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It was a nightmare. The beast was drooling as it growled. It snapped its jaw at him and barked. He hated them just as much as he was scared of them. Dogs are the beasts he despises.

Submitted: December 14, 2016

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Submitted: December 14, 2016



ACT 1- Scene 1: The Nightmare

(fades in)

(A house with a green covered porch and a man in front of the door with a suitcase in his right hand and a key in his left)


(Jeremy put the key in the lock, turned it, opened the door with a smile on his face then it changed to a look of sheer horror)


Jeremy(trembling and yelling)- AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH


(fades out)


Scene 2: How It All Started (flashback)

(fades in)


(Kids are running around in the backyard with silly string, some hitting the ninja turtle shaped pinata. four-year-old Jeremy was sitting at a roundtable away from everything.The cake was brought out then all the kids stopped what they were doing and gathered around the birthday boy and started singing.)


Everybody(singing)- Happy birthday to you… happy birthday to Tommy... happy birthday to you.


(The mother was just about to cut the cake but stopped.)


Mother of Tommy- Oh man, okay kids let me go inside real quick to get the forks. (She went inside but forgot to close the door and let the dog out.)


(Jeremy gets up to see the dog.)


Dog(barking)- Woof woof.


(The dog runs around the kids than straight head jumping on Jeremy. They fall down and once they reach the ground the dog started licking him but Jeremy thought he was attacking him.)


Jeremy(screaming and crying and hiccuping)- Some (hic) one help (hic) me?


(Everyone was laughing and pointing fingers at Jeremy and when the mom came back with the forks the dog jumps off him and runs to the mom. Jeremy shakily got up and stumbled to the corner and cried into his hands.)

(fade out)


Scene 3: Wakeup!

(fade in)

Jeremy(screaming)- AHHHHHHHHHHH

(Jeremy closes the door, then locks the door, then slides down the door. He starts crying.)


Jeremy(hiccuping and mumbling)- Why? Why did (hic) that be(his)ast have to be here? I (hic) mean all (hic) I wanted (hic) was to have a nice (hic) relaxing weekend (hic) at my (hic) parents place and (hic) I completely (hic) forgot they (hic) bought a dog (last) year.

(A BANG was heard from behind the closed door and Jeremy winced, holding his head in pain, shutting his eyes.)

(fade out)


Scene 4: The Call

(fade in and around dawn)

(Jeremy wakes up on a brown wooden floor with a queen sized bed to the left.)


Jeremy(relieved)- Thank the gods it was just a dream and I don’t plan a reliving anytime soon.


(His blue iPhone starts to ring and he gets up to answer it.)




Caller- Jeremy, it’s mom.


Jeremy- Hey, mom. So what did you call for?


Mom- Well, your father and I were wondering if you would like to come and visit.


Jeremy(curious)- Sure but what’s the reason?


Mom- Oh, you know, to spend time with the people who raised you and maybe… to see our dog, Abigail.


(Jeremy was fidgeting and scared)

Jeremy(trembling)- W-what kind of d-d-d-dog is it?


Mom- Oh it’s a German Shepard. Why?


(Jeremy dropped the phone but you can hear his mom calling his name. He drops to his knees, looking to the ceiling, raising his hands.)


Jeremy(screams)- NOOOOOOOOOO…!


(fades out)


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