Acting President

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Submitted: December 12, 2016

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Submitted: December 12, 2016



Acting  President

I was interested in a political career and being Ruski put forward my case for it.  I am a Ruski but born overseas in Los Angeles, USA  while my Dad was serving Ruskiland in America. Technically most points are awarded to those born in Ruskiland but we won browning points as we are many generations pure Ruski. No matter where we are born and live, no matter which country we are in, we always marry pure Ruski.  On special request I was allowed to have Ruski citizenship.  I continued to keep my Ruski citizenship until my  Dad became American.  Then I took up USA citizenship for which I was eligible. It took a while to convince my Dad that he really was in the USA. :-0. He is a happy man. He has plenty of friends and relatives and he used to visit me often until recently. He does not want to live with me.  He enjoys  living where he does, in a town that reminds me of Asia.

My married status.  My husband and I wanted out of our marriage. I considered dissolution of marriage but that seemed unsuitable as we tend to disagree on many matters as all husbands and wives do.  Divorce is not an option as we would have to go to court and for many other reasons.  The next best thing, live separated under the same roof.  After all, we did not want to disrupt the life of our kids.  It is something we have agreed upon.  A kind of dissolution of a common law marriage.We went in for a trial separation.  He has his own friend’s circle and I have mine.  He lives his life and so do I.  There is no co habitation.  We shared the same address but did not live in the house together for a year.  Either he moved or I did.  For part of the time he had a separate residence.  It is wonderful to be single again. Our relationship  has entered the next stage after taking many twists and turns.  We just want to be single again. I left it to the lawyers to sort it out.  It was money well spent and did not cost too much, as we employed family friends who had made their money and provided the service for a fraction of the cost.  So was it a divorce, an annulment or a dissolution of marriage. I did not want to know. Enough that I am free again.  I did not want any money from him but the agreement is that  a Million US Dollars would be put placed in an account, to be passed on to our 2 kids when they are older . Sex alone does not a marriage make. We are friends and get along really  well as long as we don’t relate to each other.  We are now free to pursue other relationships, emotional or otherwise.  I had asked for dissolution of marriage.  In essence we have parted ways, though we live under the same roof, on request from my one of our kids. A relationship with any person takes many twists and turns.  So all in all this has been a good year. I managed to finish my Doctorate in Fine Arts and Architecture, specialising in Design and architecture, something I have been working on for a while. I called up my cousin by marriage whom I love very much and he me, and he helped me through the transition into being single.  He got a temporary posting to my city for 3 months because I needed him.  How I love him.  He is currently living In Indiana, USA.  I got my much coveted USA citizenship and moved to Greenville, home of the famous University ECU, in 1989. After a stint in India, I permanently moved to Greenville in 1999.  ECU  has  a 100 % success rate of placing its graduates in jobs within a year of graduating.  They also run courses that are very popular.  And it is affordable. I am also a permanent resident of Australia. I took Australian citizenship after they introduced dual citizenship in 2001.

I decided on a political career when I was in my teens and applied for the post of youth president. I got in on my 2nd attempt.  I was in India at that time and learnt all about Indian politics. It was fascinating. I decided to do a degree in politics later on in life, when I had time on my hands. And I managed to do so in my late 20’s. 

I am 45, a Libran Scorpio with Mars in Sagittarius and Moon in Leo, according to Vedic astrology, so I do not lack for courage. Being true Christian Hindu,  I believe in self defence and also turning the other cheek.  I also have the gift of the gab. So I trained at the Ruski defence force academy and later the American defence force academy.  One day I hoped to be American. America I have always found fascinating.  The wealthiest people in the world are Americans.  And yet they are such easy going likable people as a nation.  Much respected.  Most nations are in awe of America. I am proud to be Ruski American.  I told my kids that it would be nice if at least  one of them  married  Ruski American.  My 2nd of 8 children has.  Of the 8 kids, only 2 are mine.  All the others are friend’s kids and relatives.  One is marrying  British.  All the others are still single. Family has helped a great deal in raising my kids. Ruski is a land of many migrants, so that would not be difficult.  We maintain our ties with the land though I don’t travel there anymore.  All my family has moved to America.  It was a planned migration and took 35 years.

I have travelled extensively. I trained to be a Career Diplomat.  I made it to Ruski Acting President. I was not eligible for President as I was not born in Ruskiland.  Our family was not always this wealthy.  We have become rich over the years.  All the years of hard work and smart investments have paid off.  I no longer work. I retired in 2014. I now Volunteer for the Hospitals.  There is big money in that as wonderful Research goes on in the Hospitals.  I had psychosis recently due to strain of too much work.  It took a few months to recover. I am perfectly alright now.  People do recover completely from Mental Health problems. After all the brain is a physical organ in the body and ill health can affect one’s mental health. 

How did I become Acting President ?  There was a long list of things I had to achieve. Like taking care of the world’s kids for a year. Or discovering new child care techniques.  Making money for the world.  Being  Governor General of Ruski Land.  Making sure no one dies and saving lives and livelihoods.  Working to give living for ever to everyone.  I retired as a Director on the board of one of the Hospitals.  Trade with China was part of my job as a Career Diplomat.  Suffice to say I did enough to earn the title.  One can achieve wonderful things even being a housewife. I did work from home and went for jobs that made big money.  Americans are encouraged to keep themselves busy and educate themselves formally or informally. One example. The stock exchange runs free courses for interested investors, students, retirees and the attraction is the great food they supply. The University too runs information classes and employers encourage they employees to take time off for professional development. You can work from home these days and one does not have to commute far. There are plenty of home offices in your local area.

I am finding  semi retirement difficult but I enjoy the leisure. I visit the Hospital about 3 days a month and stay there all day.  My kids keep me busy.  My only regret is I don’t have somebody to take the drudgery out of housework.  But I pride myself on being independent and that includes doing my own work.  As long as I let go of the desire for a display home.  Too much hygiene and one loses one’s immunity.  The house requires minimum maintenance. A caretaker comes around every 3 months and fixes the place. 

I have achieved my political goals and am satisfied. Where will life take me from here ? Who knows. I am in a serious relationship.  It is surprising how one can love again even at 45.  Some day I plan to marry again. For now I am happy with my friends.  And I have a lot of them, though I don’t see quite a few of them very often.

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