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Paul Nguyen About 2222 Words
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A story by

Paul Nguyen



“Teddy, you need to wake up, or you will be late for the bus!” shouts Teddy’s mom. She hurries up the stairs, and knocks on the door so hard that it looks like she wants to break it. “Teddy, WAKE UP! DID YOU HEAR ME?”

“OK! I’m up, I’m up Mom,” shouts Teddy, trying to crawl out of his bed. “Mom! You can go down now, and by the way can you make me something to eat, too!”


After a while, Teddy runs down the stairs like someone is chasing him. He rushes to the table, eats his breakfast like he had starved for the last couple of days.

“Slow it down, Teddy,” says Teddy’s mom, while packing his lunch for school. “Here’s your lunch, and I think the bus is coming.” Through the fog of the winter, two dots of light appear and approach their house.

“Thanks, Mom! See ya.” Teddy rushes into the bus.

“Bye, Teddy and have fun at school!” When his mom finishes the sentence, Teddy stops for a second. He turns back to his mom and smiles. A fake smile.

Teddy is a smart 4th grade boy that loves science. He is also a talented piano player. But not everyone can see it. All they can see is his buck teeth. They make fun of him. He also doesn’t have any friends. People think that if they hang out with him, others will call them weirdos because he always does weird stuffs in class. He doesn’t talk much at school but when he does, it is always about things that he is doing. That is the reason why it is hard for him to make friends in school.

A long “beep” sound goes off and it is lunch time now. Every kid rushes to the cafeteria like zombies looking for fresh flesh. As always, no one will see Teddy because he always hides himself in the bathroom from the bullies and eats his lunch there.

After a long day at school, Teddy always waits until the last bus at school comes so he will not meet any of the bullies.

“How was your day, Teddy?” asks Teddy’s mom, excited to hear his new story at school when Teddy gets off the bus.

“It was ok, nothing new has happened yet,” says Teddy. He looks up to his mom, wearing another smile on his face. He starts walking up to his room.

“Ok, honey! If you need something just tell me, ok?”

“Ok, Mom!”

Teddy’s mom is a single mom. When Teddy turned 6, his mom left the family and brought him with her because his dad was an alcoholic. He treated Teddy’s mom terribly. Teddy’s dad used to be a really good man, an awesome dad, and a great husband when Teddy was about 4-years-old but the pressure from his job led him to alcohol to relieve the stress. Alcohol turned him into another man, a worse and darker version of himself. Since then, Teddy’s mom has tried to do everything to make Teddy’s life better by herself.

When Teddy gets to his room, he pulls something out of his bed. It is a teddy bear with a red bow tie around its neck. He got it on his birthday when he and his parents were in Vietnam. They bought it from a souvenir store. Teddy loves the teddy bear so much that he named the bear, Junior and it is a really nice-looking, fluffy bear. To Teddy, Junior is his best friend. Teddy will never go to sleep without him. There is something so special about Junior that makes Teddy share all of his deepest secrets that he never tells anyone else.

“Oh, Junior! I got bullied again by those kids. But I will stay strong because I have you by my side and I don’t want mom to be stressed out anymore,” says the little boy, hugging Junior tightly.

Time has run so fast that now the sky has changed its clothes into a dark dress covering the whole world. It is now Christmas Eve. Teddy has put his pajamas on and is ready to forget what has happened at school, ready to visit his “new world”. The sky starts to sob as it feels bad for Teddy’s situation.

“Aww man! It’s raining again. Come here Junior,” says Teddy. “We need to fall asleep fast now.”

Thunder starts to strike and makes Teddy startled. He hides himself and Junior under his blanket and covers his ears.

He is hugging Junior tightly and shaking because of the thunder. “I wish you could talk, like really talk so we could be friends for life, Junior.” He falls asleep after a while.


The sun comes up, covering his room with sunshine rays. Teddy is still sleeping, enjoying his life in his dream.

“Wake up, Teddy! Wake up!”

The voice comes to Teddy’s ear. A winced look appears on his face. “Come on, Mom! It’s Saturday, I want to sleep more.”

“Wake up, Teddy! Wake up! Wake up! Come on, Teddy! Wake up! And I am not your Mom.”

As soon as Teddy hears that, he opens his eye and suddenly jumps out of his bed. “Wh-Wh-Who are you?” says Teddy, freaking out. “Are… Are you Junior? My teddy bear?”

“You look like you don’t really believe me but yes, yes and yes. I am Junior, your best friend, your teddy bear,” says Junior.

“W-W-Wait, how can you speak? How did you come ALIVE?”

“I don’t know for sure, but I think it’s a miracle,” says Junior, walking towards Teddy. “And I LOVE YOU.”

“Wait! What?”

“Oh sorry! The speaker in my stomach said that. But I still love you though.”

Teddy’s face, at that moment, looks like the happiest man in the world. He is so happy that his best friend, which was not real, now has come alive.

Teddy rushes down the stairs to tell his mom what has just happened. He brings Junior with him to show her. Teddy’s mom is shocked. She drops the dishes and shatters them to bits.

“Hi, Teddy’s Mom! I am Junior, the teddy bear. I just came alive and I just want to be Teddy’s friend and a part of your family. Can I call you Mom? Because it’s easier, you know.”

