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"Is about a legend that was told to a young teenage male Blackfoot Indian named skip his Black foot Indian Name is "PETA - Golden Eagle" By his Grandfather which was also a full blooded Black foot Indian.

"His Great grandfather told him a story about him his age and their people instead of Them having a Medicine man they had a Medicine woman Named Wawetseka that was good, Until a group of teenage guy's In the "1950's" called "THE Fire Birds..?" in Their Leather Jackets had came to "Wawetseka's" Home where her and her Children and her Grandchildren lived on The Hill...?"

And The "THE FIRE BIRDS!" had Burned Her Children and Grand Children alive a sleep in Their Little Homes and according to the Camp Far Story By his Grandfather "Wawetseka" had turned from good To Evil and seeing that she had gotten Burned badly to They Called her Hausis...?"

She who wanted Revenge on The ones who Burned her Children and grandchildren alive "BUT" She wouldn't stop there For she had Gotten so Dark and Cold, Hausis turned Into Blackfoot Indian Evil woman "THE WIDOW OF THE DARK FOREST...?" whom kills many...?"

"Want to know more on This Short story Then Read me...?" Do by all Means leave me a comment to let me know How I am doing Please if you will...?" Thank you!

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Chapter One...?”


Once Upon a time there was Four Groups of Four Teenage Students on each groups two Females and two Males , with Four Camp Leaders to guide them to Four different Camp sites deep into the Dark Cold Forrest, it was a Winter Camp for the Criminal and Troubled Teenage Students...?”


You Know like a Boot Camp but different Like a Summer Camp But a Winter Camp...?” they all are coming from Juvenile and this is how it worked one big white Bus comes to pick all of them up they pick Four students each two Males Two Females for the four Groups they all get on the Big white bus...?”


Along with There Four Cop Leaders so two Male and Two Female Cops four each Four groups- Camp Leaders, meaning a male Cop and a Female Cop for each Group of Teenagers they load them up on the big white Bus and a Bus Driver why The four male Cops and The Four Female Cops sit on the bus with them they Travel into this Big deep dark Forrest Far, Far away in the Big Cold Mountains in Indian Oge- Mai Valley West Virginia...?”


The Bus parked by a very scary Long Narrow walking Trail where they all had to get off the big White Bus and split up in Four Group's then they had to Go through the Four different Walking Trails, to Four Different Camp Sites carrying carrier's on their backs...?” They all walk to the Middle of the Four walking trails...?”

They Split up into Four groups and walk the Four Walking Trails to the Four different Camp Sites...?”

They Find there Camp sites after long long walks...?”

That is then when they have to start putting up their tints and Cots.


They eat then they sit down around the Camp far Tilling Scary Camp Far Story's...?”

One the Teenager's Named Skip got up and told a Scary Camp Far story that was never heard till Before... accept it was told to him By his Great Grandfather whom was a Full Blooded Black foot Indian which made Skip a full Blooded Black foot Indian too...?”


Skip said I have a story that I was told By My Great Grandfather and now I'm going to till you guy's in the Year of the “1950's” my Grandfather when he was our age lived in a Reservation in The Mountains of Oge- Mai Valley West Virginia yeah right here in these same Mountains their use to be Indian Reservations that My People lived in and on, My Grandfather said instead of a Medicine Man we Had a Medicine Woman some even called her...?”


A Indian Witch or even a Indian Gypsy that lived up on a Hill in the dark Forrest where the secret Indian Barrel was where she had Barred her long lost Husband Running Bear, was his Indian Name for he was as big as a Bear as strong as an Ox Ran faster then a Chi-ta and eye's of the Hawk and stood Brave as a Native Warrior his real name was Sunukkuhkau...?”


White people called her...?” “The Indian Widow of the Dark Forrest...?” her Name Hausis her Indian Name was “Wawetseka” her and Running Bear had three Beautiful Daughters and two Brave young handsome Son's she was good Woman and she didn't Mind helping others until the white men came and Claimed our Lands was theirs and they started Building duplexes and homes we my people had to move off our...?”


Reservations Below the Hill's of the Reservations in which where Hausis and The Secret Barrel Grounds and her home was..?”

Until a group of young teenager our age back then was parting at one the Duplex homes got drunk and messed up and him and his Buddies started to walk up the deep dark Forrest and Hills and found the secret Indian Barrel grounds and her Home which was Forbidden to pass or even go up to it in other words Trespassing...?”



