Walking normally on a dark corner of a giant street

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Submitted: December 12, 2016

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Submitted: December 12, 2016



I'd like to take walks, sometimes I'd walked on the beach, other times inside the forest, but I always walked in the streets- from my house, all the way to work. It was a 12-minute walk, sometimes more or sometimes less. Sometimes, it was raining, sometimes it was snowing, and sometimes the warm was so heavy that I felt that my bones were melting inside of me. But, in spite of all of that, I always walked in the streets. I had seen different people once in a while. Sometimes they were tall, sometimes they were midgets. Sometimes with black skin, sometimes with yellow skin. I had seen the police doing their job; also I had seen the firemen's driving at high speed to get as fast as possible. Sometimes I see people getting robbed, sometimes I see women getting raped, sometimes I see poor guys getting killed, and sometimes I see kids stealing candies from other kids. I also had seen different shops, sometimes they were department stores, sometimes they were clothing stores, sometimes they were bookstores, and sometimes they were sex stores. I had seen various streets, sometimes they are bright and sunny with the birds flying and the wind singing, and sometimes they are dark, creepy and smelling like iron.

This is weird.

I'm seeing right now a guy walking towards me- I wonder what this man with almost no hair, melted skin and fire cloths; wants from me, in this dark corner of a giant street with no one except the two of us- this man is getting closer and closer.

That’s weird, the man just vanished, and I had seen people pass by, or sometimes I see people stuck me, but never a person just vanished.

That’s weird; I'm seeing a big red wave. It's strange because I'm in a city with no water around, I had seen the rain showering all buildings, I had seen the fireman's taking down a fire with gallons of water, but I have never seen a big red wave in this dark corner of a giant street with no people except me.

The wave hits me, and now I'm floating in it.

It’s weird. I had taste water from the sea, and one time I had tasted green tea, but I have never tasted a big red wave that savor like blood, in this dark corner of a giant street.

It's weird. Now I'm drowning, I had drowned in pools, and one time I had drowned in the beach while I was on a trip with my family, but I have never drowned in a big red wave on a dark corner of a giant street.

Suddenly I wake up, I'm sweating and my lips hurt, it seems that I was biting them, and now they are spitting blood, it was just a dream. I'll go back to sleep. It's weird. I had dreamed about a shark eating my feet’s while I was flying above my house, and in one time I had dreamed about aliens taking out my brain while I was listening to an 80s song, but I have never dreamed about an old man with no hair, melted skin and burning clothes; and a big red wave that taste like blood in a dark corner of a giant street.

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