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A man lay asleep,

Submitted: December 14, 2016

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Submitted: December 14, 2016




A man lay asleep, upon his bed.  Deep under cover.  And deeper dreaming.  Of lost thoughts.  Miles away from reality.  Not knowing or expecting any disturbance.  To stir him from his slumber. 


As he stayed flat, his feet grew cold.  Then shrank, searching for the heavy blanket.  There to keep his toes warm.  It was at the end of his bed.  Over the duvet.  The extra weight heated up his feet and legs.  The man called his dog, in the darkness.  To snuggle and lie on his bed.  The dopey young Labrador, obeyed its dozing master.


A noise outside, found the pricked ears, of Fred the dog.  Forgetting himself.  Fred strode out into the night.  Through the kitchen and cat flap.  Chasing shadows in the dark.  Fred pined at the kitchen door.  The only way in was stuck.  Tiddles the cat had long been dead.  And his death trap flap sill would jar. 


At this door, something else had found its way in.  A savage had timed the swing of death and slipped in.  To roam free around the house at night.


Early dawn remained dim.  Some thing lurked in the dullness.  Tiptoe sounds pattered all around.  Ending in one room.  The wet aroma found the dry nose of the man.  The cold feet had come back.  Then warmed up again. 


A crimson monster balanced on human bony limbs.  Bad breath filled the silence.  A new mutt lay on the bed.  Snarling as it wobbled on moving human feet.  The weight was not Fred.  It was some thing much more less friendly.  Perched there at the end of the bed, with the waking man.  Death white fear hid under the foamy cover.  Terror found the mind of the man.  It was the mad dog on the bed.


The man racked his brain.  Scared to look over the cover.  Where was Fred?  Damn that cat flap, he mused.  As snarling grew in sound.  Shaking toes rocked the beast, hanging with claws dug into the quilt.  At that moment the dim sunlight shone.  Enough to aide the man. 


Treats for Fred were found on the bedside cabinet.  Crumbs fell to the carpet.  The hound fell to the floor.  Terror in the room moved the heart of the man.  Planning to flee from the room.  From the mad dog by his bed. 


Yellow eyes met his face.  Gnashing teeth furnished.  Duvet covered the dog.  A large fox.  Let loose by a distant dense woodland.  Rabies was known of in the area.  The man also knew it.  Felt it as the mad dog found his shin.  Screams found the ears of Fred.  Who smashed his way into the kitchen. 


Mans best friend, saved his master.  Throwing the fox in its jaws.  The man backed off.  As sunrise tried to hide.  The mad dog whelped then shot outside.  Leaving a new mad dog on the bed.


The dawn chaos faded.  Fred found his treats on the floor.  The man hugged his trusty hound.  Very happy.  While forgotten blood found his bedroom carpet.  Heartbeats raced.  Then slowed down.  Then the man made his bed.  Then started his day.  The dog warden, patted his pet.  Then shut the bedroom door.  Revealed by his white complexion, to Fred and himself, he would never forget, THAT MAD DOG ON HIS BED.





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