Taking Ownership of My Faith

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Submitted: December 12, 2016

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Submitted: December 12, 2016



Bishop Edwin Mooley was an early mormon leader who often found himself at odds with the prophet and president of his church, Brigham Young. On one such occasion, the President Young remarked to the bishop, "Now I suppose you will go off and apostatize". 

I love Bishop Mooley's response: "I might if this were your church, but it is just as much mine as yours". 

I join with Bishop Mooley in declaring that the mormon church is "My Church". I have chosen it - for now - for better or worse.

Now, I won't say that there is absolutely nothing that would cause me to walk away from my church. Certainly one can dream up a scenario in which my response would be - or even should be - "This is not my church anymore".

But, oh how I love Bishop Wooley's response more. I love that he embraces an ownership and accountability in his religion. I am happy that, thus far, no disagreement or acquired knowledge or unpleasant experience has compelled me to give up this ownership.

I say that not to pass judgment on those who have walked away, but to express gratitude that my personal experience has allowed me to remain. 


When I take ownership in the church, I do less complaining about mormon culture. I do more to shape the culture to be a little more like what I see as ideal - to the extent that I can in my little sphere. 

When I take ownership in the church, I feel more compelled to seek, to learn, to ponder, to have my own journey. I feel less compelled to acquiesce, to follow, to accept my journey as prescribed by someone else. 


This is My Church. 



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