"Erotic Confessions....?"

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"Erotic Confessions...?"

"Erotic Confessions...?" Is different Short story's By different People, of all Sexes From Teenagers, To Adults Whom Experience different Unexpected but interesting Sexual Sessions That They wished to Share with a Secret Admirer whom Had put a Ad. In a Erotica Magazine For different people to write letters of their Utmost "Erotic Confessions To The Secret
Admire...?" that Called themselves...?"

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Chapter One”


By: Anonymous...?”




On All Hallows Eve. Of 1995 I was 18 ½

years old and it was the very first time I had eve been to A big Halloween Party. I am usually your simple so called Pro-say Imply Book-warm the quiet guy, The Odd one though However in my Teenage year's I was going through Fazes your reg-lure guy to a wannabe, to dark and Unusual Emo Gothic what ever you want to call it Today. But Now though I am now you Long haired Cowboy- Country Boy with a very Bad and short Tempered, with Mental Issues...? But I suppose If you had gone through what I went through My Child hood and Teenage years you to would be short Tempered and had mental Issues too Figurely Speaking...?


But I will not go there...? Anyways as I was saying I was Invited to a Halloween party Bu My Buddy Calvin Dewayne we Knew each other since High School.

Calvin said Oh man you have to come to my big brother's Halloween Party It's going to be so Awesome would you come with me man...?

I said do I have to where Costume man...?

Calvin said Of course man it's a Halloween Party...?

I said Duh- boy what in the world would I go as...?

Calvin said easy can help you with that do you reamer How you used to dress in high school Man when you was 17 ½ years Old, that was so Cool...?


I said No way man I was a teenager I Was Deranged man and going through fazes...? You do mean When I was Wickedly Charming Dark and Unusual Gothic Right...?

Calvin said yeah man I Know you was Cold heart ed But so cool to at the same time too...?

I said Why...? That way man...?

Calvin said Dude you don't have to Be cold Hear-ted and mean like you was. Just dress up Like it plus if it makes you feel any better you can even add more cool things with it man come on it's not like I'm tilling you to take a spoon and eat my ass out or something come on man please...?


I said dude that's gross but I can add more things to it you say...?

Calvin said yeah man Surprise me Indulge me wickedly Charmingly, Be creative it's Halloween, it's a Halloween Party you can be whatever you want to be just please go with me man...? I promise you, you will not regret it...?'

OK so maybe I said what the Hale why not...OK man I'll go...?

Calvin said and dress like you did in High School man..?


I said yeah man and some you'll see...?

Calvin said Awesome man cool...?

OK so Calvin won I fail right into the web...?'

Well as I was saying it was on All Hallows Eve. Of 1995

and I got ready for this big Halloween Party.

I'll give you a Idea on how I looked...?'

I am 7'0 tall 390IBS all muscles no fat, Long Hair, Bright-eyes I had put on Black Baggy, Gothic pant's My Chain wallet Shirtless, Fake tattoos I drew myself with a black Pin, black combat boots, My cross neck louse of course

had a belly ring, and two hooped ear rings a Black collar with a Short Chain hanging from it a Black leather Mask , black wings, white contact's in made my eye's white, Vampire Fangs and also carried with me Blood pills to bite into put my long hair in Brad es and Blacked my hair with easy to wash out hair dye. Which was down around my mask and Black lip stick...?'


So I go to this Big Halloween Party where Calvin met me out front looked like a full house.

When he saw me standing there waiting for him...?'

Calvin said Holy Sheeit man that is Fucking Awesome, you look off the Sheeit man...you look like the Undertaker so big Guy tonight I call you...?'


so that is where I got the Name if you are wondering...?'

I said Kay can Handle that so you likes...?'


Calvin said Fucking A man...?'

I said OK cool now what man...?'

Calvin said will come on in my man...?'

I said Cool!'

So we go in and the place is Fucking packed from the window to the wall.

I said man what the Hale is this a Halloween Party or a Halloween Rave man....?'

Calvin said Oh didn't I till you Both...?'


I said Both you mean to till me this is a Halloween Party as well as a Rave...?'

Calvin said yeah why can you not handle that man...?'

I said are you kidding I can handle this I'm a big boy let's join the Party She'll we...?'

Calvin said ready to get Fucked up man..?'

I said oh yeah man let's do this...?'

So we walk all the way in to this Halloween Rave party what ever you want to call it and he showed me off to his Big brother and all and I was the only one dressed like I was which made me The Bell of the ball...?'


His Brother was older then me and Calvin Both but he hooked us up with whatever we wanted, Drugs, Booze, Rock 'N' Roll this Guy had it all we-man from Dusk til dawn

but after I drunk me many different drinks of all kinds, smoked the best weed, did many Showrooms him and his Big brother got me to rolling with ecstasy so yeah I was feeling damn good had to Pop a Glowing passe in my mouth but felt so good never felt that good in a very long time I was doing awesome Sheeit with the rave toy's had a ball bouncing rave toy's in all the lights and fog Machine was the Bomb...?'


Girls was grabbing my short chain around my neck left and right didn't do nothing but hang out with them dance with them then another would grab my Short chain and pull me all around the Party and Rave I guess I was the main Course for all the Little lady's it was a trip but after this girl grabbed my chain and I done danced with her and walked around with her Calvin would grab My short chain he came with me he is My Love slave now let him alone...?'

and he took me back to his Big brother and have me rolling with them again I was Fuck Faced defiantly but I knew what I was doing and I remembered everything so I was not so Fucked up I didn't know what I was doing


I knew when it was enough for me will things slow down some but still the Party and Rave went on I was sitting at the bar Calvin done disappeared somewhere guessing Probably with a couple girls up to his rooms But me I was the odd one I guess I wasn't there for the Girls I was there for the fun of it and I was sitting at the Bar with a Zombie in one hand and a Cig. In the other looking at tore the Crowed dancing and having a ball I was just chilling looking around I felt Damn good and if I was sucking on a Cig I was sucking on my Glowing passe had to I didn't like the fact of Grinding my Teeth that ecstasy it to you and ever little thing that you touch or that you feel it makes you Crazy feels so damn good but I tried not getting into that to much...?' could get you in trouble at times you can never be to careful I've heard a Bunch of stuff about the Sheeit but I was just sitting there looking around rocking my leg from side to side which felt so Damn good as well as sucking on that passe.


