Crossing the Timeline

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Life for Kevin and Lacey has never been simple, they met by chance at a party. But its been 4 years since they have seen one another. Lacey starts to have flashbacks, but not from her life. Can she figure out whats going on while the line is still open.

Submitted: December 12, 2016

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Submitted: December 12, 2016



I chose a path that changed my future, everyday I wondered what would have happened had I taken a different path. I met a guy 4 years ago, we met at a party like some kind of fairy-tale. We talked for hours on end, we made plans to travel the world together. But when the day came around, I bailed. I left him at the airport it was the last time I had seen him. 
I opened the till for the hundredth time that day, I knew because I had been counting the customers. "That will be £5 and 75p." The woman in front of me fumbled with her purse, coins spilled over the counter. She looked distressed, almost as if she hadn't slept in a week. I could tell from looking at the money that there wasn't enough to pay for the items. Her frown deepened as she scoured her bag and pockets. I could see a line of unruly customers beginning to form behind her, each one had a look of impatience mixed with announce. She scanned her items which consisted of bread, toilet paper, toothpaste and a bag of sweets. I had seen her in the shop a few times, she always bought similar essentials. She gave me a sad look as she held up and item, "can I put this back please" she handed me the bag of sweets. I gave her my friendly smile, trying to lighten the mood. "That will be £4 and 75p" she pushed over the correct amount, gathering up the other coins as she did so. "Would you like a receipt" she shook her head, making her way swiftly out of the shop.  
The rest of the day passed by in the a blink of an eye, before I knew it I was getting ready for bed. That night I had a lucid dream, I woke up in a place that felt familiar. Off to the right of me, stood an impressive house. I was standing in a vast garden that could have easily been an acre of land, Kevin was standing at the back door. He waved at me when our eyes met. I could feel someone tugging at my dress, it was a little girl. She had the most beautiful blond hair and brown eyes. She smiled brightly up at me. She laughed when a big golden retriever came bounding over, at which point she began chasing after it. I watched the two of them running around the garden, it was like a scene from a movie. My eyes wandered over to Kevin, who was now on the phone taking a call. I found myself feeling nervous when I spotted the look of concern on his face. A shriek hit the air, the little girl had fallen and scrapped her knee, the dog stood over her protectively. I ran over to help her, but just as I was about to pick the girl up my dream ended.
The last time I had seen Kevin was 4 years ago, he looked somewhat different in my dream. There was something about the way he acted that made me feel like he hadn't had enough sleep. Over the past 4 years I had never been in a serious relationship as I compared them all to him. He had been on my mind for so long. Idly I took out my phone, there was one unsent message saved in my drafts folder. I had written it over 2 years ago, it was during a time I was struggling to get my life together. The message read "how have you been?" It was simple but to me it meant the world. I had never deleted his number in hopes that he would message me, he never did. After that dream I felt like it was my duty to contact him, five minutes later the message was sent into the universe. All that was left to do was wait for a reply.  
My day was spent worrying that he had changed his number. Every time my phone made a single noise I felt compelled to check it, but was always disappointed. Soon the need to check my phone was beginning to affect my work. I placed it in the store-room so that I couldn't be tempted to constantly check it. I had forgotten all about my bizarre dream by the time it came to walking home. The scene around me changed as I walked, the light began to fade from a summer's evening to a winter's night. Kevin was walking beside me, his arm was wrapped around my shoulder. Kevin was talking about the food in the restaurant we had just left. The spirit in his eyes sparked like a million fireflies. When he noticed my less enthusiastic face he stopped walking "Too much food talk hu?" It wasn't that, the more he talked about food the more I began to feel ill.  
"I don't feel so great" he turned to me, he was frowning as he looked me over  
"was it the food?"  
"I don't think so" with that I could feel my body bringing up everything we had just eaten. My brain felt like it was in denial "Hun, you don't think I could be pregnant?" He began to laugh nervously 
"stop messing babe, there's no..." He stopped to think for a while. We were just about to pass a chemist "no harm in making sure" he ushered me into the shop to buy a test. At which point it was like the lights had been switched back on; I found myself standing in the middle of the path, trying to readjust my eye sight.

