Submitted: December 10, 2016

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Submitted: December 10, 2016





‘Never forget to say goodbye’ she says

yet she flees without saying goodbye.

She does not give me a hint,

nor does she say anything at all.

Truly, a heartless women 

in the world would be Winter. 

She would rip out leaves from trees, 

like she would do to your heart,

open her palms and wait until it rots 

Somedays she would cut the tress down.

She brings sharp, crisp, sticks and 

cold breath all around her. 

She would take the clouds 

and spread them on the ground, 

like a white carpet, all over the trees, 

all over your rooftop; any obstacles will be seized

She would turn the rain into brittle crystals, 

let it fall from the sky as she spread the clouds. 

But beware my child, that crystals are no friend of yours

for it gives you a bite that you loathe the most.

You may want to jump in the lake when she’s around,

trying to impress her; you might want to run about. 

But hear me, dear children, do not. 


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