I was looking around I'm hot blooded so all those drinks including the one I was drinking was making me sweat up a Storm so I Purdy Much co- shined with sweat but then I looked across the room and there at the other bar this Beautiful girl bout My Age dressed up like an Angel which matched her also well the only girl I seen dressed like that all night she was sipping on a Drink herself she was awe... Damn Beautiful Long Blonde curly hair she had a Dress on Purdy smooth long slim legs about eh... 190Ibs perfect body with her Golding hallow on her head and Purdy white wings.


Was so weird I was dressed in black and she was dressed in white she was sitting there all by her lonesome I asked the bar tender....?'

Hey stop the press who is that man...?'

The Bar tender said Oh that's Angel it's her name she came with a couple girls I hadn't seen her before but My man told me her name cause I asked him earlier when she came with his girlfriend and her Girlfriends she's Purdy ain't she...?'

I said Purdy my ass she Beautiful...?'

Bar tender said yeah she's been sitting there for a while now I mean Guy's have asked her to dance and stuff but Obviously she's just not interested yet I done no...?'

I went Humph... Huskily with a slight curl my lip. I've got to ask her to dance man wonder if she would seeing that she hasn't with anyone else...?'

Bar tender said Done no man go see man ask her...?' good luck to you man Maybe you'll be the Lucky one go check her out man...?'


I took my finger's down over my lip's Kay alright may check it out...?'

So I got up put my Cig. Out in the ashtray and popped My passe back in my Mouth and Moved my eyebrow's and Grabbed My Drink walked to her I done no why But I was feeling a little Nerves I mean I've had many girls dancing with me and show me off to their friends but this Beauty it was different I didn't know why so don't ask but I was I latterly felt Nerves bout this one...?'

Well when I finally got to her I said Greetings... How doth thee...?'

her beautiful Bright Angel-eye's Narrowed looking up at me and when I seen that I noticed her from My younger years and I was more then surprised My heart started skipping a beat then would beat hard like I had battery's in my back Suppose she didn't know it was me I had a mask on my face and I had contacts in my eye's But I remembered her and I breathed hard to myself she gave me a Beautiful Smile...?'

She said Hey OK I guess and you...?'

I said Better Now I thank...?'

She giggled...?'

Then I got choked up yeah in a s quickie voice yeah good...?'

She went Huh....humph it's good to know that...?'

I felt Like kicking me in My own ass and I had mornings for my ass but I wanted to Kick it cause I was all out of words at this Per-erotically time and finally it came out would you like to dance...?'

and I was actually afraid she'd say no to me too just as she had the other Guy's who asked her But to my Surprise She spoke and answered me back....?'


She said Sure...?'

I gasped with a cool Kay took My hand out to her and she took it My big hand in her little hand and I helped her up and we went and we danced....?'

I didn't know about her But me I had her all over the dance floor and to me it was just her and me I totally ignored everyone around us to me it was just her I wanted to see then a slow song played and she cuddled up closer to me and Butterfly's again all in My stomach her touch was amazing and not just because the Ecstasy but because it was her though however the Ecstasy made it all the more she would put her head upon my heart and hold me so close and I would her but after the slow song was done another song came on and I then got a little Jealous Bleeve it or not...?'


Because her friends was coming Between us they said thank you to me suppose getting her finally on the dance floor and they started dancing all up against her Popping I'm assuming a Ecstasy Pill into her mouth I mean Obviously Angel was already feeling good from the drinks by the glazes in her Beautiful Bright Angel-eye's but then they took me in with them as we all four danced and Angel which I was Glade was the one that popped a Pill into my mouth and I swallowed it sure enough it would been no different I mean I was already rolling from it in the first place after a couple more dances her girlfriend went off with other guy's...?'


We both was getting cotton Mouth so we went and got us another drink...?'

and she Tripped me out she said...?'

So what do you look like under that mask I mean you have a Nice bod but do you have a Ugly face...?'

I said By what My Mom and Step-Dad say's yeah I do...?'

Angel said what do you thank about your looks then...?'

I said Honestly I done no...?'

Angel said that's really sad she takes her hand up my Broad chest and to the Short Chain so does this belong to someone here...?'


I said not a permitted owner yet if that's what you mean...?'

Angel said will does it want one...?'

Said yes would be nice...?'

Angel said Humph...is there someone in Operatically...?'

I said now Maybe...?'

Angel said Awe... really whom if you will...?'

I said yeah Really and whom you ask...?' Well if it was you it would be very Nice...?' Though if you'll have me...?' I mean that is...?'

Angel said me Humph...?' I done no how you even really look I just see Below the mask and I know for a fact that those are not your real color eye's though they are Quiet wickedly Charming if I must say...?'

I smiled yeah thanks but your right they are not the real color of my eye's and would it matter How I looked behind the mask Honestly...?'


Angel said I suppose not but it would be nice if I could see who I am really Looking way up at and Bleeve me your way up there you look like a big boy and your hands till too so you have got to be at less 7'0 tall because I am 5'11 tall...?'

I said yeah I am a Big boy but I always have been...?' as for letting you see me is up to you... But I don't just show anyone my Identity especially on all Hallows Eve...?'

Angel said oh pooh... and smiled she said will until I see I guess Big guy this chain here has a Permit owner now so fallow me lets dance...?'

I Smiled Kay as you wish...?'


So we danced some more but things got a little to hot as we was dancing and I thank the Beast inside me was wanting to come out I didn't know what came over me Maybe it was just her or maybe it was the Drugs and all kicking in all at once but I had never felt the way I was feeling with her with no one but with her even long ago and I wondered if she would finally see me if she would reamer me as I remembered her and seeing that had been so long ago would she still feel for me the way she felt for me then...I didn't Know but the way she was dancing with me and rubbing her self all over me I surprised her when I decided to do something to her I hadn't really cared to do with the other Girls that held my chain that night it was hot I was sweaty and so was she, she would have me touch her in way's a girl has never had me touch them...?'