Where they wasn't suppose to Be they came and they found our Secret Indian Barrel Grounds where they had Removed the Rocks tore down Wooden Crosses made By our people and Lite a Far in the Middle of the Indian Barrel and which underneath where all our People whom had died there was barred at and started Burning in the far including her husband Running Bear's and burning them Disrespecting our secret Barrel Grounds and Our People, it was a group of Male teenager's called The Fire Birds in their leather Jackets.


Not just that though but this group of Teenager's had left our Secret Barrel grounds Burning along with the Crosses and our Peoples Body's and walked up the Hill above the Secret Indian Barrel Grounds into the dark Forrest where they had come across now Hausis home where her and her three Daughter's and Two Son's Lived...?”


It was at Night and Dark out and her Three Daughter's and their Husbands and their Children as well as her Two Son's and their wife's and their Children was a sleep in their little homes their Mother's -Hausis little home was in the Middle of all of them.


My Grandfather said their names was Steve, Davy, Shaun. And Peter which was the leader of The Fire Birds reamer they was Drunk and been the so called mean Asses.

Peter whispered oh look the Little Indians all snug like a bug in there Buffalo hides all warm and sleeping like little babies yeah till me guy's ever smelled Red Skin Hives when they Burn...?”


Grandfather said that Steve said man that's not cool don't you thank we've done enough Misshape tonight let's go home man let them be...?”

Peter said why Steve you scared...?”

Steve said what scared of what no I am not scared but why do we got to go do this for... I mean come on they ain't bothering us...?”

Davy said oh man you know Steve's a party Boo-per I thank we should just do it man...?”

Shaun said yeah man I've never smelt red skin's hide Burn man what you going to do...?”


Steve said OK I'm the party Boo-per OK if I am such a Party Boo-per then count me out of this one man I have had enough for tonight so till ya what guy's see you and would not won't to be you and he ran off he heard about Old Hausis he was not going to be apart of it.


Peter, Davy, and Shaun staid behind and

Shaun said so Peter what you going to do I am with you man...?”

Davy said yeah man what we going to do...?”

Peter light's a Cig. And he say's we are going to have a Red skin Bar-B-Que they ripped their shirts off tie it around a stick to make torches and Peter lite them with his Zippo lighter and said let's go guy's and they sit Fire to all the little homes around Hausis little home then when they started hearing our People scream for their life's and started smelling our people skin burn and hair they couldn't handle the smell of Burnt hair and skin thoroughgoing up all the way home and never turned back all of Hausis Children and her Grandchildren had Burned to Death in the Fires...?”


She got out but badly burnt herself and that is then when Hausis turned from good to Bad and began to Hunt the three Guy's that caught her Children and Grandchildren on Fire and burned them to death....?”


That is when This short story becomes a Horror story Hausis had Changed Completely she turned from good to very bad she wanted her Revenge for her Children and her Grandchildren as well as her People My Grandfather me, us The Full Blooded Black foot Indians and she became The Full Blooded Black Foot Indian of revenge to all that passed her way she was The Widow of the Dark Forrest she was mean she was Vi-shies you would not want to cross her path because if you did you would sure enough to be dead.


Hausis did as I have told you she found them and killed them one by one and they all three died in very Gruesome way's My Grandfather said they never fount Hausis Body and that she still Roamed these Grounds and this Dark Forrest that the Secret Indian Barrel is still where it was then and so is her little home in which she rebuild her self only she lives there now and will stay there she had to even re-fix.


The Secret Indian Barrel Grounds with the rocks and the Crosses and whom ever May hear her Indian Cry's why she danced calling all the diseased Indian Spirit's back and whom may pass The Secret Indian Barrel again will Die... in Gorey Gruesome ways and Skip started Hausis Indian Cry's thoroughgoing a Pop bottle in the Camp far and it Blew up Scarring them all...?”


The girls Screamed and the guy's all said dude that was so uncool man not cool man...?”

Skip said what...?”

Jeremy said Dude that was not cool Jesus.

Skip said hey you's wanted a Camp Far Story man...?”



Chapter Two...?”





Jeremy said yeah man but not Like that where you scared the Sheeit out of us man...?”

Skip said man I'm serious man that's a true story My Grandfather really told me that...?”

Jeremy said yeah OK what ever man that was in the “1950's” man I am sure there is know old woman named Hausis still out here man no way in Hale man... it is “2016” man no way...?”

Skip said yeah there is who said that Hausis isn't a Indian Ghost Spirit now man who knows she may be still alive they never found her Body man...?”