Teddy’s mom can’t even say a word for a moment. “It’s a miracle, a Christmas miracle,” she says.

Since Junior came alive, Teddy’s life has improved so much. The fake smiles that he used to wear every day to school now seem to be gone. Teddy and Junior seem to be attached to each other, like shadows because he finally found a friend that he can share everything with.

Junior’s story has spread out all over the world and Ted becomes famous. But through all the fame, Junior never forgets his best friend, Teddy.

“Junior, do you know that it takes about three sheep to make a sweater?” Teddy says.

“Oh, for real? Sheep can knit by themselves? I didn’t know that.”

“No, silly. We make the sweaters from wool, which is from the sheep.”


Outside the window, the rain starts to drop again. People are putting up their umbrella. The rainfall is getting more intense. People start to run for cover. Puddle begins plinking. The sound of the murmuring rain starts getting louder through the window.

“Aww man! It’s starting to rain again. I hope the thunder won’t strike us. Come on Junior, let’s hide in our blanket”

“OK! But it won’t strike.”

“Why not?”

“Because we’re thunder buddies and the thunder knows that.”

“Wait. Where did you get that from?”

“Oh! From the movie Ted that I watched with your mom this morning when you were at school. It was about the same situation that happened to us.”

“Oh! So you will never leave me right?”

“Yes, of course. Friends for life”

“Friends for life.”

It’s almost the end of the school year now and their friendship has not weakened through the flow of the time. Teddy’s school life has changed since Junior came alive. No one wants to bully him anymore, Teddy starts to have more friends. He also joined a musical contest at school which he never wanted to join before.

“Junior! Junior! I made it, I finally made it to the final.”

“Oh my god! Really, Teddy? Awesome job.”

“Yes, Junior. Will you be there again to see me play, Junior? Thunder buddies for life?” 

“Of course, Teddy. But there is no thunder right now.”

“No, silly. What I meant was friends for life. And OK, you will be there. I can’t play well without you.”

“Of course, I will be there. Thunder buddies for life.”

The time starts to flow again. The day has come. Teddy is in his best suit. But his face looks puzzled. He walks back and forward, holds both his hand tightly. It looks like something is missing. And that thing is Junior, he’s not here. Teddy thinks that it’s alright because there are 3 more performances before his so Junior will be there to see him.

Junior runs like death is chasing him. He has forgotten about Teddy’s play. He was hanging with some friends that he met at school. He just realizes that he forgot to ask Teddy’s mom about the time and the money to catch a taxi to go there. The theater is far away from the house. He is running as fast as he can. Finally, he meets a fan that can drive him there. But he doesn’t make it. The time he gets there, everything is over.

When Ted gets home, Teddy is sitting there, his palms cover his face. Junior looks worried.

“Where were you, Junior? I thought you would be there. I thought we were thunder buddies,” Teddy cries.

“I heard that you lost and I’m so sorry, Teddy. I-I-I just forgot about it.”

“It doesn’t matter that I lost or not, but what I care about is you, Junior, and you didn’t show up. And you said that you FORGOT?!? I thought we were thunder buddies.”

Junior’s face becomes pale. He can’t even say a word. He regrets what he has done. The silence has put the weight on Junior’s shoulder. Tension. Regret. Shame.

Junior can’t handle it. He bursts through the door and runs away. He starts wandering around the streets. But he makes a wrong decision and goes an unknown way behind an abandoned building. In the dark, a blurry shadow of a young boy comes toward Ted.

“Who’s there? Is that you, Teddy?” Junior shouts with fear.

There is no response from the shadow but it’s getting darker and darker. The silent atmosphere is so tense that Ted can even hear his own heartbeat. It keeps approaching but suddenly stops. A reflection of light appears near the hand of the shadow. A knife. For a second, all Ted can see is a red wristband around the wrist of the shadow.

After a while, the sound of splashing water keeps getting louder and louder. Right next to Junior, Teddy is on his knee, shocked at what he just sees. His face is pale, like someone is choking him. His eyes, staring at Ted’s cut wide-opened belly, looks soulless. Rain covers his face, so no one can tell he is crying. He looks up at the sky aimlessly. Teddy and his mom bring Ted back home after a while. Teddy just can’t believe what he saw, he tries to save Ted by putting the cotton back in his belly and then sewing him together. But nothing happens. Everything around Teddy suddenly turns black. Teddy collapses. The sky starts to sob as it feels bad for Teddy’s situation. Thunder starts to strike.


The next day, Teddy wakes up. Everything around is so bright for a moment. After getting used to the light, everything gets clearer. His room is covered with white walls but there are no decorations. The hall outside is eerily silent. He winces because of a strong and pungent smell of disinfectant. Then two nurses walk past his room. They are talking about the news that they heard this morning. It’s about a boy who was with a cut wide-opened belly near the abandoned building.

His face looks pale like his soul has gone away. He stares at the ceiling, trying to figure out what is going on. How did he get here and why? Teddy tries to move, but as soon as he looks down to his body, he realizes that he is chained to the bed. He freaks out, looking around the room aimlessly. But right next to him, on the table, sits is a red wristband. And there is no such thing as a “Christmas’s miracle”.

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