Those way's she had me touch her mostly with my hands suppose she loved big hands I done no but the way it made me feel was much to much she'd take my hands around her wee-waist taking her little hands up my now big bodging out four arms and biceps she had me all pumped up and I had not ever felt that way if I would have had a Taut black Muscle shirt on my biceps would have probably like a banana and split the sleeves. And she'd be with her back up against me and take her arms up to my neck and down to grab the short chain pulling me down her height to her sweet smelling neck and I would automatically bite into a Blood Pill to her neck as I kissed it and the blood would roll down it she felt as if that felt so damn good to her but suppose it would me to with that Ecstasy anything and everything feels so Damn good that Sheeit show's your weakness I till you that...?'


That's then when Angel turned to me and Latterly Smashed her lips against mine feeding me her tongue I couldn't help but to kiss her back feeding her My tongue pushing me to a corner of this party Rave what ever where the light's was flashing on and off we was Kissing each other every so hard and wild and then she would Latterly Climb up me taking me Higher and higher to a fevered pitch after she let my lips go with a suck My lips was trembling hard and with a curl my lip I let him go the beast inside me should I say and I put her up against the wall of the corner taking her long smooth slim legs around My waist and sliding her dress up her Hips and realizing she had no panties on the dress was short but Damn she was Hot and as soon as I felt her warm wetness against my taut lumpy six pack stomach I knew she was as hot as I was taking my hands up and under her Firm round ass...?'


Little Angel said no wait Breathless let me see you please lemme see you real sensual yet sexy...?'

I could not resist that plus I already Knew it was only right and I swallowed hard and said Kay as you wish go a head as I cocked My head up like ed lover and she Smiled as her Beautiful Bright-eyes glistered she would take her little hands around my head and she would unzip the mask and she would take it off I swallowed hard hoping I was Handsome enough for her she removed my mask and My long hair fail over the right side my face I looked at her and she took her hands on her Mouth and with a curl My lip I thought Oh Sheeit... she don't like the way I look now... she bit her lip then removed My white Contact's and she would look...?'


Into My real color Bright-eyes I swallowed hard again...?'

Angel would go it's you your so, so...?' beautiful why hide your face you look like an Angel...?'

I gasped as I breathed hard to myself thanking in the back my mind Oh thank you Jesus... I said so you Likes...?'

Angel said no... I love I reamer you...How did you know it was me...?'

I swallowed hard I just Knew you mad...?'


Angel said no as she took her arm's around my neck and said now where was we oh yeah...?'

she'd pull me back down tore her and Smash her lips again against mine and she again would feed me her tongue and I guess seeing that it was me it made it all the more and it got hotter for the both of us suppose we forgot that there was so many people all around us but it didn't stop us I kissed her back and as we both was feeding each other our tongues she'd take her hands to my belt and unbuckle my belt and unbutton and unzip me I said humph wait as I reached in my pocket grabbing a Condom out and ripped it with my teeth she cried no I want you all you...?'


OK so I didn't fight that and she'd take herself down me slow at first I froze for I started to feel her wet tautness but then I couldn't handle it and with a curl of my lip and a hard roll and jerk of my hips I was all the way in her wet tautness and we both gasped and she would roll her hips wildly around and round up and down me Blew my fucking Mind never had That had ever happened to me drove me fucking Crazy that wild beast then really came out of me when I was bucking harder and harder in and out of her like a Fucking Bull I a rodeo had her rocking hard up and down that wall never has I reacted this way before with a girl and honestly didn't care too accept tore her long ago though we didn't get this far long ago but


I must of done something right cause she would Rank her nail's down my back and four arms and gave me many Love bites upon my neck as well as I did her's it was like one of My dreams I had about her in my early teenage years and I was Blow-en away by how wild she had gotten with me it blew my fucking mind as well as it blew my mind how I went gone wild with her till finally Little Angel could bare no more and I had brought her to the most intense Double climaxes which to me to mine I tried removing me from her but oh no she would not have it she wrapped herself taut around me and I knew I couldn't hold back any longer so I had no choice then to give into her and with a very hard Roll and jerk I let it rip depth within her splashing the walls with in her had us Both Crying tears of pleasure and pain at the same time I gave her another Climax in doing so I fail to her breasts trying to calm myself as my body jerked and convulsed and shudder she then eased me even more by laying her wee head upon my sweaty head and hair kissing it and caressing My face so tenderly another feeling I had not ever felt in my whole life as we both rested and she took my face in her hands and pressed her lip's gently against mine as we went into a smooth gentle sensual tongue fun filled kiss....?' now that was was the best Experience I have ever felt I was her dark Love slave and she was My Bright and beautiful Angel of Love so perhaps she wasn't an entrance Angel but she was My Angel.

The End...?


Chapter Two...?”


By: Amy- Anonymous...?”


The Indian Lover..?”


Hi there My name is Amy and that is all I will say My Dear “Exxtasy!” I am responding to your ad...?” I have an Erotic Confession that I would Like to share with you it is not a very long story I promise it kynd of happened so fast it was Unexpected but it's so weird I thank I really, really Lyked it though it's a experience I've never had before...?”

But I had just turned a sweet Seventeen and and the reason Why I had not ever experienced it was Because I was a Virgin...?” I mean I didn't thank anybody would even won't me so to speak I was your Hillbilly Redneck Country gurl with an attitude all I had was Big brothers I was the only Little gurl so was Purdy much rays-ed By Boy's so yeah I was a Tom boy I was Daddy's little gurl I was the baby of the family.


I was your so called Laughing Stock of the school you know the gurl with over rolls and tank tops with glasses, or in the winter long sleeves turtle neck sweater's of different color's and My Boots I wasn't your Beautiful baby doll or the most pop-lure gurl in school OK and from what I seen I wouldn't want to be because there stuck up and are mean to gurls in the Lykes of me plus I've heard some nasty Roomer's about them there Kynd of gurls...?”


