Forgive me

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i was almost about to cry when i was writing this poem or song or whatever it is , i felt heartbroken and pls don't say i love someone or i have a crush or a boyfriend bec everyone says that when they read this, hope u enjoy it and see the feelings and emotions i put in this

Submitted: December 12, 2016

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Submitted: December 12, 2016



I thought that everything was your fault

But now everything should halt

I beg you to forgive me

I was so blind that i wasn't able to see

That it was my mistake

And i thought i did it for your sake

I thought they were your mistakes

But now I will do whatever it takes

To get back what I have lost

Without you, I am as good as lost

When everything is foresaken

Listen to me, we need never feel broken again

Sometimes darkness can show you the light

When I was falling,everything was black as night

But you lifted me up despite everything

After I lost hope of doing anything

I shouldn't have let you go away

After it was my fault anyway

Please forgive me

I was so blind to see

What I have done?

Why everything looks dark despite the presence of the sun?

I know that I broke your heart

But I wish we can make a new start

You were a piece of me

You were everything my eyes would like to see

So please I beg your forgiveness

Without you , I am drowning in nothing but sadness

Can't the waves of the sea wash out the past?

Isn't there any spell that I can cast?

To erase what happened between us

Isn't there a future present ahead of us?

Can we turn a new page?

Can we get out of this cage?

They say time can heal the pain

So I will wait for you under the rain

Where we made our first memory

All I want to say is sorry

For everything I have done

For shooting you with a gun

I bet it was painful for you and me

The only thing I want from you is to forgive me

© Copyright 2019 Noran Ehab. All rights reserved.

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