Left out

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loneliness can end up dead!

Submitted: December 11, 2016

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Submitted: December 11, 2016



Left out

Do you like to be alone?? I bet you don’t. We face many situations and conditions in life where we go down. What im trying to focus here is just loneliness, have you ever felt this feeling where you feel like you are the last person on the planet? I know you can’t even imagine such a situation in life. I’ve been having this fear inside me… this part where I see only myself and no other living beings around me… not even far away. I just don’t see any light and a purpose in life.

You know sometimes you think like I’ll be this great, I will have the perfect job, perfect car, and perfect girlfriend but have you ever thought you can achieve all this being alone? If you are left out alone you just can’t figure out what to do and what not to do… you feel like what you are gonna do next?? You don’t see people around you… they don’t give a shit about you how much you suffer inside… people keep bullying you. Im wondering how could get outta this dark room or this dark box!

Sometime living alone helps in a way, you get have to worry about anyone else’s problems, no family problems and just yourself I mean you see your life like default mood or something. But still we might reach a point where we think back like if at least one person cared for me or be with me this feeling inside me might be fading slowly…!

So my current situation is like kind of similar… I mean in this kind of mind I just at least write my feelings and get it off my chest so that I feel better. In life we all go through this kind of difficulties, I know patience is torture but there is a limit for everything, you know when you feel down people around you say you gotta get up, wake up and never give up all this bullshit, that really a good inspiration, but if you keep a big strong bucket and open the tap to fill water at some point it overflows… I mean there is an amount of pressure even the human brain can keep up.

How bad is it to be left out? To be alone? Sometimes you come in to your room, sit in bed where no one can see you, where you can cry out loud, you keep staring at your mobile’s lock screen for hours expecting a call or a text message but you don’t get shit! In that kind of situation you are not even stable about your own life. You holding on and the next second you let it go. We all have our destiny but not the same for all.

Some people reading this will think this guy is crazy or outta his mind and that’s totally fair, what im trying to focus here is that facing such a situation to be left out, out casted or people like at you like a monster… so is there any hope getting out of this dark room filled with fear?? Is there any solution or any answer?

People can say all shit but only few understand this kind of situation. This is kind of a request from the society and friends anyone out there reading this at the moment. Is there any way that we can still search for light and hope? If so anyone out there, we all humans are equal we have the same color blood, we can corporate and help each other and live in harmony. This is planet is cruel in a way, people run after dollars and they forget humanity, do you think im wrong? Sometimes we wish for luck to get dollars… but we never does for life. Think how great it would be if we develop our sense of humanity so that no one will be left alone or bullied.  



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