So I was just me...?” well see Me and My Brother's and My Dad wasn't the only ones that worked on our Big Farm so yes I was a farmer's little gurl we had Pig's, Cow's, Horses, Chickens, Bulls, you say it we had it...?”

My Dad also had worker's that worked for him on the farm so again I was the only gurl that loved and also worked on the farm had all Kynds of handsome and good looking Guy's that worked on the farm but None of them Messed with me...?'

I had over heard some of them talking about me saying I was probably a Lesbian or something I guess cause the way I dressed but nothing against them no but I actually Liked Guy's.


I actually had a crush on one of dad's farm worker's and because I was Whyte and he was a full Blooded Omaha Winnebago Indian, Ahusaka was his Name...?” funny that I always thought that Cowboy's and Indians never got along but I guess some did.

He did however where a Cowboy hat Black one at that I thought he was the most Beautiful man I had ever seen, he was big he was very tall, He had Beautiful long black hair which he wore up in a pony tail he wore a Homemade beaded Indian Choker with a tooth of some kind on it and Long Red Feather earring in his left ear...?”


Ahusaka is beautiful dark brown eye's he was also Built very well and it was funny but he was three years older then me which made him the big 20 he had a Purdy Whyte Smile however but Big lip's and very darken red Skin, with big Long hands...?”

But suppose I thought My Daddy wouldn't approve of me and him but every time I'd go around him I'd feel weird down bellow should I say I can't ex-plane it so not even going to try but I hope you Know what I mean...?”


Anyway just looking at him and watching him work all sweaty Co-shined with sweat Kynd of took My Breath away and so when I started having a crush on him I would Fynd Myself fiddle diddling Myself at Night why I fantasized about him and all the things My little Mynd conjured up very wild and Naughty little gurls Crazy Wyld things I am sure that you know what I mean for sure you was that age before...?”


My Dad gave him such a hard Thyme sometymes but he wouldn't walk away suppose he Lyked his Job and had wished to keep it, it would Hurt My feelings sometymes when he'd give Ahusaka such a hard Thyme I couldn't do nothing Dad was his Boss and he had to listen and do what he was told he spoke very Good English but sometymes I would hear Ahusaka speak in his Native tongue tore Dad Lyke he was Cussing him in his own Language and I Kynd of liked the way it sounded I didn't know what it meant but with his voice as deep as The Indian drums I Lyked the way that it sounded anyway...?”


Well he did his Jobs that Daddy told him to do however one Morning I was gathering the Chicken eggs from the Chickens I had on short taut Dazzie Dukes on and a tank top with a jean shirt on tied up above my four pack wee-tummy I was however in good shape I did work on a farm you know and had deep creases in all the little right places and of course My Cowgurl boots my long red hair was Braided in pick-tales and my Cowgurl hat on it was a very warm summer day and I was Lyke I said gathering Chicken eggs and finally Caught Ahusaka's deep dark brown eye's on me but not only did I catch his eye's but a couple of the other guy's eye's on me and Finally I caught some guy's eye's I wasn't meaning to I was just being me, I mean it made me feel good but Nerves at the sametyme too...?”


I just let them look and continued gathering the Chicken eggs Lyke I was Suppose to at the Thyme Ahusaka was Shoveling up the Chicken Poop from the Chicken Coop into a Barrel and when I bend ed over to get some Eggs he had dropped the Shovel on to the Well barrel and the well Barrel Flipped over I jumped up cause I was not expecting that it sore of scared me.


Ahusaka said Sheeit...?” sorry bout that...?”

I giggled it's OK.

Ahusaka cleared his throat and said yeah...?”

and picked the well barrel back up and the shovel and started shoveling it back up in the barrel he was sweating up a storm and co-shined with sweat though he to was Quiet Built and in very good shape too also with deep creases in all the ryght places But Of course aren't most Indians...?”


Well it's been a couple weeks gone by now and I was still turning heads from the guy's and I wasn't even trying too so finally I guess they just started realizing and noticing that I wasn't just one the guy's anymore I was a gurl.

'I didn't see How I was just being me but OK...?”

I did however have friends that was gurls so they I guess helped me to look more like a gurl you Know and they'd always till me about them having sex with Guy's I'd Sneak and watch my parents Porno's guess to help me for when I decide to Make a Move, I even sneaked to Read the Erotica magazine that I guess My Mom head from My dad in which this what had lead me to write this letter to you...?”


Anyways I started to grow curious about Sex a lot I mean I was a Virgin I didn't really Know much upon the subject but what I had learned in High School and By what My Parents explained to me and even one night I Kynd of walked in on one My big Brother's in the Barn doing the bad thing with one my Girlfriends suppose from that and the Porno's of my parents and The Erotica Magazine I thank I wanted to do it to but didn't Know how to even start to I've always will every since Ahusaka started working for my Dad on the farm started Fiddle diddling my self a lot so I guess that's just the Beginning. But anyway My friends I guess just got me started dressing more like a gurl....?” But I was still just me I felt no different suppose I was to the Guy's that worked for My dad though I done no...?”


Well either or way I still Felt the same about Ahusaka and after I was done with my Shores I would Fynd Myself watching him work even Maybe a little Hidden so he wouldn't see me watching him and I'd gaze at him watch him sweat. He was a very beautiful Native American Indian Man...?” this very day I reamer Lyke yesterday I was wearing only a short sleeves Flannel that was tyed Ryght up underneath my Breast no bra you could see my Firm breast and cleavage yes I had Breast at less a hand full anyway at this Thyme...?”'


Of course my Cowgurl boots, and a Short stringy Mini Skirt just up above my knees and Thongs I guess you call them and my long Red Hair in long brads meaning Pick-tales on each syde. My Big brothers said I was just Begging to be Raped the way I was dressed but that wasn't what I was trying to do I was just being a teenage gurl...?”

even if I was turning heads of the Guy Farm worker's I was only honestly just wanting to get one of their attention... Ahusaka's...?”


