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miss u

Submitted: December 14, 2016

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Submitted: December 14, 2016



you know,
if you travel enough,
long enough,
you start seeing ghosts.

you spend a while in a place,
long enough,
and you really start seeing ghosts.

i sit here now,
in my one place,
and i look around to see
my friend doing the dishes,
and my friend napping next to me.

but you know what else i see?
because while we're the only three,
in this one place,

i can still see isabel sitting over near the table,
drawing on the wall,
but she's not there.

pat's sitting at the counter pouring gin and tonics,
but he's not there.

luan's practicing the guitar over in the corner, by himself,
he's not there though.

they're ghosts here.

i can see brandon playing with his kendama.

i can see katie and ellen, laughing.

lisa and oriane talking shit.

peter and michael playing guitar.

sonia and mael, just barely surviving the morning.

they aren't here though.

they're ghosts.

i'm in a room, 
in my one place,
the place i always sit,
and i'm alone.

but really, honestly,
if i look around, really look around,
i can see,
of souls.

of ghosts.

each point around me,
is a memory concerning a friend,
a lost friend.

forever lost?
gods no.
only in this time.

yet ghosts i continue to see.

i miss you guys.


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