I checked the time on my phone out of habit, to my surprise I found one message on my phone. It was from Kevin.  
"Who is this?" My heart skipped a beat like it did back in the day.  
"Lacey, I hope this is still your number Kevin. If you're some random person, I'm really sorry" I began to walk again, I could feel people staring at me as I looked confusingly at my phone. Just as I reached my apartment the phone rang, the number on the screen was one I didn't recognise. "Hello?" I tried to juggle the phone, while I dug through my bag for the key. 
"Lacey?" I would recognise that voice anywhere, he sounded strange on the phone, it was like he was trying to convince himself that it really was me. I dropped the key after getting distracted with hearing his voice 
"Shit, sorry just drop the key." I could hear him laughing softly on the other end of the phone 
"Sounds like something you'd do" his words almost felt like he was talking about me in a past tense. It didn't bother me because it had been 4 years since we last met up. "How are you? Where are you?"  
"I'm just getting home, hang on let me find the key" I scanned the floor frantically trying to find the key. I spotted it sticking out from the bush, I grabbed it quickly and made my way inside. "So how have you been, how was you're trip?"  
"What trip?" He sounded confused 
"You know the one where you travelled the world, 4 years ago." I said it almost sarcastically, it was pretty hard to forget that day.  
"What'd you mean, you came with me" Now it was my turn to be confused 
"No I didn't, I was going to but then my mum got rushed to hospital"  
"But then you phoned her and she told you she was fine"  
"I never phone her" I heard him sighing on the other end of the phone.  
"So what you're saying is we haven't spoken in four years" with that the phone cut out before I could reply.
I tried to call the number back but it wouldn't connect. Nothing was making sense; I was having flashbacks from a life I couldn't have had and now even Kevin was acting weird. Before I could stop myself, I was sat at my computer searching for him online. I typed his name into my search bar, not expecting there to be any results.  So when I saw the first result I half hoped it was about him but when I saw the headline I changed my mind. It was from 4 years ago.  
"Man killed by masked gunman at airport. A young man, now identified as Kevin L. Murphy, was shot down dead while trying to stop a gunman. The man identified as Heston Blanch, had intended on boarding flight 102, he later admitted his real intention was to kill more than a 100 passengers on the flight. He was found with 10 pounds of explosives on him. Kevin spotted the man acting suspiciously, to which he reported to the police officer on guard that day. Officer Harrison acted swiftly, saving the passengers of flight 102. However, in alerting the authorities the assailant, Heston Blanch, drew the gun he had concealed in a back pocket. He shot Kevin twice before the police officer could reach Heston. The government is now investigating how Mr. Blanch managed to get past security with such a large amount of explosives plus fire arm. The government has released a statement saying that this breach in security is now under investigation." 
I must have read the article over 10 times, the words didn't feel real. Was Kevin dead, had I just spoken to a ghost? As the thought filled my mind I had another flashback, this one was far darker than I could ever imagine. It was late at night, Kevin was driving. I could hear a girl crying from the backseat of the car. I remembered why we were in the car, we were taking our daughter to the hospital after she had fallen and twisted her leg on stage. He was driving slowly, I kept shouting at him to drive faster. I could see the look of panic on his face, he kept telling me he was going as fast as he could. He wasn't paying attention to the road; the next thing I remembered was lying on the floor, Kevin was on the phone. But it was too late; something in my mind knew I wasn't going to live long enough to get help.  
Questions swamped my brain, nothing was adding up. Everything I thought I knew was being questioned. The facts didn't add up, my memories were muddled. I was beginning to have two different version of events in my mind. The one where I never met Kevin at the airport, in that version he died. The second seemed like some kind of fairy-tale world, the perfect house, child and dog but in that version I died. How could I trust one set of memories without taking the other set into consideration. My phone shocked me out of my daydream, I didn't even check the number before answering.
"Kevin is this you?" 
"Yes, what's going on?"  
"I don't know, but I'm not the person you think I am" 
"Lacey, what are you talking about?" 
"I think the woman you love is dead, just like..." I trailed off, I couldn't face telling him that he was dead. "Do you remember about what we talked about" I remembered something the other me had once told him. "We were talking about something to do with what if we hadn't met." 
"Are you telling me that you're crazy theory is true, and that you really aren't my wife." He went thoughtful for a moment before continuing. "I hoped that it wasn't true, that some how she was truly still alive." I wanted to comfort him, but we were worlds apart. In fact we were a timeline apart.
"Hay, since we've gone completely crazy anyways. I want to try something" I had another crazy idea.  
"Sure, why not. Considering I am talking to my dead wife's double." I explained to him my theory, if we could talk to each other there must have been a gap in the timeline. There was an object I knew was in both worlds.  
When I saw his face appear in my grandmothers mirror, I couldn't help but cry. "Hay, this was your idea you know." He was smiling "its good to see you again". My hand pressed against the decade old glass, his moved to join mine. I blacked out the moment his hand was placed on the glass. When I woke up I was lying on the floor, I felt a hand on my shoulder. Kevin's voice kept calling my name, which jolted me to my feet. "Steady" he helped me up "welcome to my world." I could see the faint image of my apartment fade away in the mirror.

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