You Know when they say a Whyte man falls in Love with an full Blooded Indian Woman Lyke Pocahontas and John Smith....?” well in this seat-ion a Whyte Woman or well gurl in love with a full Blooded Indian man I know it Probably wasn't Ryght for I was only Seventeen and he was Twenty But I mean you can't Help who you Love ryght “Exxtasy!”

I'm sure you've Probably felt this way once before too...?”


Anyways That is what I was wearing This day and but also to let you know he was my Very First Crush...?” I was watching him work and sweating up a storm it was a very Hot day

of course Lyke I said I was hiding so he wouldn't see me watching him...?” Biting on my Thumb thanking weather or not if I should try and make a move or something....?”or even how too make a move cause I was very willing

and ready to give Myself to Ahusaka...?”


But I didn't that day Lyke I was wanting to suppose I Chicken out or thought if I gave Myself to him would he want me or not I done no I was willing and ready that day but I didn't do it. After a couple day's I just gave up on trying to make a move. So one day I just wanted to get away from it all the Porno's, The Erotica Magazines of Mom's I still dressed Lyke a gurl and turned heads I guess I didn't Much pay attention anymore, done My shores Lyke I was suppose to and after My shore's I helped Mom and then I had nothing to do the rest the day Though I still Read Mom's Romance Novels instead of her Erotica Magazines.

I actually found them more suitable and appropriate and relaxing to read.

So one day as I was saying after I did My dew's around the farm and Helped Mom, then I had nothing to do the rest of the day I just wanted to go to a Quiet and Warm Place by myself and Continue reading Mom's Romance novel...?”


And place I loved going to, to do just that was up in the Hey Loath it was warm and Comfortable and relaxing sometymes to hot but I enjoyed going up there and maybe just read I suppose one day I had dozed off on some Hey and one the Horses Blankets this day I was Purdy much wearing something Lyke that day I wanted to give Myself to Ahusaka and My Long red Wave y hair which reached My wee-ways t was just in Pick-tales not Braided...?”


I'm not sure how long I slept but it Must of been sometyme cause Ahusaka said to me...?”

I was as Beautiful as a Whyte Angel laying a sleep on the Hey and horse Blanket and Co-shyned with sweat when Obviously He came up to the Hey Loath after work, he said he watched me sleep for a whyle until he woke me...?”


All I reamer was I woke by my deep Beauty sleep by a deep voice as deep as the Indian Drums saying “Amy...?” “Amy...?” I opened my eyes with a sweet Humph...?” to see whom it was, guess who it was “Exxtasy!” Yes it was Ahusaka standing there tall shirtless I notice his Nipples was pierced and his out-tie belly Button and just as I said he was Built looking down at me with his deep dark brown eye's and his Long Black Hair down bangs hung down the left side his face sweaty, his jeans unbuckled and button undone but not unzipped, with his Beaded choker with the tooth of some Kynd on it and his Feathered Earring his skin was a dark red and already Co-shyned with sweat, and He was Beautiful standing there Looking at me...?”


I don't know how long he watched me or how long he was there but I woke breathless Ryght from a Purdy much a wet dream and I done no why but I felt Lyke I done gone and done something wrong I mean I didn't Know how to react to a man watching me sleep.

Oh my God “Exxtasy!” he was so Beautiful even with his Long Black hair down...?” I said I'm sorry...?”

Ahusaka said No... Please it's OK it happens just not Lately with me, Oh great Spirit, Amy your Beautiful you don't know how Much I want to touch you Ryght now and swallowed hard but your Father would Kill me....?”


I asked him why are you up here...?”

Ahusaka said your Father let's me stay up here...?” this is Purdy Much where I've been staying...?”

I said why...?” what happened....?”

Ahusaka said it's a long story that I really don't care to Speak of and or about...?”

I said Oh, M-Kay I'm sorry I grabbed The Horse Blanket and My Romance Novel and I said please excuse me and I started to walk off “But...?”

Ahusaka he took my hand in his and said Please Stay and swallowed hard it get's lonely up here...?”

He had to be about 6'5” tall I was very little compared to him I was only 5'5” tall...?”

Ahusaka asked me Please stay...?”


I melted at his touch I could no longer resist him he was so Beautiful...?”

I said I'll stay...?”

Ahusaka gasped and said Kay...?”

I said only in one Condition...?”

Ahusaka said Kay what gazing down at me with them deep dark Brown eye's...?”

I said if you touch me...?”

Ahusaka said touch you “But!” what about your Father...?”


Heck far I was already “Hot t!” and needed touching and such so why not...?” and I have been waiting Patiently for this very Moment and plus I was wanting him, I was ready and willing and had been for a whyle now and if it was anyone I trusted and wanted to go all the way with it was him that I wanted to give My most intimacy and Embrace to...?”

My eyes narrowed looking up at him with a sweet yeah touch me please I won't till...?” and bit my lip I mean if you want to Ahusaka I asked sensually...?”

Ahusaka was gazing down me so intensively never had I have a guy look at me the way that he did...?”

I said turned my head or not!...?”

Ahusaka took his other hand to my little chin taking me back tore him as my eyes Narrowed looking up at him and swallowed hard he looked down into my eye's with his deep dark brown eyes so intensively again and pulled me up close to him with the other hand and bend ed down my Heyght my lips trembled as his tongue rolled across his big sexy lips taking them toured mynes...?''

Ahusaka said I'd Love too and Pushed his hard breathing lips against mynes...?”


Rolling his tongue around mynes Bleeve it or not My very first kiss I dropped the horses Blanket and the romance novel thoroughgoing my arm's around his head and started following the movements of his tongue

with mynes to match, I Loved kissing him Lyke that...?” it made me feel all gushy insyde...?”

Which I also Lyked...?” He took his big hands down and around my hair Kris Crossed picking me up in his big arm's taking his hands down My back over my Butt down my legs taking them up and around his Narrowed wyast and he shuddered taking My mini Skirt up and over my hips caressing My Butt with his big slow dark red hands which I found very erotic to my Lightly tanned complexion..?”

