deforestation of amazon rainforest

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this is about how the rainforest has ben hurt and how we need to stop it

Submitted: December 10, 2016

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Submitted: December 10, 2016




In recent time, we have been experiencing some problems with one major forest in South America. This forest being ‘the Amazon rainforest’, Due to deforestation on this beautiful land we are now seeing the effects of it. Deforestation hurts the environment and can cause serious issues to the organisms that live here. I am here to help realize and help bring this catastrophic problem to its end. Three things that are important about the rainforest is it water cycle, the species that live there, and the effects on the climate of its region.


Deforestation is the act of removing large amounts of trees in total mass.”Experts say if the companies who are cutting down trees keep at there pace than in the next 100 years the rainforest will be a desert’’said “Time Magazine”and “Amazon Rainforest-Greenpeace”.The Amazon Rainforest plays a big role in its water cycle. Through a processes called transpiration, this is where water that has been stored underground, through the trees roots the water is taken up to the leaves and is released back into the atmosphere where it becomes clouds. Without this processes there would be a drastic change to this area. This processes helps to keep rain at a certain level. Without it plants that live on the ground floor can't receive water and will not grow causing plants not grow and animals who live on the ground won't stay due to the lack of food. 

Speaking of animals did you know there are 40,000 species that live in the rainforest. These ranging from birds to deer to other types of animals. All making the rainforest a diverse place for animals.But logging companies take away homes for these animals, when they cut down trees birds nest are exposed and their babies are exposed to predators who will eat the babies. This doesn't just affect birds but also ground animals. The South American Tapir onced roamed the floors of the rainforest. Eating the fruits that were their, but due to loggers chopping down trees the tapir had to leave the area. Once they left the area they had no food and was starved into only a few tapirs. Because of the logging industry these one beautiful animals are now limited to only a numbered few.
The rainforest also helps to control the climate around it. In the rainforest, the large trees cover most of South America. Plants need carbon dioxide to live and create oxygen. Big trees take up a lot more carbon that small plants. Once they take in the carbon they release it back into the atmosphere were animals and humans take in the oxygen to live. If we cut down these trees that there will be more carbon because there won't be any trees to take up the carbon and transfer to oxygen. This will increase the amount of carbon levels causing more greenhouse gases. This will cause climate levels to change and cause polar ice caps to melt
In conclusion, cutting down the rainforest could throw the ecosystem out of balance by throwing the water cycle out of order. It will also create a problem for the animals who live here and won't have any place to go. And lastly cause greenhouse gases to become more present in the world today, so we must stop this at once. Thank you

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