Jeremy said man your Full of Sheeit Damn go to bed Gee-sh I can't Bleeve you man do you ever want to get Laid man you are Fucking Crazy. And Jeremy walked away...?”


Ken the Police officer said good one man but that was the bottom line man scared the girls like that man was wrong man...?”

Skip said Man reamer my words man I ain't joking man it's a true story better watch your back...?”

Ken The Police Officer said just go to bed man what ever.

They all went to their tint's and laid down to go to sleep.


Skip he sit there by the Far watching the far burn and do what Indians do and took his long hair down gazing into the Far with his deep dark Brown eye's and prays to the Great Spirit why eating some Buffalo Jerky his Grandfather sent him in the mail along with a Black and brown beaded choker and brown feathered earring that he wore in his left ear and a letter from his Grandfather he leaves a piece of Buffalo

Jerky for the Great Spirit and then he Pull's his Long Black hair back up in a long pony tail and goes to his tint to sleep himself.


Obviously no one Bleeved the Camp Far story he told that his Grandfather Charging Bear told him but Suppose what they don't know won't hurt them or will it...?”

will that night why everyone was sleeping like babies one the Teenagers was woke by strange cry's and she thought maybe it was one of the girls crying perhaps got lost on their way back from using the bathroom some where so she got up and went out of her tint grabbing her flash light to find out...?”


Trinity which was one the teenager's name went out of her tint and she started walking through the Tints she


went into one the other girls tint's she was a sleep she went into the Female Police officer's tint and she was a sleep but she started wondering maybe it was another female from one the other three groups or worse maybe it was a little girl lost in this Dark Forrest and thought my she could be very frightened out there all alone so she started wondering the Dark Forrest with her Flashlight seeking for this little girls cry till she reached in the deep of The Dark


Forrest Hello! Little girl are you here when she had Flashed her light onto a little Indian girl holding an homemade Indian Doll sitting there beside the biggest Tree in the Dark Forrest crying...?”


Trinity said oh hey little girl what's your name...?”

The Little girl said Sinopa...?”

Trinity said Sinopa where are your Parents...?”

Sinopa said My Parents are dead...?”

Trinity said then where do you stay...?”

Sinopa said My Grandmother I am lost I can not find her will you help me find my Grandmother...?”

Trinity said sure sweet y I would love to

and she would start walking with Sinopa...?”

Trinity said so Sinopa what's your Grandmother's Name...?”

Sinopa said Wawetseka Why..?”

Trinity couldn't reamer that Skip said that that was Hausis Indian Name Trinity said Oh OK.

Why Trinity and Sinopa was searching through the woods for Her Grandmother's Home. Sinopa got her far from the Camp and and she ended up in The Secret Indian Barrel. Trinity said wait is this she shined her Flashlight at every Direction and she seen the rocks and the wooding crosses and she realized she was in the middle of the Secret Indian Barrel that Skip was talking about in his Camp Far story she gasped and said Sinopa...?”


No answer was s poking she looked around Sinopa...?”

The little Indian Girl had disappeared in thin air she was no where to be found...?”

Trinity said Hello! Sinopa are you there...?”

No answer.

The moon Nor Trinity's Flashlight didn't give much light just enough to throw Scary shadow's on the Tree and the rocks in The secret Indian Barrel Grounds.


This is where The Terror really begins!

Trinity stood there at first it was Quiet nothing not a thing did she hear she was froze she knew she had done crossed the Secret Indian Barrel grounds then she began to reamer The Story Skip told she started to get Scared now...?”


Then all of a sodden she heard a voice was like the cry of a little kitten, very weak and high pitched. Trinity turned and there was standing a Tall dark shadow standing right behind her, the shadow looked so spooky. Seemed like no-eyes, Her skin was badly Burned and the color of red candle wax. Her cheeks was sunken Trinity stood there staring at her, She was wearing a Indian Gray Nightgown, her gray hair was all tangles, She was Reaching toward Trinity her hands was also badly burnt and were melted skin and bone , like a skeleton's Trinity couldn't move she started to move toward Trinity's neck.


Trinity Knew that it just had to be Hausis lurking in the shadows.

Trinity said Hausis in a squeegee frightened voice...?”

Hausis Laughed a wicked Laugh her Laugh echoed through the woods. It sounded Hallow. Hausis grinning face stared at Trinity from the darkness Beyond...?”


Trinity Screamed to the top her Lungs..?”

Back at the Camp Jeremy was woke by The Scream and grabbed his Flashlight and climbed out of his tint Trinity he said Trinity... he started to run through the woods.