Ahusaka's Body was so hot he gasped taking his arm's again Kris crossing each other up my back where his big hands had hold-ed my

Shoulders and he 'd slowly take my head back as he pressed heated kisses down my neck I gasped melting within him Lyke a malt h to a flame burned with desire I moaned sensually as I closed my eyes and automatically pushed my Breast upward into his red hot face as he pressed heated kisses all over my Breasts even kissed and sucked on my hard erect nipples his breath got so hot panting me, I didn't know what it meant but I Lyked it a lot...?”


Then Ahusaka would rub his cheeks all over my Breast really made me all Gushy insyde I couldn't help but to push my warm wetness against his Lumpy taut Slim Six-pack-stomach and done no why but started rolling my hips slowly in little circles against him then he'd take his big slow hand rubbing my back as he kissed up between my Breast up up my neck over my little chin and again press his lips against mynes he made me feel so comfortable and relaxed with him...?”


After we kissed he took one big arm around me taking his other hand under me to Unbuckle his belt, unbutton, then unzipped his jeans why he looked deep into my eye's with his deep Dark Brown eye's taking it out and over my warm wetness I tensed he said I want hurt you Trust me...?”

I said Trust you.

Ahusaka swallowed hard taking his other arm back around me and at first he would slowly and gently slide it up and down over my warm wetness I'd gasp and Cum and I could not stand it no-more I wanted him insyde me already so Kynd of surprised him when I Slide my warm wetness up it and over it then I'd slowly take him within me he froze for just a short Thyme till I took him within me a little more it Hurt Lyke I said I was a Virgin so I was very, very Taut so I Thought it was best to do it slowly at first for Compared to him I was very small and Ahusaka felt very big...?”


Well finally when I got use to his size I finally had went all the way down on him and we Both Gasped...?”

he'd roll his hips slow and gentle at first up and down in and out of me until I got use to his thrust within me and he had to be very strong cause this was by him just holding me in his arm's...?” I couldn't help but to roll my hips around and round up and down him to match felt so, so good but yet hurt at the same thyme but I couldn't stop and don't thank he could either I road him higher and higher till finally I could bare his sensual thrust no longer and I had took my arms up and around his neck and had Purdy Much Bear hugged him...?”


as My hips Obviously had a mynd of their own and had went buck wyld around and round up and down him faster and faster till finally I jerked hard against him and convulsed in to one huge Arch against him and I screamed to the top my lungs then I couldn't move, I couldn't breath all I could do is pout tears in combined with Pleasure and pain and I went rigid as I held his head so taut hugging it gasping for breath.


And then I begged him for more and had done wrapped my Love web around him again and he was more then My willing captive again until we both this Thyme had the most amazing Climaxes together over and over again I was no longer a virgin I was a Young lady.

Bleeve it or not “Exxtasy!' I am still with him, Married today and had done popped out four babies and One on the way and still every thyme we make Love it feels Lyke the First Thyme every Thyme...?”

The End!”


Chapter Three...?”


By: Clifford- Anonymous...?”


The Seduction...?”


Dear “Exxtasy!”

Hey! There! I am responding to your Ad: I found in My fathers Erotica Magazine I suppose you could call it which I sneak a peek in every now and then, he tries to hide it between his Sports Magazines suppose hiding it from My Mother I don't know but I am responding to that add: My Names Clifford Co-say Unknown last name...?” I was Eighteen going on Nineteen, People called me Cliff which I preferred to be called.


I'm your tall slim thin guess you can say wannabe “Rock Star!” Kind of guy I have long straight Red hair down to the middle of my back bangs same length and Blue eye's...?”

I was a Big “Guns 'N' Roses!” fan...?” Some said I even Kind of looked like Axle Rose slim thin Built Like him and did have many Tattoos yes real once and my ear is pierced and my tongue, nipples and had also a belly ring which I had a tattoo on my slim four pack stomach and I am bout 6'2” tall 190Ibs like I said I am slim and thin But Built I wore my Bandanna's just Like Axle Rose. On My head.


I have two older Brother's and two older sisters but they was more Like My Parents...?”

Pro-say Imply Christians, very Religious Types not that I have anything against that No...?” I guess you can say I was the baby of the family but the wild one they called me The trouble maker, “The black sheep of the Family yeah I got into a little trouble, yeah I was a rule breaker and yes I have had my Share of being in Jo-vi But that was me, that was who I was and How I was...?” and not a Damn thing will change...?”


Still they till me if I don't happen to change my ways Imam end up like My Uncle Buck in Prison behind bars or like My aunt Jean... In the Mental Hospital for the Criminal and insane, or better yet going straight to Hale!” it's crazy but it's nice to Know that they have a lot of faith in me but anyway I have a very Unbelievable and interesting Erotic Confession to share with you that I am sure you would enjoy...?”


let's just say “Exxtasy!” your Lucky cause I usually don't just go and Write a letter to someone about My unexpected sexual Encounters to just anyone but I like the sound of your name and your add: was very tempting and I'm the kind of guy that just loves to try things at lest Once. So here I am and here I go...?”

like I was saying I was eighteen going on Nineteen.

At this time I was going through changes other then growing pains so to speak I was going through some very bad Issues I started being a big druggie should I say I was shooting Myself up with Heroin through needles so I was Purdy Much always fucked up constantly I was in my own Little Rock band I could sing Just like Axle Rose but could play My electric Guitar like his Boy Slash so I had the taste of both worlds and I was really good when I was Fucked up!”


Of course it was a all Guy band so let me put it this way I was the Lead Vocals and Lead Guitarist we played gig's in Bars I mean some rattle y rough neck bars so perhaps at that time when I was tripping and going through changes, all I cared about was making money and getting my Dope didn't care to much for my band nor myself I just wanted that Adrenalin That Buzz cause it felt good and it made me play Better...?” and people was Loving it...?”


My band didn't know I was doing needles, I didn't till them and I didn't see the point in tilling them, I didn't thank it was any of their Business, But I started doing it so much I started losing weight which really wasn't good for me I didn't want to eat I didn't have appetite all I wanted to do was shoot another needle into My veins but one night before our gig. One the guy's Named Damien My Drum player asked me man are you OK Dude...?”

I said I'm fine man why...?”

My back up Guitarist Jake said Cause man you look like Homemade Sheeit you look like the night of the living Dead worn over and over again, Have you been eating...?”

I said No man I guess I ain't felt like it...?”

David said How long has it been since you've took a shower man...?”

Funny that I couldn't reamer...?”

I said a couple day's I guess...?”


Paul said man get your stinky nasty looking Ass in that shower or we aren't going to No gig. Man...?”

Sly said yeah man Bleeve me you do Stink...?”

I said Fine I'll go shower so I did yes I washed got out put my manly stuff on D.O. And Cologne I couldn't Bleeve it but honestly felt some what better though I didn't shave...?” but didn't forget to shoot that needle in my arm again I was ready to “Rock!” now so we go to the gig....?”


Right In the middle of me and the guy's playing perhaps I shot more then I thought for I started missing Key's and everything started spinning and I was sweating Like a Pig I mean dripping sweat which was not good I thought I was going to Blow Chunks but I didn't though I felt faint and all I reamer was everything went black...?”

The guy's said I fail to the stage and was out Cold...?”

Damien was the first to grab the Mic. And had to till everyone that was all for the Night and good night he was the first to pick me up and take my arm around his neck, Then Paul took my other arm around his and helped me off stage...and the others fallowed in Behind us...?”


They took me back stage and sit me down giving me cold water I came back through but I was weak and had no strength what so ever they took me to The E.R. And found out that somehow I O.D. On Harlan and they kept me in the hospital for awhile feeding me through tubs and stuff and they all took turns looking out for me, especially Damien for some reason...?”

till finally it took awhile but they got me back to my Normal weight and strength and was released finally from the Hospital and finally sent me home...?”


I was on my feet again I was doing so good eating keeping my weight playing my gig's come to find out I didn't need the Harlan to play good...?”

This night me and the guy's all hung out at My place and I went to my ice Box and thanks to my older Friend Darrel he hooked me up with some Booze so I grabbed me a Yeager popped the top and took a gulp and yes I smoked Cig's too.

One the Guy's I say Paul invited a couple girls to party with us guy's he was also a wild one but Damien My drummer gee.... with his long blonde hair and baby blues and his Athletic Build about 6'6” tall Built say bout 220Ibs big Lips he seemed to be the bell of the ball- Purdy Boy of the band had three Girls over there all over him....?”


Well the girls was hanging out with us all and one named Mandy was all over me kissing me sitting over my lap when she got up to get us another Yeager I seen eye's on me and it was weird but Kind of interesting at the same time, I mean Damien over there staring at me God Why he like I said had Three girls all over and around him. Mandy came back having a seat on my lap again...?”


Gave me my Yeager and we'd drink them together then Push her lips against mine we was latterly feeding each other our Yeager's and tongues all of a sodden out the fucking Blue now Damien's empty Bottle of Yeager fly's across the room over my head scared the Living Sheeit out of me and hit's the wall thinking damn that could have been My Brains... I thought Whoa Sheeit man what the...?”

Damien said excuse me angrily it slipped excuse me Lady's I need some fresh Air...?” and he got up and stomped out the door slamming my door...?”

I'm thanking slipped my Ass...?” I said what the Fucks wrong with him...?”


We had stopped and got quiet...?”

I said Paul go see man...?”

Paul said are you Fucking Crazy man...I ain't going out there. The others said me Neither man he looks a little Pissed off man I ain't fucking with that you go man and see what the fuck is a wrong with Him yourself...?”

I said fine I will then Damn I said excuse me Mandy I need to know S'UP... With Damien...?”

Mandy said awe.. Cl-iffy “Really...?”

I said yes please...?”

Mandy said OK...?”


Mandy got off my lap and I got up grabbing My Yeager popped a Cig. In My Mouth Lite it walked out the door closing it in Behind me..?”

I had No shirt on my hair down but I had My jeans and Combat boots on it was Chilly out but I was good you Know...?”

Damien was squatting down on The pear By the lake Smoking a Cig. His self first time I had ever seen Damien smoke Other then a Jay if you know what I mean...?” I walked up behind him and said man I didn't know you smoked other then a Jay man...?”


Damien said yeah Cliff man there's a lot of things you don't Know bout me...?”

I said man what the Fuck was that in there I'm lucky my Brain's isn't Splattered all over My Fucking wall man...?”

Damien Angrily said what the fuck does it fucking matter what the fuck that was in there...?” you was to Busy sucking Fucking face if I didn't do that you'd Probably sucked Mandy face all the way in you man...?”

I said what the Fuck is your fucking problem Man...?”


Damien got up and said what the fuck is my Fucking problem you say..?”

I said yeah what the Fuck is your fucking Problem you have Three Fucking girls in there all over your ass why you Fucking Tripping on me bout Mandy man was she an ex- girlfriend or something man...?”

Damien said No she was not an Ex-girlfriend and besides who said this had anything to do with Mandy man....?”

I said well then what the fuck you want her too or something and if this isn't about her then what the fuck is all this all about..?”

Damien said Fuck No Cliff I don't want her too...?”


I said then what the fuck is it man...?” what the fuck do you want...?”

Damien said don't fucking worry about what the fuck I want Cliff what the fuck do you want...?” every time I fucking Look at you man you have to have a different Flavor for every night it's never one girl Cliff it's one girl right after a Fucking another...?”

I said oh and your not fuck Damien your with three and four fucking girls at a fucking time...?”


I said and your Fucking Bitching at me about fucking one what the fuck man...?” Fuck you I can Fuck who ever the Hale I want to Fuck do I till you who the Hale you can Fuck or not...?”

Damien said no did I say you can't fuck Mandy Fucker...?”

I said No...?”