Tree limbs slapping his face Trinity he Screamed out...?” as the tree limbs scraped at his face and thorns Scrapping at his feet and legs as he ran yelling out Trinity... where are you...?”I hear you I'm coming...?”

Trinity Screamed again...?”

Jeremy said Trinity!”

some how Jeremy came up through the back way it was dark and barely any moon light it was cold and it was Misty and the mist was thick like fog but Jeremy kept running he sprinted across the woods.


Trinity Screamed again it made his hair stand on end he hurrying as fast as he could “Trinity!” he Yelled again, till where he came to a dingy old Shack where Hausis lived but he wasn't thanking about that he was thanking about how to help Trinity...?”


He stopped in his Tracks Trinity...?” her screams came now from inside the dingy old shack the door was open so he went in Breathless Trinity are you in here...?” but then Trinity's Scream stopped. There was nothing the sane of Silents then he heard a Hey! You...?”

Jeremy turned around to look to see who it was...?”

But all of a sodden something Bashed him hard across the head and he had passed out, out cold.


When he woke his Blood was rolling down his face awe.. Damn what a headache he said trying to wipe the blood from his eye but he couldn't move his hands they was Cuffed to some old bed bars.

He looked around What The...?” he turned and looked he could barely see was such a blur but when he heard a noise.


It was a dripping sound he seen a body hanging from the ceiling with it's skin rip and sag. Sloughed off from it's body he couldn't move, he couldn't breathe,he looked closer it was not just some Body it was Trinity...?”

He screamed Oh Sheeit!” now trying to get off the bed but no such luck he was cuffed and could not get free...?”


The last thing he saw was an Old woman badly burnt she had long scraggly hair and brown teeth and white glowing eyes, her finger's was like claws. All he could thank of was it had to be Hausis...?”

He said Hausis...?”

Hausis Laughed how did you know...?” He...He!” again her Laugh echoed through the woods.


Then she pushed her long rotting nails through his chest her other hand Muffling his Screams as she Yanked out his Heart beaten in her hand and she took a Bite of it...?”

Later on that night Shirley one the other teenager's heard a cry again sounded like

Chapter Three...?”





a little girl and woke she grabbed her Flashlight and crawled out of her tint and went to Skips Tint and whispered Skip...?”

Skip said humph... whats it...?”

Shirley said shh... listen to you hear that...?”

Skip said what...?”


Shirley said shh... Listen...?”

Skip got quiet to Listen...?”

and he to Heard a cry and he said is that a little girl...?”

Shirley said it sounds like it... should we go and see if it is a little girl lost in the woods should I wake up one the Police officers...?”

Skip said no we'll go and find out let them sleep...?”


Shirley said OK.

So Skip grabbed his flashlight too and he and her crawled out of his tint...?”

Skip said lets go and find this little girl..?”

Shirley said Yeah OK.

So they put on some Thick jackets and started through a path in the woods...?”


Where the mist was very thick like fog it was very Cold and damp from the dew they fallowed the cry's of this little girl's in hopes to find her soon.


Skip- Peta could feel suppose his Indian Instinct That something about this was not right...?”

Skip- Peta stopped in his tracks and “Shirley bumped into him and said What...?”

Peta said shh... they got quiet and they herd no more cry's...?”

Shirley said I hear no more cry's she Whispered...?”

Peta Whispered back I know where are we...?” As he shined his Flashlight and her's right behind his.

Shining them both all around when Peta Noticed the Stones and the Wooding crosses his Grandfather spoke of...?”


Peta said be still Shirley...?”

she did...?”

But all of a sodden Shirley said “Hey!” let go.”

Hausis was holding her by the wrist.

Shirley tried to pull away from her but Hausis held on, Shirley pulled harder. Now Shirley saw that it was Hausis and she said Skip...Help! She yelled. Hausis opened her mouth her teeth was long pointed.


Shirley's Heart was beating a mile a minute and she held her breath But Hausis flashed her pointed Teeth and her mouth began to open very wide almost like she could take Shirley in from head to toe in one mouth full...?” “But Then”

Peta spoke:

Nukpana, Hausis, Hehewiti, Ahote Enkoodabaoo, Adany, Catori, Cha'kwaina Dowanhowee, Kiwidinok, Hakidonmuya Tahki, Wikvay, Wanageeska, Pallaton Payatt Bidziil Pitalesharo, Ohiteka, Inteus, Gawonii, Wahkoowan, Wawetseka, Sunukkuhkan,

Pasala Degotoga!.”

The End!”

Word Count: 3,499

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