Damien said that's right but you see Clifford one my Girls Tina told me you was all over her so what you thank just because I am in your fucking Band you can just Fuck around with one of my girls what you want to Play Cock of the walk...?”

I said Cock of the what The fuck...?”

Damien said do you want to play Cock Of the walk did you understand it that time or do I have to Spell it out to you..?”

I said so fuck man yeah I'll play Cock of the walk you've got to fuck a girl that I've Fucked so why can't I have one the girls you Fuck...?”


Damien said well you must not be doing something Fucking right cause they come to me with open arms plus you have to have one of these grabbing his Crotch.

OK so that pissed me off and we was fighting each other rolling on the ground so we get a couple good hit's on each other I had a bloody lip cause he Busted my lip but I gave him one too then all of a sodden he rolled me to the ground and him on top of me punched me again man...?”

I said what the Fuck man...?”


Damien said does it Hurt....?”

I said will Fuck yeah like a Son- Of- A- Bitch...?”

Damien said Awe... for the love of God let me guess you don't like it when you get your Punk ass Kicked just so you know me giving a Fuck is Unlikely...?”

I said Oh yeah me neither girly-man...?”

Damien said girly-man...?”

I said yeah you fucking girly-man...?”

Damien said I'll fucking show you girly-man...?”


I said oh yeah show me then...?”

All of a Sodden he pushes me to the ground hard pinning my hands to the ground and he said....?”


smashing his lips hard against mines Latterly feeding me his tongue he Kind of surprised me taking his finger's Curling them around mine and was kissing me so hard yes was very new to me now the very first time a guy had ever attacked me and then kissed me I mean the very first time but Bleeve it or not I thank maybe in away I kind of liked it till he let my lips go with a Hard suck of my lips and we both gasped.


I said what the fuck was that...?”

Damien said what the Fuck did it feel like I did...?”

I said you Fucking beat the fuck out of me then you fucking kissed me what the Fuck man...?”

Damien said yeah did you fucking like it....?”

I said what...?” Did I fucking like it...?” what the Fuck man are you Fucking with me...?” Fucking kiss me, you don't just go and Fucking kiss another Fucking Guy that's never been Fucking kissed by another Fucking guy before I couldn't Fine-sh what I was saying...?”


Damien Smashed his lips even harder this time against mine shoving his tongue down my throat rolling his tongue over around and about Mines....?”

I couldn't Bleeve what was happening to me or how the Hale I was feeling...?”

I couldn't help for some reason but I kissed him back NO... I am not Homosexual nor do I have anything against them, I done no why I did it but I did and I couldn't Bleeve it but I liked it...?”


But Obviously Damien wasn't Homosexual either because girl's are all over him....?” “But...?” he was not kissing a girl, he was kissing me and I was kissing him back I had never experienced this so it was very new to me...?”

It felt different then kissing a girl but I was liking it, it was also actually turning me on and My raging Desire was on a Risen...?”


Damien's lips was sweet and Bleeve it or not for some reason I felt I wanted him like I would want a girl but he was a guy.... what was the deal...?” all I've ever been with was girls so I honestly couldn't how I was feeling with Damien Like I said I've never felt it Before....?”

when I saw him standing there angry before we started Brawling he was tall Built, his shirt off and hair down bangs hanging down over his left light baby Blue eye his baggy leather pants unbutton at the top and them big sweet lips of his I honestly found him sexy as Fuck...?”


But his a Purdy- Boy anyways and I actually liked how he got into playing his drums when I've watched him flipping his drum sticks all cool and stuff but I didn't thank I'd feel this way tore him...?”

so “Exxtasy!” we was kissing each other and Damien would move in closer tore me and he'd Thrust his hip's upward and I could feel I wasn't the one on a risen suppose I turned him on too but why me he had Three Beautiful girls inside just waiting to be all over him he finally let my hand go and I took my hands on his face...?”


and Shoved my tongue down his throat took one hand up and under his long hair to the back his neck grasping it both our hot Breaths panted over each others faces suppose we Both was horny maybe it was the Yeager we drunk, I didn't know but I was the type of guy that would at less try something at less once....?”

as we kissed he would take one his hands between us and his leather pants was already unbuckled and unbutton at the top so suppose he unzipped them then Mine he'd take his cock out and mine and then slide his against mines I gasped with an mm...and a move of my eyebrow's and soon we both was as he called it playing Tummy sticks and he would just hump my Cock like he would a girls Couch...?”


And I would Move my eyebrow's again Kay I thought I got this and began humping his which felt like a Huge Cock Compared to Mines his had to be much Bigger then Mines Long Thick dong Damien no wonder girls was always all over him...?”

we Finally let each others lips go to breath and Damien would say....?”

Fuck My Cock Cliff real Huskily never heard him speak like that before and well kind of liked the way it sounded he would say Fuck me Cliff Oh I did I knew soon I'd Blow so I wasn't bout to stop now we was all over each other till Finally we both exploded together smothering and covering each others Stomach's with each others Cums I found it Erotic and sexy streams of our cums flying over each others cocks and stomach's till finally we stopped


Blowing up all over each other then we stopped to rest for just a little then we put away our Love rods back into our snuggling places and we zipped up but didn't button or buckle up. Then we took a big gulp of my Yeager he bit then licked his big lips with an aah..and Smiled moving his eyebrow's at me and we'd Light a Cig. And smoke it as we Calmed down from our big Splashing sensations before we went back in...?”


I said Damien...?”

Damien took a gulp of My Yeager then said yeah man looking down at me I was sitting he was standing looking down at me with his baby blues through his long sweaty bangs...?”

I said why me man you have three girls inside waiting to be all over you man...?”

Damien cleared his throat and said yeah I know but you see man I didn't want them took another drink I wanted you Huskily with a slight curl of his lip, I've been wanting you for a while man you just don't know and I got the feeling you wanted me too...?” and Bit his lip Arching his eyebrow at me...?”


Suppose Maybe he was right. But that “Exxtasy!” was My Erotic Confession hope you enjoyed it thanks I needed to get that off my chest Have a Good one...?”

The End!”

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